MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS and GEMIN exclusive variant covers available at Emerald City Comic Con!

8 May 2008 (Berkeley, CA) – Image Comics’ Pacific Northwest bred heroes, MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS and GEMINI, celebrate Emerald City Comic Con with exclusive covers not to ever be made available anywhere else!

“Emerald City Comic Con is my hometown convention,” GEMINI co-creator and writer Jay Faerber said. “Debuting my newest creation there, with an exclusive cover nonetheless, was too perfect an opportunity to pass up.”

MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS #8 is also a starting point for the veteran hero, as Frank Einstein’s backstory acts as a jumping point for readers old and new. To celebrate, the Emerald City Comic Con variant is a throw back for Frank’s very first appearance in Caliber’s CREATURES FROM THE ID #1. The GEMINI cover, all-new illustration by series co-creator and artist Jon Sommariva, displays the unique dual nature of Faerber’s all-new sleeper super-agent. A select few of each cover will be given away at the IMAGE COMICS SHOW, featuring Faerber, WALKING DEAD creator Robert Kirkman and ELEPHANTMEN’s Richard Starkings.

MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS creator Mike Allred added, “There’s a lot of buzz up here in the Pacific Northwest for the Emerald City Comic Con and since I wasn’t able to attend this year, I still wanted to do something very special. I hope folks will get a big kick out this.”

The Emerald City Comic Con will take place May 10th and 11th at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. More information on both covers can be found at the Image Comics booth, #602. In addition, THE IMAGE COMICS SHOW will be on Saturday in Panel Room B from 3-4 PM.

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