Kevin Nash Talks TNA’s Future

Kevin Nash, in an interview with the UK Sun, said all the right things. An excerpt…

“We’re getting a head of steam, Joe’s going to hopefully take us to the next level and then we’re going to have so many great guys behind him. Whether he stays face or turns heel, whatever he does, we’ve got enough seasoned guys to feed him for a year and have some really good main event matches. The girls have got their thing going right now and they are amazing too. Then I think we need to bring the X Division back up and make it more of a centerpiece. Maybe every three PPVs, the X Division should be the main event. We need to have more of those matches AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels do, because they match that in the WWE. They don’t have the ability and they don’t have the athletes. Then get the tag thing going. People love to watch tag matches. Get some really strong, solidified teams that fight back and forth, make that belt mean something. Old school. This thing is going to continue to grow, and continue to grow, and sooner or later we’re going to move to Mondays and go head to head against the WWE.”

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