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Opening Segment
Quick and Simple: Chikara Predictions

Aniversarioma in Framingham, MA on 5.23.2008

1. 2.0 (Jagged and Shane Matthews) vs. The Osirian Portal (Amasis and Ophidian)
Winners: 2.0 has got to take this one just for the fact that this is their first appearance in Chikara since August 2007.

2. Create A Wrestler vs. Vin Gerard
Winner: Vin Gerard all the way. Create A Wrestler is getting a new gimmick at Young Lions Cup anyway, so why not let Vin take the win here…

3. Los Space Pirates (from KAIJU) vs. Tim Donst and Hydra
Winners: With the recent announcement of Donst in the YLC, I’m expecting a huge push to make everyone hate him. What better way to do that than have Donst make a couple guys in suits tap out?

4. Jimmy Olsen vs. Icarus
Winner: Jimmy Olsen. I just feel really bad that Collin got the WWE Contract, while ol’ Jimmy is left in the dust.

5. Lince Durado and Turbo vs. Chuck Taylor and Gran Akuma
Winners: FIST has got the win, no doubt. If anything, just because Taylor is the man.

6. Quack, Cheech, Worker Ant and Stupified vs. Shane Storm, Cloudy, Soldier Ant and Player Uno
Winners: Quack will make Storm submit right in the middle of the ring to the Chikara Special.

7. Jorge Rivera vs. El Pantera
Winner: The Fans! These two have legit hate for each other. These guy is going to try and make their opponent look bad, resulting in the fans being uberly entertained.

8. Claudio Castagnoli, Delrious and Hallowicked vs. Brodie Lee, Mitch Ryder and Shayne Hawke
Winners: Gonna go into marketing mode for this one. Town Debut + Good Guys vs. Bad Guys + Main Event= Good Guys beating Bad Guys. Gotta make the fans go home happy.

Anniversarioct! in Wallingford, CT on 5.24.2008

1. Cheech and Cloudy vs. Player Uno and Stupified
Winners: Cheech and Cloudy need to get some wins under their belts for the 2008 Season if they want a shot at the gold again. Cheech and Cloudy for the win.

2. Jimmy Olsen vs. Vin Gerard
Winner: JIMMY OLSEN BABY. He’s gotta beat up that scum, Vin Gerard.

3. Los Ice Creams vs. Hydra and Tim Donst
Winners: THE DONST MEGAPUSH CONTINUES. And I couldn’t be any happier.

4. Lince Dorado and El Pantera vs. Shayne Hawke and Mitch Ryder
Winners: This is as big as it gets. Each team has two points. Whoever wins gets a shot at the Campeoponatos de Parejas! Shayne Hawke and Mitch Ryder will cheat their way to victory, sending Lince and Pantera back to 0.

5. Worker Ant, Soldier Ant and Fire Ant vs. Icarus, Chuck Taylor and Gran Akuma
Winners: This is going to be the highlight of the night. It’s gonna be a feel good moment when the Colony beats FIST for the second time this year.

6. Jorge Rivera vs. Turbo
Winner: I haven’t seen much of either man… so I’m just going to pick Jorge, Quack’s Mentor.

7. Quackenbush and Shane Storm vs. The Osirian Portal
Winners: Remember how I predicted Quack making Storm submit? Yeah, well now is payback time. Storm will walk out on Quackenbush, leaving it two on one. The Portal over for the win.

8. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brodie Lee
Winner: It’s a tough call. Part of me thinks that they’re going to end this feud now and let Claudio win, but I want the feud to grow. Brodie Lee over, clean.

Independent Wrestling News
Featured This Week: Chikara, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, IWA-MS and BJ Whitmer

Chikara Wrestling (
1. Helios and Incognito outlasted their respected opponents in the Rey De Voladores Tournament that took place last weekend. In the finals, Incognito made Helios submit to become the 2008 Rey De Voladores Winner.

2. Incoherence beat The Osirian Portal two falls to none to retain the Campeonatos de Parejas. This was the first time in Chikara History that a Campeonatos de Parejas Match went two falls to zero.

3. Eddie Kingston made his return to Chikara Wrestling this past weekend when he beat Shane Storm at Grit and Glory. And yes, he made Storm bleed profusely out of his nose. Regal style.

4. Young Lions Cup 6 is fast approaching. Announced for the tournament so far is: Create A Wrestler, James Ross, Lince Dorado, Chip Day, Amasis, Pelle Primeau, Pinkie Sanchez, Vin “Don’t Call Him Equinox” Gerard, Ophidian, Sami Callihan, Tim Donst and “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (
1. The Human Tornado came to DDT4 2008 last weekend with a positive response from the crowd. He went on to state that he will keep the PWG World Title throughout his year-long recovery. Tornado tore his ACL and dislocated his kneecap a couple weeks ago at a JCW show.

2. Roderick Strong and Jack Evans won the 2008 DDT4 Tournament after beating El Generico and Kevin Steen in the finals. This is Strong and Evan’s first run as PWG Champions, and Strong’s 2nd year in a row winning the DDT4 Tournament. (He won 2007 with PAC)

IWA Mid South Wrestling (
1. Sabu will be making his IWA-MS return on June 7th when he goes up against 2 Cold Scorpio. Also on June 7th, Chuck Taylor will be defending his newly won IWA-MS World Title against Egotistico Fantastico and Up In Smoke will also defend their IWA-MS World Tag Team Titles against Mickie Knuckles and Devon Moore.

BJ Whitmer News… (
1. BJ Whitmer is heading overseas for NOAH’s Northern Navigation Tour. This should bring up some hot discussions on message boards.

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