Ultimate Handbook #234

Hello all and welcome to yet another issue of the Ultimate Marvel Handbook. This week we have one large email. That‘s right folks. Cory is back and this week we cover his last email. Next week we get in the others we have. If you have any questions email us. But first let‘s intro Daron. Hey Daron what‘s up?

Seriously? You think you still need to “intro” me?

Not much up here but I‘ve been a busy bee of late. Not that I‘m complaining. We might as well start because this will take a while.

Let me tell you about busy…

Cory emails

Hey J and D, been a while, huh? Hope all is well, But I’m here, been busy but….here goes all: Time for a little character A.P.B’s:

Hey Cory. Yep it has been a while. All is going well but your helping a ton with this email. We have a light week here so we need you.

Where is Kitty (Shadowcat)?

Kitty is dead. We sort of confirm that with Uncanny X-Men #496. You can thank Josh Whedon for not finding out quickly. Astonishing X-Men is running late as heck.

What happened to either Eeany or Meany, Maggott’s slugs? Now I know that one of them is alive?

it‘s likely alive. After all Sinister has the slug. We don‘t know which one though.

If he clones it and recreates Maggot, he will officially be my least favorite character…even more than GAMBIT!

Dr. Cecelia Reyes?

Dr. Reyes was abducted by the Weapon X program and taken to Neverland, the mutant concentration camp. Although many mutants perished, including her fellow X-Man Maggott, she is presumed alive until otherwise noted.

Juggernaut? Haven’t seen him much since his departure of The New Excalibur team?

He‘s not been seen. In fact the question on the New Excalibur appearance in World War Hulk X-Men appearance being his last on has come up.

Now, other stuff:

Remember in the 2004 Punisher movie, that Frank Castle said this “I used to get mad when the Yankees won the pennant”. Now his character is originally from Hell’s Kitchen but the movie was shot in Florida , does this make him a Marlins fan for the sake of the movie, or a Mets fan maybe?

Most likely it made him a Mets fan. But this is only a theory. Many Met fans hate when the Yankees always win pennants.

Did the movie take place in Florida, or was it just shot there? I actually never saw it (and have to urge to). But Punisher in Florida is retarded…I’m hope it was just shot there…

Been a while since I did a top 10, but what are the TOP 10 most evil acts ever done by a super villain in the MU?

hmmmmmm tough one

1. Magneto Rips Out Wolverine’s Adamantium
2. Captain America shot by Crossbones
3. Gwen Stacy thrown from bridge by Goblin
4. Thanos’ attempt to win the favor of Death by striving to extinguish the stars, which of course would have resulted in exterminating the entire universe.
5. Doom offered Reed Richards’ son Franklin to Mephisto in exchange for his mother
6. Genosha had a population of sixteen million mutants and a stable, advanced society. However, the entire island was reduced to rubble and its mutant population was slain by Cassandra Nova’s Sentinels.
7. Masters of Evil captured Avengers Mansion. They trashed the place, destroyed the Avengers’ personal belongings and brutally tortured the occupants
8. Leader’s nearly successful plan to cause World War III. By destroying many famous monuments and landmarks, governmental buildings, and commercial vehicles all over the world, the Leader caused global tempers and fears to escalate.
9. Angel’s Wings damaged by the Marauders
10. Bullseye Kills Elektra

Hmmm, while I pretty much agree with all your choices here, I think the order is a bit skewed. I’d say your number one should be much lower considering Wolverine’s healing factor…any actual deaths should be higher, with things like Doom and Thanos’ deeds at the very top. Now those are some freakin evil acts…

Is it true, that at one point in time that Psylocke’s telekinesis was far better than Marvel Girl’s?

It‘s very true. Here‘s the reasoning: in X-Men #96 she and Jean switched powers in ways. They also gained the others abilities as well. Jean acquired all of Betsy’s telepathic ability and Psylocke possessed Jean’s telekinetic power.

About the Crimson Dawn: In order to free Betsy from the Dawn’s influence, Warren sacrificed a piece of his own life force to replace what had been given, and the couple was reunited. Since Warren did all this to save her life/soul, and then they split, doesn’t it sorta seem like Psylocke owes him a lil more, especially since she flirted with Thunderbird after?

You would think she does. But she hasn‘t shown it.

…women huh?

What has made The Incredible Herc and Iron Fist’s new titles such great reads?

The creative teams for the most part. Brubaker and Fraction have done everything the fans want and need with Iron Fist. They are satisfying the fans. Pak is doing the same with Hercules. The one thing is that any character can hold a title if given a creative team willing to work hard enough to keep it going.

Who’s more annoying Marvel’s Deadpool or DC’s Heckler?

Hmm I‘ve never read Heckler so I can‘t really judge. Daron you got anything?

Hell, I haven’t even seen Heckler since the early 90s…so I guess since he went away that makes Deadpool more annoying since he won’t…

What are some of the top sounds in Marvel? Ex. “Snikt!”


1. Snikt
2. Thwip
3. Bamf

All come to mind

About the new Wolverine movie. To make it true to the character I say we need these factors in the film:

Wolverine’s Berserker Rage
Blood (not Tarantino blood, but enough)
Bone Claws (or a hint at least)
Wolverine vs. Sabretooth (a REAL fight, not the X-1 fight)
“Bub” (nuff said)
His age (or a flashback of sorts)

What you guys think? Still not Rated R though.

I‘ll agree on all those.

How about a hint of his real name Howlett?
Being called: The Ol’ Canucklehead

If they “hint” at his name being Howlett, I’ll protest the damn movie (still the most retarded revelation in years). “My Wolverine” still doesn’t have an origin? What if Marvel can pick and choose it’s continuity so can I!

And wasn’t most of the above stuff covered? I’m pretty sure he said “Bub” at least once in the X series, and I know we saw the rage in the Mansion Invasion scene in X2. Plus Striker says “I gave you claws.”

Now don’t hate me for this, Daron, but let’s say Gambit get’s a spinoff. What would make it great or at least acceptable? What factors?
Mr. Sinister
A hint of romance with (an older)Rogue (friggin’ Iceman)

c. The Thieves’ Guild d. New Orleans e. Adamantium Bo Staff Any more??

I agree to those. Don‘t forget the cards. He needs the cards. Also need Bella Donna too.

Nothing…unless he dies at the end…that would be fanfreakin tastic!

Now that we got Ryan Reynolds cast as Deadpool, we GOTTA get Johnny Deep as Dr. Strange. Perfect!

Not a bad pick for Strange.

You don’t think Johnny’s a bit young for Strange? (Not that he wouldn’t do an amazing job). Plus what does Strange have to do with Wolverine? I’m confused…

RufusWhat about Rufus Sewell? Yes he’s technically younger than Depp, but he looks older, and he’s a damn good actor, plus probably a lot cheaper. I think he’d be interesting in the role…

Now about Acts of Vengeance, the battles. I wanna know who won, and how good were the battles between:

Wolverine vs. Tiger Shark

Wolverine and Bandera defeat Tiger Shark.

Thor vs. Juggernaut

Thor with the New Warriors (who appear for the first time) defeat the Juggernaut.

Punisher vs. Doom/Bushwacker

Punisher battles his way threw an army of Doom Bots and succeeds. Kingpin sends Bushwacker only to defeat him as well.

Iron Man vs. Doom

Doom and Iron Man battle in the past. Funny part is they are redoing this one in Iron Man vs. Doom now.

Spidey vs. Graviton, Magneto, and Sebastian Shaw

Spider-Man with the cosmic power defeats Graviton. Magneto battle again is cosmic Spidey with the win. Shaw doesn‘t get a fight. He sends a Super Sentinel which is defeated by cosmic Spidey.

Cap vs. Controller

Cap takes out Namor under Controller‘s control and then defeats the villain himself in combat.

Well that’s it for me this week. Thanks a mil, see ya in 7, and make mine Marvel. Take care guys.

No problem Cory. See you next time.

Brand New Day synopsis

Amazing Spider-Man #557: Spidey finds the researchers as the death god looks to sacrifice one. Rabin talks to the medical doctor who is prepared to be the sacrifice. Spidet has the one girl run as he fights the god. Rabin escapes with the medical woman. Spidey calls the cops and then Harry for help. Spidey and the bums in the end stop the creature. Spidey fights Rabin and beats him.

Secret Invasion Synopsis

Captain Marvel #5: Carol arrives at the Hellicarrier and they can’t bring Mar-Vell back. We find out Mar-Vell is a sleeper Skrull to replace Mar-Vell before he escaped. Mar-Vell find Sante who tells him the story. Carol and Tony talk. We see peace break out on Earth as the cult makes its move. Mar-Vell takes out the Skrulls

Hercules #116: Athena drives Herc and Cho to San Fran finding the sleeping Celestial. 1268: Herc fights Kyknos as the Gods watch. Ikaris and Thena find Hercules thinking he is Gilgamesh as Makkari contacts the Celestial. Hercules fights Ikaris. 1272: Herc recalls the feats. Atthena and Cho helps Hercules. Athena introduces the god heads and warns of Skrulls.

Mighty Avengers #12: We see the end of Secret War. Nick goes underground. A month after the Secret War’s aftermath at the docks of Manhattan, Fury is disguised and hiding out in South America where Countess Valentina DeFontaine finds him. She leaves and Nick follows her. He watches as she meets with a strange man and the two discuss how she plans on getting access to his personal files. Nick meets with her and shoots her finding a Skrull. Nick goes and meets with Hill and tries to warn her. Nick then gets Spider-Woman to agree to help him.

Ms Marvel #26: Ms Marvel recalls Sum’s past as she fights him, Machine Man and Sleepwalker. Another Carol appears and stops her. SHIELD arrives taking both in for questioning. Sum questions Carol. Machine Man talks to the Monica LMD. Carol sees him turn Skrull and fights him. Carol defeats him and meets the Skrull version of her who will lead her to the real William Wagner

She-Hulk #28: She-Hulk is put in prison in Cleveland. 24 hours before: Jen and Jazz are on the road in pursuit of Bran and find his family getting no where. They go to a stadium. Bran throws Jen on the field. She catches Bran only to get stopped by the cops and taken in to prison.

New Avengers #40: Skrull World: The King and Princess argue over the prophecy and she is exiled. The one scientist is told of the Illuminati. The FF see to Reed which is shown as a Skrull experiment on cloning. Galactus destroys the homeworld and the princess is made the new Queen and taken from Exile and plans to take Earth. The scientist tells her about the Illuminati and the plans. She is shown a new breed of Super Skrull and a way to copy the powers and not be detected. The Skrull Elektra arrives and tells of the plans working. The Queen joins the assault and is shown a guise of Spider-Woman as an option.

Divided We Stand

X-Factor #30: M fails to save Rictor. Arcade and Taylor work together. Strong Gut fails to break free. Siryn watches unable to help. Kaitlin is killed. The female robot is stopped by Madrox as it continues firing. A dupe shoots him as Guido and Rictor show up. Siryn saves Rictor. M breaks loose. Val shows up as X-Factor find Taylor who dies of poison.

X-Men Divided We Stand #1: Sam goes to see Paige and gets in a bar fight before leaving. Storm takes Gentle back to Wakanda. He is seen as an outsider. He gets new tattoos to help save him. He saves his brother and knows he belongs with the X-Men. Northstar goes to see Anole. He is angry and wants to be left alone. Hellion gets angry after talking to Emma before going off to see Magneto. Scalphunter works in a diner. Nightcrawler lets him live after going after him.

Uncanny X-Men #497: Red Room robots go after Colossus, Nightcrawler and Wolverine and defeat them. SF: Cyclops and Emma walk around in disguise. The goddess finds out about them and sends the police after them. Red Room holds the other 3

X-Force #3: The Purifiers gather Donald Pierce, Leper Queen, Cameron Hodge, and Graydon Creed. Craig meets with Bastion. X-Force finds Wolfsbane all drugged up. Bastion and Rinsmen sets the Magus powers on those gathered. Archangel is sent to get Elixar to help Wolfsbane. Bastion brings back Graydon Creed, Donald Pierce, Stephen Lang, Will Stryker, Leper Queen, Cameron Hodge and Bolivar Trask as Technarchy.

X-Men Legacy #210: Xavier and Exodus battle minds. Magneto fails to help. Xavier sees his introduction to Trask and the Sentinels. Emma senses Xavier and tells Cyclops. Xavier is shown deaths of many and watches himself train a team with Moira which is killed, the Phoenix, Colossus sacrifice and more. Exodus wants Xavier to lead the Acolytes and Xavier says no and leaves. Xavier leaves them all. Rogue gets gas for her bike. Shaw is told of destruction in a room and ask for a file called Cronus.

Initiative synopsis

Avengers Initiative #11: Kia continues his attack. The recruits contact War Machine and he fights back. The Warriors hold the others as the confront MVP. KIA arrives. Gyrich sends out the Secret Initiative. The Scarlet Spiders find War Machine. Kia fights everone as the Mighty Avengers arrive and help out. Hardball helps Komodo. Cloud 9 helps stop Kia. Cloud 9 and MVP talk. Slapstick takes the device.

Captain America #37: 1944: Soldiers under Cap free France as Red Skull watches. The Senator hit’s the news under the Skull and Faustus. Falcon and Tony argue over Bucky. Hawkeye and Bucky have a talk. Bucky has nightmares of Cap as Falcon goes to see him. Sharon goes to see Steve.

Iron Man #28: Kong waits as people go after him. The UN meet with Tony. Mandarin takes care of the attackers. The UN meeting continues. Tony heads of as Iron Man and frees Maya before fighting Mandarin and ripping the rings out. Mandarin sets off bombs. Tony takes the inhibitor and stops them. Mandarin lets loose the virus on himself as Tony passes out. Dugan tells Tony what happened as only a husk remains of Mandatin

Avengers Initiative #12: Gauntlet, Cloud 9, Komodo, Hardball, and Trauma go to mourn. Gyrich, Yellowjacket, and War Machine go to a meeting room where Ms Marvel, Val Cooper, Senator Woodman and Iron Man talk over what happened including the deaths of Dragon Lord and one of the Scarlet Spiders. Taskmaster and his group see Dragon Lord’s family. Nighthawk checks the wounded Crusader, Constrictor, and Baron. The meeting talks of the former Warriors and Ultra Girl is brought in to tell them the group went off on it’s own as Counter Force and she did not join. MVP and the Scarlet Spider’s left to. Iron Man argues with Gyrich who resigns after. Triathlon becomes 3-d Man. Iron Man introduces the graduates. 3-D Man is sent to Hawaii, Hardball: Nevada, Komodo: Arizona, Georgia gets Thor Girl and Ultra Girl. In Montana we see the Freedom Force of Think Tank, Equinox, Spinner, Challenger and Cloud 9.

Order #10: Pepper is asked about the Order by Tony. The Order leave the Hellicarrier and return to base. The fires rage out of control. Zeke speeds with Mullholland. The Order go after him. Mulholland is put on an antenna. The Order fight past the mobs. Anthe mcalms Mulholland and she dies. SHIELD deals with things, Tony keeps the Order active only after training.

Annihilation Conquest synopsis

Annihilation Conquest #6: The Badoon create a barrier to stop the communications. The Kree fail to stop it. Nova and his allies show up and go inside. Starlord’s group escape only to run into Ultron. Evolutionary escapes. Phyla-Vell sees Moondragon one last time. The fight continues as Warlock helps Adam out. Phyla helps save Adam. Ronan’s crew unleash the army only for Ultron to take over Prax and blow up the ship. A giant Ultron forms. The heroes fight it with Phyla defeating him. Wraith and Warlock help the Kree. Starlord and the others talk. Bug watches Mantis. Rocket waits for Groot to grow. Warlock and Phyla meet again.

Aftersmash synopsis

Warbound #5: Kate recalls talking with Miek and her past with Hulk leading to Warbound. Elloe attacks her at first. Leader continues his plot as the Warbound fail against the robots at first. Hiriom starts falling apart. The humans attack forcing a fight. Elloe takes out Leader who mutates more powerful. Hiriom mutates taking out Leader before dying. Kate gains his power and defeats Leader and talking to the humans they are still needed.

Hulk #3: We see the destruction left from Hulk as Tony talks to Hill and She-Hulk. Samson and Ross meet with Banner. Hulk and Abomination fight and cause destruction at the Gamma Base that frees Banner. Harpies attack and Hulk and Abomination fight them and each other. We see Hulk/Banner show up and ready to fight Red Hulk.

Well that‘s it for today. I know it was all Cory mail but heck he fills issues at times like this. We needed it. I’m hoping for more emails next week. What you think bud?

A fun issue, especially considering it was all from one person…

You know I have an idea. Readers send in your Skrull theories. We have Secret Invasion going on and I‘d like to do a Skrull issue. I‘ve got some ideas what to throw in so send those theories and questions on Secret Invasion. Join us next week. Sign off time.

But before we go…first, make sure (if you already haven’t) to go out and see Iron Man. Now THIS is a comic book movie…definitely one of Marvel’s best (and that’s saying something since I’m not really an Iron Man fan). And secondly, I have a question for ya bud. What happened to Maverick and what the heck was his power? Jeff and I were talking about him the other day and both of us had a brain fart as to what happened to him and what his freakin power was…

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2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

That’s it from here. As always reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Make Mine Marvel.

And make mine on the double, would ya? I’m hungry here!