Serial Watcher – Lost – Episode 4-11

Serial Watcher – Lost – Episode 4-11

After last week’s relative downer, I’m certain that the guys at Lost will be back to delivering an excellent episode this week. Let’s get to it.

50’s music and cloths. Somehow I’m reminded of the opening to the third season.
Who the heck are this Emily and her mother? This seems to 50s to be an actual part of the story.
Pregnant? I can’t remember whose Lostaway’s mom is named Emily, but I guess this is the connection.
And his name is John. I think we have a winner.

On the island: John, Ben and Hurly are looking for Jacob’s cabin. The blind is leading the blind as no-one seems to know where t is, so they set camp for the night. Smart.

On the boat: Martin and his men are back after the encounter with Smokey, and they’re pissed. Geez, I hope Desmond is not going to give up Michael’s secret identity as the guy who gave Ben all the info on Martin.
And he just did that. Why Des, why? Thank God Michael can’t die because Martin had no hesitation about pulling the trigger.

On the island: I guess John is hallucinating this Horace guy from Dharma? Well duhh, but even a hallucination is based on something we already know. I wonder who this Horace guy is. Ben sure seems to know what Locke is going through.

Flashback: We learn that Locke has been a fighter since he was a little baby. Makes sense. He was also deserted since he was a little baby. Again, makes sense.
HOLY SHIT! RICHARD! Not only did he not change a bit from the time that Ben was a kid on the island, he looked the same back in the fifties. I wonder who his plastic surgeon is. Did he “mark” Locke back as a baby?

On the island: Hurly has a theory that they are the only three who can see the cabin because they are the craziest. I wouldn’t rule this theory out just yet.
Damn, I hate that mass Dharma grave. It’s giving me the creeps, and that’s saying something when we’re talking about Lost.

Flashback: Richard is somewhat stalking John. They sure got a cute kid to play little John.
WOW! Little John drew Smokey. And he scared Richard away. But I like the fact that he already had a thing for knives.

On the island: Is it me or did John’s eye color change over the years?
And here’s Horace in the mass grave. Are teeth supposed to remain so healthy and beautiful after being dead for so long? At least he now has a map to the cabin.

On the boat: Martin is breaking protocol. I guess he has special orders from Widmore.
Hold it! The secondary protocol has a Dharma logo on the cover. And it tells Martin where Ben is going. WTF??? Martin is going to torch the island??? Even the ship’s captain doesn’t get it.
But he does get that he needs to start working with Sayid and Des. Good man. Are they really about to start making rescue runs from the island? This episode is already so much better than last week’s.

On the island: Locke’s sending Hurly away because he doesn’t need him anymore to lead the way to the cabin. Hurly chooses to stay with Locke and Ben. I love the looks that Ben’s been throwing at Locke this whole time. Locke also lets Ben know he did not manipulate Hurly into staying. But is he telling the truth?

Flashback: Locke was a dork in high school. An Urkel kind of dork. I’m so not surprised. Richard is still in the background, keeping an eye on him even when we don’t see him.
Hmm. John was already denying who he really was back in school. He refused to accept that he was good at science as a kid, and as an adult he refused to accept that he’s handicapped. I love how they his character the same traits from childhood to adulthood.
And here’s the punchline. “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

On the boat: Frank’s helping Michael, who warns him about Martin’s plans for the island. Meanwhile, Martin is being equipped with some sort of radio on his arm.
The captain’s helping Sayid and Des steal a zodiac in order to resuce the Lostaways. I wouldn’t be surprised if Martin kills him when he finds that out, as Martin is obviously answering directly to Charles Widmore and nobody else.
Des is sending Sayid alone on that mission. He still believes Penelope is coming for him? I wouldn’t count on it.
That zodiac is so small, I doubt Sayid would be able to get more than 3-4 people on it. And did he take into consideration the time jumps on the way to and from the island, or does it only happen when you fly in?

On the island: With everything we learned about Locke’s childhood in this episode, I realize he has a lot more in common with Ben than we thought. Ben says it himself – he was told that he was chosen and special. It’s exactly what people told Locke as a kid.
And after all, it’s Hurly who finds the cabin. That’s why I’m not so sure Locke wasn’t working him in the last scene. Why is Ben so shocked to see the cabin?

Flashback: We make a significant jump in time, to Locke’s recovery from the fall that left him paralyzed. We can’t see the face of the orderly that wheels him around the facility, but judging from his build, I won’t rule out the option of him being the same guy who visited Hurly at the asylum.
YES! I was right! I know many of you wouldn’t believe me, but I am actually writing this in real time, pausing the file in order to write my immediate thoughts, and I really was just betting it’s the same guy. I did not write that after seeing him.
That guy turns out to be the reason Locke is on the island. He’s the one who planted the idea of an Australian walkabout in his mind. And he’s the one who told him to believe in miracles. But who the hell is he? And why are his eyes so creepy? And when will they meet again? Is he related to Jacob somehow?

On the boat: Martin’s crew is packing a whole lot of weapons, of all kinds.
Okay, Martin is really sick. And cool, in a way. Frank refuses to fly his soldiers back to the island, so Martin just coldly kills the doctor. That was cool, I have to admit. I guess that’s his way of threatening Frank into working with him.
Hey! The captain is standing up to Martin. That’s gonna be interesting.
DAMN THAT WAS QUICK! Martin just killed the captain. He’s a hell of a draw, I’ll give him that. Now Frank has no choice but to fly the chopper, but at least he’s doing something with the radio.

On the island: And we’re on the beach! Seems like Jack had a speedy recovery from his surgery. Or was that the island’s powers?
Hey, here’s the chopper. Frank threw his radio down to the Lostaways. Nice.
Over at the cabin, Ben is refusing to go in with Locke. He says his time is over. It’s kind of symbolic that Ben is talking about “passing the torch” to Locke, even if he’s not saying those exact words, with Locke already holding the torch. Hurly doesn’t want to go in either.
HOLY CRAP! The guy in the cabin is Jack’s father!!!
And here’s Claire! That’s a nice father-daughter reunion, but where’s it all going?
Locke finally gets to where he needs – the question of how to save the island. But we cut away.
Hey, where did Hurly get the candy bar from? It’s not Dharma candy. Nice of him to share it with Ben, I’m not sure Ben would have shared it with Hurly.
HOLD IT!!! Christian told Locke they have to move the island?!?!?!? WTF? And we’re out? Man that was shocking.

So, the last scene with Locke saying they have to move the island opens up a lot of questions and connections to past events. First of all, what good would it make to move the island if the chopper is already there? And how’s Sayid supposed to find it if they do move. And if they do move island, is that the reason Jack can’t find it again in the future; no matter how hard he tries? Has the island moved before? Is that why Widmore could not find it until the hatch imploded? What are the roles of Ben and Locke in all of this? Could things have been different had Locke embraced his scientific gifts as a kid?

Anyway, this episode more than lived up to my expectations. Let the final four episode roll on.