10 Thoughts on Impact – 05.22.2008

1. Morgan vs. Roode- Morgan should win as he has an issue with Joe that would be great to revisit, while Roode, a consummate heel, can easily find a feud to continue his move up the card. The match itself was decent, if simple. Morgan could have sold the leg more, but bumped like a champ for a guy a foot smaller, and a fire period at the start would have helped the crowd stay up through the early heat segment. Morgan’s later fire, however, was good enough to get him back in the match. I get the distinct feeling Morgan would be a better heel than face, but on the chance he can be a huge draw as a face, it makes sense to start him this way.

2. Homicide vs. Brother Ray is a perfect example of how a match can have a perfectly fine story and still be absolutely atrocious. Both men had a good speed vs. power dynamic, but neither man’s brawling carried any real urgency or hate. Homicide’s speed was great, but almost to the point where it looked like Ray was moving in slow motion, making everything look exceedingly fake. Then Ray controlled, in the slowest way possible, while ‘Cide sold nothing and casually made a comeback like he wasn’t just beaten on by a huge guy. Weak. The non-finish and beatdown (with the help of Booker) were good ideas as they simply give the faces more to need revenge for in the future.

3. Did no one think to tell ODB that fake breasts are harder than real ones? If you’re going to cut a promo about how your breasts are real, talking about how hard they are is just backwards.

4. Joe’s choices for the tournament to be in King of the Mountain at Slammiversary: AJ Styles, Rhino, Christian Cage, Booker T. The original four were good choices, these are far more predictable, but at least all of these guys can go, so the tournament should be good, as should the King of Mountain. Nash foreshadows his turn more… if you care about Nash, you likely already like this and if you don’t this won’t sell you.

5. The X-Division has been relegated to a bad comedy wedding, guitar hero jokes, and an American Idol finalist… and no match.

6. Who is Eric Young looking for Elvis supposed to amuse, exactly? Oh, that Total Nonstop Action. Surely the next segment will be a match…

7. Oops, nope, it’s the Kurt and Karen wedding “drama.” I don’t understand how anyone can suspend their disbelief for Karen’s terrible acting. Karen wants a divorce and this is worse than the worst acting I’ve ever seen.

8. AJ turns face in a promo… getting no reaction. They spent months having him play the fool for that? Oh well, at least he’s jobbing out to Booker now. Tomko then turned heel (though he is a heel) attacking AJ (who ineffectively turned face). What does this mean? It means that they had to wait for four heels and three different segments to properly turn AJ heel… and not even because he stuck up for himself, but because he let the other heels down… and AJ smashed with a chair by the “saving” Kurt. Predictable… lame… overdone… overlong… pick an adjective.

9. Kong is wrestling “fans” for $25,000 could work. She really has defeated everyone and this would be a great way to introduce a new talent (Sara Del Rey?) to come out as a major face and take out Kong. Good idea.

10. Adrenaline Rush! Adrenaline Rush! Say what you want about TNA (and I do), but the opening and closing are absolutely great.

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