5 Thoughts on ECW – 05.13.08

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means…

1. I like Estrada and am a fan of the Colin Delaney underdog angle, but do we really need him in a contract signing AND TWO squash matches tonight? That said, RIPPED Armando is almost as great a character as cigar-chomping Armando Allllllllllllejannnnnnnnnnnnnnnndro Estrada.

2. Punk is still my favorite on the brand and Mizanin… dare I say it? He’s gotten pretty good! I think it would be a huge mistake to put the belts on Kane & Punk on Sunday, but who knows, maybe Big Dick Johnson or whoever’s writing ECW these days has something interesting in mind…

3. I THINK there was a ladies’ match but between my ambivalence towards women’s wrestling when there’s no title to fight for and Mike Adamle’s insane ramblings, I totally missed it. Yet… for all of Adamle’s mistakes, Tazz saying that something needed to be kept “on the D’lo… I mean the down low” was just awesome.

4. I like Kofi. I like Shelton. They have an interesting feud going on. And only six matches have been announced for Judgment Day this Sunday… So WHY is it that the Benjamin/Kingston match isn’t taking place until next Tuesday’s ECW? Whatever.

5. At least ECW does have a match on the PPV, and the “Extreme Rules” format of next month’s One Night Stand PPV lends itself to this roster. I guess I should take what I can get…

…as should you! Yep, only 5 thoughts this week on a relatively blah show.

Until next week!

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