More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – Some Things I Left Behind

So, I recently moved from Sin City to Charm City. Longtime readers will remember that not too long after MGF launched I moved from Baltimore to Las Vegas. I detailed the music part of the journey in a rambling manner.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to suffer though that again; this time I flew from West to East. But since I was flying I had to travel light. Unfortunately that meant that 90 percent of my music remains in another time zone. And that kind of sucks.

Y’see, for some reason I decided to pack things responsibly. That meant packing things in order of necessity, and thus, I packed more clothing than music or music related devices. And while, sure, I can actually go to work dressed appropriately, I can’t suddenly decide that I want to have Dave Brubeck, Nas, Johnny Cash, Weezer and Res provide the soundtrack to my sleep, since those particular artists didn’t make the trip with me.

Because Southwest Airlines decided to enforce some stupid rule that limits luggage—both in terms of quantity and weight—I only brought one of my CD “books” with me, so in my possession I’ve currently got “Alternative A-H”. (And I didn’t pick that one specifically; it’s just the one that made it though my frantic packing process the night before the trip.)

I did manage to bring a handful of stray CDs that have get to be filed away, and a ton of the CDs full of music that I’ve “found.” So it’s not like I’m music-less; I’ve just got less music than I’ve had in quite sometime. And being without my music took some getting used to.

I never realized how much my collection was a part of me. I’ve got a pretty impressive comic collection (19 long boxes with enough comics for an additional two) but I never really had anxiety about parting with it. My music collection, on the other hand, is a completely different story. When I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to take half of my music with me, I felt a little queasy and started to panic. It’s not that I thought that my collection completely defined me, but it was certainly a huge part of me.

Having been in Baltimore for two weeks, I’ve gotten over it. I know it’ll get here when it can and I’ll be reunited, and whole, again in the future. I still long for it, but I don’t ache for it. And that’s progress, right?

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