10 Thoughts on Impact – 05.15.2008

Sorry this is a few days late, someone was supposed to cover this since I was at a Defensive Driving Course and unavailable. Well, it wasn’t coverred so I made time for the 10 Thoughts. Enjoy!

1. Did we learn nothing from Vince Russo about making some things seem more “real” than others on a wrestling show? Wait, Vince Russo is booking this? The devil, you say.

2. Roode, Storm, Tomko, and Morgan, great choices by Cornette.

3. Kurt, the heel, may get a happy sendoff with his wife. That’s not much by the way of payoff and this isn’t Savage and Liz. They should either make AJ an uber-face by interrupting this and finally getting Karen (as his new manager) or an uber-heel by having Karen and AJ lay Kurt out. Calling it “As the Angles Turn” may sound like a clever pun in a production meeting, but really, its just about the stupidest, worst for business idea I’ve heard in ages. DON’T MAKE SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF MORE DIFFICULT!

4. I’d mark out every single time if Lethal really came out to the proper “Pomp and Circumstance.” The song is guaranteed to be out there under fair use law. I’m a teacher and I mark out at graduation. This is the simplest part of the gimmick, do it right!

5. Just a reminder- Nash is turning soon.

6. Readers, I love ya, but I’m not watching Jay Lethal, with terrible acting and fake Macho Man voice propose to So Cal Val. On a side note, I was at Savage and Liz’s Match Made in Heaven.

7. Abyss is cutting promos from an asylum now, pretending to be Mick Foley, squeaky voice included. TNA- Hey, it worked for the WWE!

8. Kim and Kong had a great match with a big vs. little storyline and Kim showing that her speed might be too much for Kong. The interference even made sense to an extent, though with Awesome Kong a monster, I’m not entirely sure why even the heels would want her with the belt.

9. It’s straight up weird and eerie hearing Hector Guerrero cutting an Eddie style promo.

10. The Murder City Machine Guns are legitimately awesome. They and LAX had a match far better than it had any right to be since it was merely to showcase LAX. Fast paced, decent formula, and solid selling make this a definite recommendation

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