Doodlebops: Live In Concert – DVD Review

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Back in the day when I was a little kid, it was live-action shows like Today’s Special, Sesame Street, and of course the normal Disney stuff all the time. But now there is a show catching the eyes of countless youngsters all around the world and stemming out of the frozen land of Canada: The Doodlebops. Full of energy, bright colors, and some feel good songs, the Doodlebops are entertaining kids around the world and bringing lots of good clean fun into their lives. And when they get on stage for a live concert, then there is no stopping them from bringing smiles to hundreds of little faces.

The Doodlebops are made up of three fun-loving characters that could never hide in a crowd. First of all is DeeDee Doodle who is the female of the group. She is dressed in the feminine colors of purple and pink and is never without her jamming keytar (keyboard guitar). Next up is the demolition derby loving Rooney Doodle who is always dressed in all blue and has his guitar wherever he goes. Last but certainly not least is Moe Doodle. Moe is a bit brighter in yellow, red, and orange and is always messy, loud, and banging his drums to be noticed.

Together the Doodlebops put together lots of fun times full of music, funny moments, dancing, and educational games that are bound to not only entertain your kids but teach them a thing or two. DeeDee, Rooney, and Moe are joined by their friends Audio Murphy, Mudge, Bus Driver Bob, and even Moosehead to enjoy the fun and teach some heartfelt lessons. One of the best parts on the Doodlebops television show is the recurring “Where’s Moe?” segment. DeeDee and Rooney happen to lose Moe which happens quite often and eventually he pops up out of nowhere to show that he was simply lost and is ready for some fun.

Dancers and other characters join the Doodlebops on stage to enjoy in the dance numbers and songs so that the kids all around the auditorium can get involved and sing right along with them. There is even a pledge that is said by the Doodlebops and they encourage the whole crowd to say the words right along with them so they can all become honorary Doodlebops. You know there really aren’t many children’s shows today that I would find appropriate for my kids, if I had any that is. I don’t mean “appropriate” in that they are lewd or curse or anything, but they just don’t have a good feel about them. Nothing seems even in the same league as the shows I watched when I was little, and that’s just about twenty to twenty-five years ago. The Doodlebops though are wholesome, clean, fun, and bring lots of excitement to kids while getting some educational lessons in their heads at the same time. They get my full approval as a decent children’s show and I’d also like to say they put on a really fun concert.

Track Listing
Tick Tock
Let’s Have Fun
What’s Mine Is Yours
Movin’ And A Groovin’
My Hero
Different Things
I Can Dance
Hold Your Horses
You Are My Friend
…and many more

The concert is shown in 1.33:1 Full Screen format and it looks great for a live performance. The colors are all extremely bright and there are no image issues at all.

The concert is heard in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound and it can also be heard very well making for a fun experience.

Backstage Pass – This seven and a half minute feature is actually a mini-documentary in full character for everyone. They all discuss the Doodlebops like they are true rock and roll stars. It’s almost like a shortened kiddie version of VH1’s Behind The Music.

Sing-Along – A karaoke sing-along jam session for the songs “Hold Your Horses” and “You Are My Friend.”

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You know, this really isn’t too bad a little thing the Doodlebops have going on. They are clean and colorful and strange and sing some catchy songs making for what young kids today really like. If you are an adult without kids, then you can take each one of the final scores below and lower them all by two or three points. For those that have children, then you may want to even raise them five or six more points. Kids are going to love this DVD and want to watch it over and over again. If you don’t believe me, then get a copy and just check out the children in the audience. Ranging from infant all the way up to maybe ten years old; those kids were having one of the best times ever singing along with the songs, clapping, and dancing. And the adults in the crowd were having a ball too just watching their kids enjoy themselves. They’re the Doodlebops, they’re the Doodlebops, they’re Doodlebops and they’re doing it right…oh yeah!

Oh, and the DVD comes complete with a kazoo. A kazoo people! Even those without children can appreciate that.


Lionsgate presents Doodlebops: Live In Concert. Starring: Lisa J. Lennox, Chad McNamara, Jonathan Wexler. Running time: 55 minutes. Rating: Not Rated. Released on DVD: May 6, 2008. Available at