Gabe Sapolsky Snaps on Ring of Honor Fan Over Criticism

An image is going around the Internet wrestling forums showing Ring of Honor Gabe Sapolsky snapping on a Ring of Honor forum member for criticizing his booking decisions for the company. I contacted Mr. Sapolsky for a response. This is what he had to say…

“Question and criticize my booking all you want, everyone is entitled to their opinion and of course something subjective like booking is not without flaws. Don’t question my work ethic or involvement, which is what Mr. BenBeeach questioned. I also reacted out of anger to something else and sent Mr. BenBeeach an apology, which I guess he didn’t accept.”

Personally, the only advice I would have for Mr. Sapolsky is that until he starts acting more like a professional, he will be undoing all the hard work his wrestlers put into the company and Ring of Honor will be seen as being nothing more than ANOTHER promotion that takes its fans for granted.

You’re not a five year old. You’re a grown man who has several men and women depending on you to make the right decisions in order to secure their livelihood. Throwing a fit because someone just doesn’t give you the credit you feel you deserve is not the way to go about things nor is it the way to earn any respect.

I am in no way detracting from the work and effort you have put into your company. However, as is the case with all things in life, the bigger you get, the more people will start lining up to knock you down.

The best asset you have at your side in these times is your maturity.

I hope you please showcase it in the future.

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