BLATT vs ECW – 5/13/08 edition

Welcome to ECW #101. We’re starting starting off the show with a recap of Colin Delaney’s ascent towards getting an ECW contract last week. Maybe we’ll start seeing the stuff Colin can really do. I maintain that this should have been the main event last week.

Backstage, Armando is with Colin and he doesn’t look happy.





We’re starting the show with Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk. Adamle blows the announcement of the tag match at Judgement Day, saying the douches will fight Kane and the Miz. Way to go asshole.

The Miz over CM Punk by Reality Check
Collar and elbow to start and Punk goes behind, gets a waist lock on Miz, gets a take down and holds on as Miz struggles to his feet. Another take down and Punk holds on. Miz grabs the ropes and Punk breaks the hold and ducks an elbow. Punk’s whipped to the ropes, sunset flip gets a one. Punk hits some elbows to the back, whips Miz to the corner and catches his boot. Miz charges out of the corner and knocks Punk down.

The Miz throws punches to Punk on the ground and throws on a hold. Punk fights out, throws some kicks, Miz hits a drop kick to the back and Punks laid out on the middle rope. Miz jumps over the top rope and drags Punk’s neck down. Punk’s down in the ring and Miz rushes in for a cover. Only a two. TWO!

Miz drags Punk up and slaps on another submission. Punk fights out, but is thrown to the corner. Miz hits the diving clothesline in the corner, Punk goes down and Miz goes back to the submission. Miz can’t keep Punk down, Punk eventually turns it around with a snap powerslam for a two. TWO!

Punk hits a few kicks, the rising knee in the corner but can’t hit the bulldog. Instead he hits a spinning heel kick, a whip and a high leg lariat for a two. TWO!

Punk goes for a Welcome to chicago MFer, but it’s reversed. Punk goes for a backslide, but that’s reversed. Punk pinks up Miz in a fireman’s carry, but Miz pops out and hits the Reality Check for the pin.

The Miz has finally wrestled a match that I believed he really won. The Miz is becoming a believable wrestler in my eyes.

Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool & Cherry over Layla, Victoria & Natalya by roll up
Okay, this is obviously EXTREEM! This match must be a tribute to the original ECW because of how hardcore it is. Or, it’s Vince’s way of turning this show into what Velocity used to be, but packaged in a wrapper of a brand that everyone used to love and trust. While I firmly believe that there are advantages to having this brand be on Tuesday night and have it’s own championship belt (read: CM Punk), but there are moments like this that really make me think that the show is an afterthought despite having talent like Chavo, Kane, the Douches and Punk.

If you really want to know, Cherry got Victoria with a roll up. If you care.

Backstage, Shelton says that he’ll end Kofi’s winning streak. Kofi is there and says that he wishes Sheton good luck. Shelton shoves Kofi, Kofi drills Shelton against the garage gate.

Adamle and Tazz talk about Judgement Day and we get a video package about the Orton vs. HHH feud. My pick is for HHH.

Backstage, Colin gets ready for his match against Mike Knox. We get a Colin Delaney video package. At least we know that Colin’s here to stay.

Mike Knox over Coln Delaney
You know what’s refreshing about the way that Colin was introduced? He doesn’t have to win all of his matches like Kofi Kingston. When someone is introduced like Kofi, all of a sudden they have an undefeated streak and they can’t lose matches or else they’ll lose their heat.

Colin starts with a drop kick, dodges and elbow and then gets hit with a boot. Knox hits a short clothesline, throws Colin in the corner and splashes him in the corner. Knox holds Colin before ending the match.

Post match, out comes Armando. He says now that Colin’s had his first match on the ECW roster and now he has to fight the newest member of the ECW roster… ARMANDO!

Armando Estrada over Colin Delaney
Interesting to start this one right away. Armando threatens colin on the ground and draws some massive crowd heat. One inverted suplex later and Coin’s nose is bleeding and he’s lost his second match on the ECW roster.

John Morrison over Kane by springboard roundhouse kick
The Miz is sticking around at ringside, unlike the earlier match. Kane misses a punch and Morrison gets a few shots in before Kane tosses him into the corner. Morrison gets out of the way as quickly as possible, but gets a head butt. Kane tosses him around a bit and can only get a quick two. TWO!

Kane picks up Morrison be the head behind his back (hard to explain), throws him to the corner, chokes him on the middle rope, and slaps on a rear chin lock. Morrison fights up, throws a few kicks, gets Kane in the corner and goes to work on the knee. Kane gets an uppercut in and throws a few boots to Morrison’s chest. Morrison throws an elbow after getting shipped to the corner, but Kane ships him back and misses an elbow. Morrison is pulled away by the ref and the Miz grabs Kane’s leg. It doesn’t help the heels, Kane drills Morrison in the face and the crowd pops because CM Punk is coming to the ring to level the playing field. Staredown!

We break away from the match to promote the Undertaker vs. Edge match at Judgement Day. Blatt’s pick: Undertaker.

We’re back and Kane has control with a hanging suplex. Two. TWO!

Kane chokes Morrison with his shin and he breaks the hold to punch Morrison in the back.Kane hits a neck breaker for a two. TWO!

Morrison comes bac with some kicks to the knee, but it doesn’t do much as Kane knocks him back down. Kane ships Morrison and ducks, Morrison hits a boot and a drop kick and he goes to the corner to attempt punches on Kane. Kane keeps throwing Morrison off, misses the boot and is chop blocked. Morrison works the leg a bit more as the crowd is solidly behind Kane.

Morrison hits a dropkick to Kane’s knee and Kane is down for a two. TWO!

Morrison continues the punishment by dragging Kane to the post and throws Kane’s knee against the post. Kane and Morrison go back and forth, eventually Kane gets the worst of it and Morrison keeps n top of Kane on the ground.

Both work their way to their feet and Morrison chops Kane down using the knee. Kane clears Morrison form his feet with an uppercut and a clothesline in the corner. Out o the corner, Kane hits a sidewalk slam for a two. TWO!

Kane goes up top, hits the flying clothesline and signals for the chokeslam. Miz and Punk start going at it outside to distract the ref and Morrison clocks Kane with the belt and hits a springboard roundhouse kick for the three count!

A nice main event, but it’s too bad I’m not gonna watch Judgement Day because we’ve seen it all before. Thumbs up for the show. Much better than the past two weeks.

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