Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Coverage of WWE Judgment Day 2008

We’re LIVE from Omaha, Nebraska!  We waste no time as for the first time in a very long time, a match featuring John Cena OPENS the show!

John “Bradshaw” Layfield v. John Cena
Standard Match

Cena is 4-0 at Judgment Day, quotes J.R.  They bell sounds and they stare down.  Here’s the grapple and Cena acts as the aggressor and a clean break is initated.  JBL looks for a grapple, but Cena gets a waist lock and he powers Cena into the corner.  We get another clean break as they go again as JBL gets some early momentum with a side headlock.  Cena drops down and he gets a clubbing shot to the back.  JBL gets caught with the STFU, but he was at the ropes.  JBL rolls out of the ring and he snaps Cena’s arm off the ropes.  Back inside and JBL sends Cena straight to the ring post!  JBL exploits the arm outside the ring before going back inside to continue the exploiting of the arm.  JBL slows the pace down a bit as he wrenches the arm some more.  Cena powers back up and JBL kicks him in the gut.  JBL flips Cena over and he applies a cross-arm breaker submission hold.  Cena uses his strength to nearly powerbomb JBL and Cena screams like he is legitimately hurt.

JBL gets back up and he nails a right hand followed by some boots to a two count.  JBL wails in the corner, but Cena tries to fight back and JBL hits the arm.  Cena off the ropes using the left shoulder block to take JBL down.  He goes up top and misses the leg drop!  JBL shakes the cobwebs off and he knees him in the gut.  Cena teeters on the ring apron as JBL looks to suplex him back to the ring, but Cena blocks it.  Cena attempts to suplex JBL out of the ring, but his arm gives out and JBL hangs him out to dry.  JBL knocks him off the apron and he thrusts against Cena.  Back in the ring for a pin attempt and he gets two.  JBL nails two kicks to the head and drops the elbow for another two count!

JBL picks Cena up and he latches on a bearhug!  Cena fades out to the canvas.  JBL lets go and he PUNCHES Cena’s spine!  JBL applies a bodyscissors submission hold, continuing to work the arm.  Cena tries to wrench on his ankle, but JBL punches his back and JBL applies a reverse crossface variant maneuvar, least that’s what it looks like to me.  Cena stands up, but JBL is in perfect position with the Full Nelson!  Cena goes down to a knee.  Cena tries to fight back and the hold is broken.  FU attempt, but the shoulder gives way!  JBL hits a boot and he applies on the bodyscissors!  Cena breaks out and he powers JBL up and hits the SPINEBUSTER! 

Both men are down as the referee counts.  At 6, both men are up and a BRAWL ensues!  JBL hits the big boot to knock Cena down.  He drops a series of elbows on Cena’s ribcage.  He toys with Cena a bit and he picks him back up for a short arm clothesline.  Cena looks out as JBL slaps his face.  He stomps on the fingers and goes to pick Cena up for another short arm clothesline, but OUT OF NOWHERE, Cena hits the FU and Cena gets the victory!

Winner:  John Cena
Grade:  B+

JBL is pissed off that he lost the match!  He walks away without incident as Cena is still a bit disoriented.

William Regal sits in the luxury seats observing the action as we head over to our SmackDown commentary team. They try to get us to text to them who will win the World Title later tonight.  They send it over to Tazz and Mike Adamle who gives us a dose of “The Dirt Sheet” with Miz and Morrison mocking Kane and CM Punk.

The Miz & John Morrison [c] v. CM Punk & Kane
WWE Tag Team Championship Match

We get the super special ring announcing job from Tony Chimmel.  The bell sounds as Punk and Miz lock up.  Punk hits a shoulder block and he continues the pressure on the Miz, getting a quick two count.  Kane gets tagged in.  Kane goes to work on Miz and he picks Miz up BY THE NECK!  He drops him down and surprisingly, Miz powers Kane to Morrison and he is the legal man.  Kane slams Morrison down and he hits a low dropkick for two!  Backbreaker by Kane and tag to Punk, who drops the leg on Morrison’s face.  Punk gets Morrison in a tarantula hold!

Miz gets tagged into the match and they double team Punk for a Miz two count.  Miz applies the headlock, but CM Punk hits a right hand, followed by the shining wizard and TAG to Kane!  Kane goes up top and he hits the clothesline!  He picks Miz up and Morrison blind tags in and he prevents a chokeslam attempt!  Morrison works the knee and Miz tags in. Miz hits a splash in the corner and tags back Morrison, who kicks Kane in the chin for two.  Tag back to Miz and he applies a choke hold, followed by clubbing blows to Kane’s back.  Miz runs…STRAIGHT TO A BOOT FROM KANE!  Punk and Morrison get the hot tag and Punk kicks Morrison around!  POWERSLAM by Punk to Morrison for a two count!  Punk hits the kick and BULLDOGS Morrison and CLOTHESLINES Miz off the apron at the same time!  Punk hits the springboard on Morrison for two!  GTS try and it is blocked!  Punk tries again, but Miz blocks it, so Kane chokeslams Miz on the outside!  Punk turns around and CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER ends the match!

Winners: John Morrison & The Miz
Grade:  C+

We head back to J.R and the King as we hype our next contest, feuled by deception.  We segue our way to the Jericho/Michaels feud which comes complete with a montage.

Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels
Non-Title Match

They stare down as the bell sounds. They circle the ring, not taking eyes off each other.  Lock up and a quick break.  Another lock up and Jericho powers HBK to the corner.  Jericho plays with the leg, but Michaels shakes him off and they circle around again.  They lock up and Jericho attempts to go after the leg and Michaels locks the neck!  Jericho’s shoulders are down for a two count.  Jericho gets back up and he goes after the leg and he suplexes Michaels and we get a series  of nearfalls!  More nearfalls ensue as Michaels says “screw this” and applies the REVERSE FIGURE FOUR!  Jericho gets to the ropes as Michaels smirks.  They stare down opposite corner and Jericho kicks Michaels, who responds with a SLAP!  Jericho is enrage as he pushes Michaels to the corner.  They lock up and Michaels loses a couple teeth from a Jericho uppercut!  Michaels gets his legs wrapped around Jericho’s shoulder while Michaels was UPSIDE DOWN in the TREE OF WOE ON THE OUTSIDE!  Michaels senses the shoulder injury and he works on it.  Jericho sends Michaels to the corner and he oversells it!  Both men are up top and Jericho looks for a Full Nelson Slam, but Michaels knocks him down.  Jericho crotches him and he tries again with a superplex attempt.  Michaels sends Jericho down and Michaels drops the elbow…onto Jericho’s knees!  Michaels’ ribs are hurt and Jericho is a shark in a pond, focusing on the ribs.  Jericho hits a side suplex and he mouths Michaels. He works on the ribs with a modified abdominal stretch.  Jericho hits a rib breaker and gets a two count.

Jericho sends Michaels to the corner a few times.  Bulldog attempt and Michaels sends Jericho to the ropes!  Atomic Drop connects by Michaels .  Michaels nails a shouldertackle and he kips up.  Jericho locks on the Walls!  Michaels reaches for the ropes and he gets it.  Jericho looks for the springboard dropkick…SWEET CHIN MUSIC sends Jericho out onto the floor!  Michaels gets Jericho back in the ring and he goes for a proper cover.  TWO!  HE GETS TWO!  Michaels heads back on top and he DROPS THE ELBOW!  Michaels is hurt as he gets back up.  He tunes up the band.  Jericho is back up and he drops down to a knee.  Michaels waits again, but Jericho drops again.  He can’t stand tall!  Jericho gets up…CODEBREAKER CONNECTS!  Jericho slowly crawls over to Michaels and he only gets TWO!  Jericho gets a shot to the ribs and he looks to suplex Michaels…but Michaels LOCKS ON THE CROSSFACE!  Jericho tries to fight it, and he reaches the ropes!  Michaels is back up and he goes for it again, but Jericho hits a couple knees to the belt line!  He hangs Michaels out to dry as Jericho goes for the Lionsault.  Michaels gets the knees up, but Jericho attempts to lock on the Walls, but Michaels gets a victory roll for THREE!

Winner:  Shawn Michaels
Grade: A-

Jericho extends his hand outward looking for a handshake.  Michaels is hesitant a bit and he shakes the hand.  Jericho claps as Shawn leaves the ring.  William Regal looks on showing little expression and there’s no sign of Batista, even though he even said he might be there.

One Night Stand is TWO WEEKS away!

Todd Grisham is interviewing Mickie James, who is happy that Cena and Michaels were victorious.  Grisham brings up how her date with Cena went.  JBL interrupts the segment and he wants Grisham to ask him a question.  JBL says that he beat on Cena for 20 minutes and he warns Grisham that if he asks another stupid question that it’ll be his first and last fight.

Time to get another championship match out of the way!  The Women’s Championship will be contested under Triple Threat Rules.

Beth Phoenix v. Melina v. Mickie James [c]
WWE Women’s Championship

Beth Phoenix orders Melina out of “her ring” and Melina kicks Phoenix out of the ring.  James gets a rollup for two.  James runs the ropes and Phoenix derails her.  Inside the ring, Melina and Phoenix beat the holy hell out of each other.  James sneaks inside the ring and she cradles Phoenix for two.  Screaming DDT attempt is blocked and she locks on a sleeper on Phoenix, who drops to the mat!  Melina hits a neckbreaker and she focuses on Phoenix.  She knocks her down and she beats on James.  Wraparound clothesline by James and she goes up top.  She gets crotched and Melina goes on top.  Phoenix nails an electric chair on Melina.  James drops out of the sky for two and Phoenix is taken out with a dropkick.  PHOENIX HAS BOTH DIVAS IN THE AIR IN THE TORTURE RACK POSITION!  DAMN!  Phoenix looks for a choke on James and Melina hits a neckbreaker on Phoenix!  Screaming DDT by James on Melina gets the win!

Winner:  Mickie James
Grade: C

Backatage, Michaels is taking his boots off and Batista enters the house!  He’s going to make Michaels wait until he decides when the time is right to hurt him.

The WWE Fans say that Undertaker will win the title tonight 85% to 15%.  We segue into the events between the Undertaker and La Familia.

Edge v. The Undertaker
World Heavyweight Championship

Edge gets no pyro tonight and that puzzles him.  A second attempt at it, he does get his pyro.  Undertaker makes his entrance and it’s known that the Devil’s Choke is banned from ringside.  The bell rings and Edge evades Taker’s attacks.  Edge gets pushed two-thirds across the ring and he rolls outside.  Edge gets the advantage in the corner and Taker nails some strikes at Edge.  Taker chokes Edge and utilizes the five count.  Edge rolls out of the ring and Taker sends him to the ring post, targeting the left arm of Edge.  Back inside the ring, he continues exploiting the left arm in the corner.  Taker goes Old School, but Edge counters it, crotching Taker on the ropes.  Taker is on the outside as Edge beats on him.  Taker grabs the spandex and THROWS him against the barrier.  Edge counters a whip, sending Taker to the ring steps.  Edge rolls inside the ring and he hits a baseball slide, breaking the ring out count.

Back inside the ring, Taker nails some headbutts to gain some momentum.  He sends Edge to the corner and Taker looks for a boot.  Edge moves and Taker’s legs gets hanged up!  Edge gets a two count and he goes back on the attack.  He nails some punches, but Taker fires back harder and heavier.  He sends Edge to the ropes and Edge takes the leg out from under Taker.  Edge rolls out of the ring and he wraps Taker’s leg around the ring post.  Back inside, Edge goes back to the strikes, but you don’t bet against Taker.  Edge scores a kick and goes for the cover, but Taker goes for the Devil’s Choke and its waved off.  Edge takes a page out of Taker’s book and goes Old School, but Edge suffers the same fate.  Taker and Edge brawk in the ring and VINTAGE UNDERTAKER!  The lariat connects and Taker splashes against Edge.  CHOKESLAM TO THE TURNBUCKLE!  Edge runs into a big boot and that gets a two count!  Taker goes for Old School and this time it hits!  Tombstone attampt and the RMY make their way to ringside. 

Charles Robinson is distracted as Edge undoes the turnbuckle.  The RMY is sent to the back and Taker goes for the Last Ride, but Edge gets out of it with the DDT and that gets TWO!  Edge looks for the spear and Taker sends him to the steel post!  Taker hits the LAST RIDE TO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!  Edge barely escapes with a foot on the ropes.  Undertaker looks to hit Snake Eyes on the exposed turnbuckle, but Edge counters and he hits the punches.  Undertaker gets the Snake Eyes to the exposed steel! and both men are down.  Undertaker goes off the ropes and SPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE!  Edge gets a cover and only gets TWO!

Edge beats on Taker, who is on his knees.  Taker is back up and they slug it out.  Edge gets the upperhand…GOOZLE!  Edge gets out of it, but GOOZLE AGAIN!  CHOKESLAM and both men are down!  Taker gets a cover and Edge BARELY kicks out!  Taker nails a big boot that sends Edge on the outside!  Taker rolls outside and he clotheslines Edge over the barricade!  The referee begins his count as they beat the hell out of each other.  Undertaker tosses Edge to the barricade and beats the count!

BUT WAIT, Vickie Guerrero stops things and she waits for the boos to die down to no avail.  She decrees that it is common knowledge.  She gets booed heavily and she reminds that she’s here to make an announcement.  She says that it’s common knowledge that the title can only be won via pinfall or submission.  She decrees that the title will remain vacant.  Undertaker takes and he TOMBSTONES Edge in spite of Vickie, who is out of her wheelchair.  She calls him a SOB as Undertaker eyes her.  The RMY pill Edge from the ring as Taker stands tall with the World Title in hand. 

Winner via Countout:  The Undertaker (Title still vacant)
Grade:  B+

Randy Orton says how he was the most dominant champion in WWE History.  Trips won the title by luck and Orton was dominant.  I didn’t realize that DQ losses were dominance.  The Age of Orton will be reclaimed tonight. 

The clock ticks and that only means one thing.  Montel Vontanious Porter makes his way to the ring and he grabs a microphone.  He complains about being left off the card and that he is still the highest paid star on SmackDown.  He says that he won’t be denied because he’s issuing an open challenge!

And out comes MATT HARDY!  MVP thinks that Hardy is going to face him, but Hardy says that there’s someone else tonight that will prove that he’s better than him…


Montel Vontanious Porter v. Jeff Hardy
Impromptu Match

The bell sounds and MVP takes it to Jeff!  He scores a shot to the lower back and rolls Jeff up for two.  Hardy misses a charge, and he hits a shoulder tackle on MVP!  Foley talks about Jeff’s house fire several weeks ago.  MVP rolls out of the ring to take a powder.  Jeff waits for him and MVP gets back inside.  MVP goes for the legs and he gets a cover for two.  MVP gets another pin attempt for two and MVP locks a headlock on Jeff.  Jeff gets a hammerlock and MVP doesn’t break clean.  Jeff uses MVP’s momentum against him to send him out of the ring.  Dropkick is blocked and MVP takes the fight outside.

Back inside the ring, MVP gets a cover for two!  MVP wrenches the arm, but Jeff gets back up and he nails a shot to the midsection.  MVP pulls the hair and drops Hardy to the mat.  MVP gets another two count and he works back on the arm.  Again, Jeff gets back up, but MVP side slams him for two!  Another arm submission by MVP and Jeff fights back yet again.  Jeff looks to use the turnbuckle dropkick, but MVP scouts it.  MVP hits a one-arm DDT for two.  MVP drops the knee for another two count.  MVP concentrates on the arm as Jeff is reeling.

Bck up, MVP hits a roundhouse kick and he military presses Jeff to the canvas.  YAZUKA KICK connects and Hardy is out of the ring!  MVP sends Jeff to the barricade before taking it back to the ring.  He gets a full body cover for TWO!  Back on the arm and MVP slaps Jeff’s face.  Jeff fights out of it, but MVP hits a modified bulldog and he looks for the Playmaker!  Jeff counters with the lariat!  Both men are back up and Jeff explodes with a clothesline.  TURNBUCKLE DROPKICK TO THE JAW!  Jeff goes back to the top….SWANTON MISSES!  MVP fights Jeff in the corner.  MVP looks for the deadly kick, but Jeff drop toe holds him…WHISPER IN THE WIND CONNECTS!  Jeff gets the win!

Winner:  Jeff Hardy
Grade:  B

Stallone comments on RAMBO.

The cage lowers as its evident that Big Show v. Mark Henry isn’t on the card tonight, despite all the rumors saying they would clash.

We get a recap of Backlash’s main event WWE Title match.

Triple H [c] v. Randy Orton
Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship

The bell rings and Orton DARTS TOWARDS THE DOOR!  Orton slams the door into Trips!  He nails vicious haymakers around the ring.  Trips can’t even get offense in.  They brawl around the corner abd Trips gets momentum.  HIGH KNEE by Trips!  He takes control and he attempts to send Orton to the steel, but he blocks it.  Orton tries it and Trips blocks it.  The next time, Trips sends Orton to the steel, but he climbs only to be taken down.  Trips hits a neckbreaker for a two count.  Trips mounts Orton and pounds away before dropping the knee for another two count.  Orton plays possum and sends Trips to the steel..  Orton takes and he catapults Trips INTO THE CAGE!  Orton sends Trips back first as Orton is bleeding from the lips.  Trips is bashed against the steel cage a few times.  Trips fires a kick to Orton, but Orton kicks some teeth off Trips.  Rope assisted DDT connects and Orton goes for the cover and gets a two count.

Orton chokes Trips and punches him repeatedly.  Trips gets upto a knee, but Orton nails a fist to send him down for a two count.  Headlock applied by Orton, but Trips fights back up and punches his way out.  Whip reversal by Orton….POWERSLAM CONNECTS!  Orton gets two for that exchange!  Orton stares down at Trips and he goes Vintage Orton, stomping randomly at a fallen Game.  Orton takes and he drops the knee to the sternum and gets a two count!  He stomps away quicker and he drops the knee to the canvas!  He beats Trips to the punch and he floats over a suplex attempt…CHOP BLOCK by Trips!  Trips gets the Figure Four locked on Randy!  Orton fights and tries to reach the ropes, but Trips pulls him to the ropes.  Orton hits the ropes and the referee calls for the break in a no DQ match.  LAME!  Trips has some words with the refeeree and RKO is countered to a Pedigree attempt, but Orton backdrops out of it.  He crawls towards the door, but Trips keeps him from leaving.  Orton dispatches Trips and he goes for the door.  He grabs a chair conveinently placed near the door and brings it in.

Orton with the chair, he takes and looks for a KO shot, but Trips counters.  Trips fires away…whip to the ropes and he connects with the Knee Smash!  Trips picks up the steel chair, but Orton NAILS THE LOW BLOW!  Orton has the chair and he hits Trips in the back with the chair.  Orton looks and HITS THE DDT ON THE CHAIR!  He covers and Trips KICKS OUT!  Orton sets the chair up and he methodically looks ready to pounce.  Trips struggles back up as Orton moves the chair closer.  RKO IS COUNTERED AND RANDY GETS SENT TO THE STEEL!  Trips drops Orton face first into the chair and he gets a close two count!  Orton is up first and he gathers his bearings.  He proceeds to climbing the cage.  Orton is almost to the top and Trips DEPANTS HIM!  Both men are on the top rope and Trips bashes Orton’s head, but Orton quickly gets back up and Trips is fighting on top of the cage.  They teeter on the ropes and Orton knocks Trips down.  He climbs over and Trips is after him.  Trips pulls him back in the ring and he beats Orton to the cage.  Orton wants more and Trips looks for a top rope Pedigree!  Orton blocks it and he takes Trips down and he tries again to climb.  He leaps over and he is over.  Trips is close behind and Orton loses his footing!  Trips miraculously pulls Orton back in the ring!  Orton nails Trips in the head and he TRIES AGAIN!  Orton kicks away at Trips but Trips crotches him on the turnbuckle!

Both men are down.  Randy walks into the SPINEBUSTER!  Trips grabs the chair and he drops it and he looks for the Pedigree and Orton counters with a weak spinebuster on the chair! Orton goes for the concussion kick, but Trips moves and he WALLOPS Orton with the chair.  PEDIGREE HITS and Trips gets the pinfall!

Winner:  Triple H
Grade:  A

Triple H stands tall atop the cage.

Show Over.

The WWE Judgment Day Report Card

John Cena d. John Bradshaw Layfield: B+
The Miz & John Morrison d. CM Punk & Kane: C+
Shawn Michaels d. Chris Jericho: A-
Mickie James d. Beth Phoenix & Melina: C
The Undertaker d. Edge via Countout: B+
Jeff Hardy d. Montel Vontanious Porter: B
Triple H d. Randy Orton: A

The Final Grade for WWE Judgment Day:  B+

See you tomorrow night for RAW as we build towards One Night Stand!