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It is a television series and wrestling week as we have plenty of episodes and tons of big hits for you all to enjoy. If you’re looking for new seasons then be sure to check out the season one special edition of 24, or Charles In Charge, or jump on board with JAG. If you’re in the mood for some big hits and beautiful women, then be sure to check out the sixth volume of Shimmer. And if you just want some big name talent on the grandest stage of them all, then be sure to pick up your copy of the WWE spectacular WrestleMania XXIV. This may be your best chance to grab a good copy because I’m sure that half your town’s population is at the theatre watching Iron Man so hurry up!

May 20, 2008

24: Season One (Special Edition)24s1

Federal Agent Jack Bauer can’t afford to always play by the rules. As a member of the L.A. Counter Terrorist Unit, Jack must stop bombs, viruses, assassination attempts, and usually save someone he cares about at the same time. Follow along with Agent Bauer as each episode in the season constitutes one whole day that he must strive to stay alive.

DVD Features: All 24 episodes from the first season, season finale alternate ending, audio commentaries, introduction, season two trailer

Charles in Charge: Season 3charlesincharge3

Charles is a college student that needed a job and a place to live. Well, he certainly found that and even more with the Powell family. Charles moved in with the Powells to become the housekeeper, nanny, babysitter, and ended up being a real member of the family.

DVD Features: All 26 episodes from the third season

Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.: The Fourth Seasongomerpyle4

Private Gomer Pyle returns even though he should have been kicked out of the service long ago. His bumbling misadventures always seem to work out in the end for him, but make life a living hell for everyone around him.

DVD Features: All 30 episodes from the fourth season

JAG (Judge Advocate General) – The Sixth Seasonjag6

Harm and Mac are back for another action and drama packed season and back in court to help our good men and women in the Navy and in the Marines if ever they should come into some legal trouble. And through some dangerous investigations, also bring the bad guys to justice.

DVD Features: All 24 episodes from the sixth season

James Stewart – The Western Collectionjamesstewartwestern

The quintessential Everyman, James Stewart won the hearts of fans with his dry-witted banter and trademark drawl. When not running up and down the streets of Bedford Falls, Stewart gained acclaimed in a series of Westerns that became some of the genre’s undisputed classics including: Destry Rides Again / Winchester 73 / Bend of the River / The Far Country / Night Passage / The Rare Breed.

DVD Features: Interviews, trailers

The Muppet Show – The Complete Third Seasonmuppetshow3

Kermit and the rest of the gang do whatever they can to put on a weekly variety show with dancing, jokes, singing, skits, and just about anything else you can think of. Things aren’t always so easy though considering it is a show put on by a frog, bear, pig, dog, rats, and…and…a whatever. But it still is a whole lot of fun.

DVD Features: All 24 episodes from the third season

National Treasure 2 – Book of Secrets: 2-Disc Gold Collector’s Editionnatltreasure2

Benjamin Gates has long been revered as one of the greatest treasure hunters of the modern day era, but his name also makes the blood of many official agents run cold. He is at it again with his father Patrick, his assistant Riley, and girlfriend Abigail Chase and they are now looking for a lost page out of President Abraham Lincoln’s personal diary.

DVD Features: Single disc version also available, audio commentary, bloopers, deleted scenes, “Underground Action” featurette, “Secrets Of A Sequel” featurette, and much

Penn & Teller – Bullsh*t! – The Complete Fifth Seasonbullshit5

Those two foul-mouthed…err, one foul-mouthed and one silent magician are taking the world’s hatred, the world’s myths, the world’s theories, and the world’s ideas and ridiculing them beyond belief. Penn and Teller take current events from today’s society and decide to investigate them and determine whether what people think about them is real or total bullsh*t.

DVD Features: All 10 episodes from the fifth season, biography

The Richie Rich/Scooby Doo Hour: The Complete Series, Vol. Onerichiscoobyhour

Richie Rich has enough cash to swim laps in, and a mansion filled with mind-boggling gadgets; not least his robotic maid Irona! His extravagant lifestyle may inspire envy, but his good nature and daring, not to mention all that sparkling gold, make him the child every kid wants to be. Meanwhile, Scooby-Doo is sure to get into some comic hijinks of his own, especially if it means a Scooby Snack! Along with cohorts Shaggy and Scrappy, Scooby boards the amazing Mystery Machine to solve his share of spooky mysteries.

DVD Features: Includes seven episodes from the series

Robot Chicken: Star Warsrobotchickenstarwars

The warped minds at Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken take their demented sensibility to the holy grail of sci-fi epics, Star Wars, in this hilarious special. Jaws will drop as Luke Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine trade “yo mama” jokes, George W. Bush and Abraham Lincoln battle it out with light sabers, and Darth Vader sobs on the telephone. But that certainly isn’t all as you’ll see a host of other characters doing things you never imagined and having your sides splitting.

DVD Features: None

Square Pegs: The Complete Seriessquarepegsseries

Sarah Jessica Parker stars as Patty Green who fumbles through her time at Weemawee High School with her best friend, Lauren Hutchinson, who has a similarly awkward disposition. Follow along with the misadventures and daydreams of these two young girls and their weirdo friends, Marshall and Johnny, who only want the cool kids to like them.

DVD Features: All 20 episodes from the entire series

World Wrestling Network Presents: FIP – Shimmer, Vol. 6shimmer6

Witness the strength, ability, and sheer drive that resides in the toughest women on the planet as the beautiful ladies of Shimmer show their worth and take all their hatred out on their opponents. Daizee Haze takes on Nikita, Rebecca Knox steps into the ring with Allison Danger, and Cheerleader Melissa against MsChif in a “last woman standing match” are just a few of the great bouts you’ll experience in this volume of FIP.

DVD Features: Backstage vignettes, interviews, more matches

WWE WrestleMania XXIVmania24

It is the granddaddy of them all and the superstars from RAW, SmackDown, and ECW are gathered together to step on the biggest stage each year, WrestleMania. This year’s event takes place outside in Florida’s Orange Bowl and showcases numerous title matches, a money in the bank ladder match, and the final match ever for the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

DVD Features: 2008 WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony, 24-Man Battle Royal, interviews, and more

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