Random Reality – Interview with the Winner of Survivor: Micronesia, Parvati Shallow

Micronesia Parvati Shallow

Parvati, what’s it like to wake up a millionaire?

Parvati Shallow: I don’t know because I didn’t go to bed last night! I might be a little delirious so you guys, bear with me.

How long did you celebrate?

PS: All of us went out. All the girls went out. We drank some champagne, did some shots and just hung out.

So Ozzy was pretty sore at you at the last tribal council? What was it like to sit there and hear him unload on you?

PS: It was pretty rough because you go through that whole experience and it’s so draining and then you have to go there and face up to what you’ve done in the game and everyone’s pretty angry and the backlash that you experience. Amanda felt some of it too and it wasn’t pretty. It doesn’t make you feel good about yourself but you realize it’s a game and you hurt people’s feelings and they have every right to lash out.

Will you try to mend that bridge if you haven’t already?

PS: I haven’t really put myself out there to talk to him because I didn’t want him to think I was trying to schmooze him over to say nice things about me to the press. I didn’t want him to feel like I was just trying to use him so I haven’t really reached out to him but I’m going to call him and talk to him now and make sure everything is cool. Ozzy is cool. He’s a mature guy and I think he can distinguish between the game and real life now. It’s Survivor and everyone is there to win and me personally, I wasn’t there to bring Ozzy into the final two and let him win.

What about Natalie’s question to you? What were you were feeling and thinking when she asked you how you translated your strategic-ness into the bedroom?

PS: (Laughing) Natalie I think was honestly trying to lighten the mood of that tribal council because it was so bizarre and heated and there was so much emotion. I don’t think she was that serious about it. I was a bit confused and I didn’t know really what to say. I told them that I would give them an honest answer so I answered her.

You played the flirt card perfectly. Do credit your flirtations with edging out Amanda?

PS: No. I think the reason I got a couple more votes than Amanda was because I owned up to the moves I made and didn’t apologize for making the strategy moves. Some of them weren’t pretty but I did what I felt I had to do in order to survive and I owned up to it and I don’t think Amanda did that. She tried to please the jury and make them happy whereas I kind of just gave it to them straight.

What are your plans for the million?

PS: Everyone keeps asking me that question but I don’t know yet.

How about a new car or something?

PS: No, I kind of like my car. It’s old and crappy but I kind of like it. I’m going to keep my car. I don’t know. I just want to keep working on the charity that I’ve been working on and just try to gain more awareness for that and get people involved.

How does it feel to be part of Survivor history with all those blind-sides?

PS: Awesome. We worked our butts off. Those girls that I was with were brilliant strategists. Cirie, and amazing Amanda, the most fantastic manipulator, and Natalie can sell ice to an Eskimo. It was just great to be able to work with them and be able to pull off some of those shady blind-sides was fantastic.

How much did the fold of the final two play on your mind?

PS: It was awful. Honestly I didn’t think it was going to happen. And then when it did happen we were so sad. We fought so hard to get there and we did everything together to get there so I think we were all really upset that that happened.

Whose vote surprised you the most?

PS: Eliza. I could not believe that Eliza voted for me. Arch rivals the entire game. We were out for each other. I guess in the end she just respected that. We both gave each other a run for the money.

Were you surprised that Amanda decided to take you over Cirie?

PS: No, I wasn’t surprised and honestly, that’s why I didn’t give my heart and soul to that last immunity challenge. I didn’t want to be in that spot. I didn’t want to make that decision. I knew she would pick me and I had a pretty good hunch that if Cirie won she would take me.

Let’s go back to the week you blind-sided Ozzy and Amanda was not in on the plan. How did you get her to get past that betrayal of her?

PS: I think she realized it wasn’t a betrayal of her because I told her that day “I know you think you’re out of the loop but you’re not. You’re still in this. You me and Cirie till the end. Don’t feel like you’re on the outside”. I made it very clear to her. So I don’t think she had any choice but to trust us at that point.

When you were on Exile Island why didn’t you look for the idol just in case?

PS: I did. I found it.

Oh you did?

PS: Yea, I found it. I just left it there.

Why did you do that?

PS: Because I knew if I brought it back to camp it would cause more problems than it would help.

If the final had been a tie what would have happened at that point?

PS: Nobody knows.

Are you the new president of the man-haters club?

PS: I just think girls are craftier and I wanted to play with them.

Ozzy’s speech seemed a lot like sour grapes to me. What do you think about that?

PS: I think Ozzy took it personally and his ego was bruised and he got knocked down a peg and he didn’t think that could happen to him. I think he felt foolish and hurt.

Would you go so far as to describe it as childish?

PS: Yes, the things that he was saying came off as very immature and pretty childish.

Obviously it was devastating there was a only final two. Did you depend on Amanda to take you to the final two?

PS: We had spoken about it right before the immunity challenge and we knew going in we would take each other.

Coming back as a favorite must have been a lot of fun but was there a lot of pressure on you to perform better than the fans?

PS: I put a lot of pressure on myself to really own my game this time around and didn’t want to be written off as the flirt or someone that couldn’t be judged at face value. I wanted to win the game.

Can you clarify your relationship with James? Was it a relationship, a friendship, or an alliance?

PS: It wasn’t an alliance. It was a friendship and a relationship.

Were you afraid that was going to hurt you in the game?

PS: No. Because of the way I set it up with Amanda and Cirie in the beginning, I didn’t think that my relationship with James would really jeopardize anything.

Cirie and her feeling about being at the bottom of the alliance. Was that a true statement when her and Amanda went at it?

PS: Cirie knows what she’s talking about. She was walking around with her eyes wide open and she’s very perceptive and she’s very good at reading people. I was so confused about where that fight came from. I think Amanda just legitimately reached her snapping point and she was just worn down and that’s why she lashed out at her. She called her out for playing the jury but Cirie wasn’t playing the jury, that’s how she felt. I honestly felt she was on the bottom. It was me and Amanda together first and foremost and then Cirie.

What was it like to sit there last night as Jeff was reading those votes?

PS: It doesn’t feel real at all. He reads them and like o.k., whatever, it’s not really happening because it’s so long in the making and then when it finally happens it happens so quickly.

So were you reading anything on the internet that you were predicted as the winner?

PS: No, not really. I thought Amanda was probably going to win. I didn’t know. I wasn’t sure. I figured that I had the girls’ votes, Cirie and Natalie and Alex, and I figured that Amanda had Ozzy, James, and Erik. So it was like Eliza and James were at a toss-up. I didn’t know….

I’ve been dying to ask you – how did you get your name?

PS: It’s a Hindu Goddess. My parents were just very spiritual.

Amanda has gotten to be number two twice now. What is it about Amanda – how come she can’t close it?

PS: I think Amanda doesn’t realize that what she didn’t portray in her final tribal speech was that she actually did play the game. She didn’t own up to what she did and how she was playing. She skirted around the issues, tried to dress it up and make it look pretty, and the jury didn’t want to see that. They wanted honest answers and someone that was real who stand by the decisions that they made and say “Hey, I played the game.”

Do you think she was too nice maybe?

PS: I think she was trying to sugar-coat things and the jury didn’t appreciate it.

What was the difference between the last time you played and this time?

PS: This time I was playing to win. I was going to keep pushing and pushing. I didn’t care if I had food. I didn’t care if I had water. I didn’t care if I was miserable. I was going to make it happen to get to the end. The last time I was so “This is fun”. I learned a lot from the last time going into this one.

Do you have any regrets this time around?

PS: No.

Is there anything you’re proud of?

PS: Yea, I’m proud of a lot of things. I shocked myself out there. Those conditions were really hard. Not only did I survive those elements but I feel like I played a really good game being able to bring together those women and be the pinnacle of that powerful alliance, pull off those blind-sides, and make those huge moves.

Well congratulations and enjoy the millions dollars.

PS: Thank you!

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