Make Movement: The Regal Storyline Change and More

Even though I’m glad to see the black outs end on RAW for now, I’m sad that it’s really because Regal is being suspended for the Wellness policy. Whatever demons he’s battling, I hope he defeats them since these are probably similar demons he’s faced in his personal life. This is a sad situation because he is getting the biggest push of his professional wrestling career and this issue is going to delay or derail the push for at least two months. I have been a long-time supporter of Regal’s career since his WCW days and he’s one of the best heels in the business – but his personal life must come first.

Real issues aside…this was a pretty stacked RAW for No Way Out that is only two weeks away. I wish WWE knew what to do with Umaga, as if his only main event opponent is Jeff Hardy instead of IC Champion, Chris Jericho. Regardless, as usual, Umaga and Hardy put on a great match and I’m surprised they went with a double-countout finish to start off the show.

I really like what they’re doing with Batista (though I’m still confused to what show he’s on) and his teasing heat with Chris Jericho and his wanting to hurt Shawn Michaels. Jericho and Batista put on a hell of a TV match and I think will lead to a Triple Threat at Summerslam between the three. This three-pod feud is actually better than the main event picture right now.

The Women’s Division at least is getting more complex but the dialogue with Mickie James and Katie Lea was weak. I’m not sure if the writers remember the original Mickie character but she’s lost so much of her edge because they are giving her such weak dialogue to create a feud with the Lita-lookalike. On the other hand, Melina got to be a strong face character this week commentating the Beth Phoenix domination of Maria and then attacking her with a boot from behind after the match. Melina’s got the mic skills similar to Tammy Sytch’s and I’m looking forward to seeing more improvement.

Kennedy who is a cross between Stone Cold and DX gets the win over Regal but what is he going to do for two months while it’s Orton versus Triple H again and JBL versus Cena? He took out the King, does that mean he’s going to run the show for two months? I’d like the WWE to build some suspense into the next general manager and give some choices – Teddy Long, Ted Dibiase, maybe a real surprise – like someone we haven’t seen in a while or wouldn’t suspect, or maybe another McMahon again?

Santino and Piper are more entertaining to watch than the main event picture, even though I’m not looking forward to seeing Sal “wrestle” Santino – WWE has to take a serious look to repackaging Cena somehow, his character is becoming extremely stale. Orton really gave us the weak finish and both faces oversold it anyway, the chemistry of those guys all in the ring was just more off than usual. Maybe when Hardy finally gets back into the main event spot, it will help turn things around.

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