Money Well Wasted

The Falcons take another step away from MV7 with a contract agreement with Matt Ryan.

The Atlanta Falcons agreed to a 6 year $72 million dollar contract, $34.75 million of it guarn-damn-teed, with first round pick Matt Ryan. Most rookies don’t sign until after the 4th of July, but Atlanta was in a rush to sign Ryan to move past the Michael Vick era, according to Jaws on ESPN.

This contract is interesting for two reasons. Ryan was the number 3 pick, but can earn about 15 million more over the life of the contract than the number one overall pick Jake Long. But QB’s are usually paid more than offensive tackles, so it’s understandable. However, Ryan’s contract is also worth more than last year’s number 1 overall pick, QB JaMarcus Russell. Who had only 32 million in guarnteed money.

Raise your hand if you think Matt Ryan will be a better QB than Russell.

If you’re hand is up, your last name is either Ryan or Blank.

But when you’re trying to recover from your franchise player being convicted of a felony, you can be forgiven for throwing tons of money at someone to move past that.

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