John Cena Clarifies Statements on The Rock & More

In a recent interview with the UK Sun, John Cena talks about getting medically cleared to return earlier than planned, the surprise return at the Rumble (“There were probably two people in that ring that knew I was going to be there.”), Ric Flair, having his sights set on getting the title back, whether or not he cared that he didn’t close out WrestleMania, his movie (it’s now wrapped), Judgment Day thoughts and more. He had quite a bit to say about The Rock, such as this about the dig Rock got in on him during the Hall of Fame ceremony:

“Rock is the ultimate entertainer and I most certainly deserved it. But it was good to see him and judging by the reaction he got, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. If Rock wanted to stand out there for two hours and make fun of me, he could do that. As long as he’s there. I just wish he would come by more often.”

On whether or not there was any bad blood between he and Dwayne Johnson, he said this:

“No, because there was no problem or controversy – and Rock is first and foremost a gentlemen. As I said at the time, I think it is great that he has become such a huge success in the movie business. He has made some great films and has an enormous contract with Disney. What I don’t understand is when I hear people in our business, and not just him, say ‘I’ve wanted to do this all of my life’ – but they’re not willing to put forth the commitment and the dedication it takes to be a success here. And Rock is one of those guys who gave the ‘I’ve wanted to do this all of my life’ speech, but in actuality he wanted to be an actor. Now, trust me, that is totally fine with me. It’s OK. But just don’t say one thing and do another. Because our fans are extremely loyal and when you do that it p***es them off. All of us work so hard to make the show as good as it can be. So it’s hard when people give the impression of ‘this is the greatest gig in the world’ and then jump ship to movies. Now I have every interviewer asking me when I’m leaving WWE for films. And the answer is I’m never doing that, because I love wrestling more than I do movies. It’s guys like that who set the precedent of using wrestling as a stepping stone to do films. But there’s no controversy to any of that – as Rock is a successful and actor and that’s what he has always wanted to be.”

On that same note, a recent post from blogger Alfonso Castillo recaps Cena’s recent appearance on Opie & Anthony’s radio show. Cena said some similar things about The Rock, said that no matter what he says some people will neer believe that he doesn’t use steroids (and explains why you should believe him), talks about whether or not he’d like to fight in MMA and reveals what he does to relax.

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