Nick Hogan Gets 8 Months in Jail

Tampa’s has reported that Nick Bollea (Hulk Hogan’s son) has been sentenced “to eight months in jail on the charge of felony reckless driving involving serious bodily injury.” The charge came after an auto accident August 26 that led to Nick’s friend John Graziano — a passenger in his speeding car — sustaining serious injuries.

Nick made the following comments:

“I feel terrible about it. I would like to apologize to the Grazianos and also to my family… I’ll never, ever be able to tell John ‘sorry’ enough times to make up for what happened on Aug. 26. I loved John to death. He was like my older brother and my best friend… I’m ready to take my punishment.”

Nick’s official plea was “no contest” rather than “guilty,” and there’s a chance that his record could be cleared in the future, according to the article. Here are other details of his sentencing:

* Five years probation
* 500 hours of community service, with credit for hours he’s already done
* No alcohol during the term of his probation
* Driver’s license suspension for three years
* DUI school and advanced defensive driving school

The full article, including quotes from Hulk Hogan, Nick’s attorney and much more, can be read here.