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The following was put together by Ring of Honor’s Gabe Sapolsky…

Wrestling fans are buzzing about the Jimmy Jacobs, Age Of The Fall, Lacey and Austin Aries episodic saga. This plays out on ROH DVDs in great detail. However, you don’t have to buy every ROH DVD to follow it. You can watch it on and for FREE. Here is a chronological listing of the videos with links.

It all starts with a very frustrated Austin Aries, who has been despondent since losing the “Rising Above” World Title Match. Jimmy Jacobs and his girlfriend Lacey have been recruiting members for The Age Of The Fall. Of course, Jacobs and Lacey have had a relationship that is three years in the making. The Age Of The Fall sense that Aries will follow their revolution. They begin the recruitment with two mysterious messages that were released independently of ROH:

Speculation grew as to who Jacobs and Tyler Black were talking to in the above videos. It became clear at a FIP event when Lacey approached Austin Aries. You will see this in the 2/20/2008 ROH Video Wire at and here:

From there The Age Of The Fall became the voices in Aries’ head as the recruitment intensified. However, Tammy Sytch tried to steer Aries in a more sunny direction. Watch it in the 2/28/2008 ROH Video Wire at and here:

Lacey enlisted the help of the newest Age Of The Fall member Rain to try to entice Aries. She also seemed to have a plan as she told Tyler Black to stay behind in the 3/26/2008 ROH Video Wire at and here:

Lacey’s plan to recruit Aries became a one-on-one situation. In fact, Aries finally made his choice between Lacey and Tammy Sytch in the 4/2/2008 ROH Video Wire at and here:

There had been little or no contact from the two since they left Orlando together, but Jimmy Jacobs still had the word to spread as he reached out to Lacey in a message distributed independently by Age Of The Fall:

Lacey and Aries finally resurfaced with a bang in the 4/23/2008 ROH Video Wire at This is part 1 of the must see epic night in Chicago where everything changed. Watch it here:

Emotions raged out of control as the situation intensified with the can’t miss part 2 of the happenings of Chicago in the 5/5/2008 ROH Video Wire at and here:

Did this break Jimmy Jacobs? You can judge for yourself in this warning released by The Age Of The Fall:

The final video surfaced on and quickly became the talk of the internet for the shocking footage it depicts. Watch it for yourself:

What happened to Lacey? What will happen next? How will everyone react? Stay tuned to and find out.

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