ROH DVD Review: Supercard of Honor 3

ROH Supercard of Honor 3
Second night of 2008’s WM doubleshot weekend, with a less ROH vs Dragon Gate orientated card. The winning teams from the 2 big ROH/DG tags last night, Kevin Steen/El Generico and BxB Hulk/Shingo face off, Austin Aries gets his rematch from ‘Rising Above’ in quest to regain the ROH World title, and once again, six wrestlers from Dragon Gate face each other in a Trios match, which should tear the house down once again.

Read Aaron and John if you want some good stuff.


1. Delirious vs. Go Shiozaki: Really fun opener. Delirious seems to have his niche in this role (as opposed to serious feuds), and Go is always fun to watch.

Delirious brings the comedy to start, while Go is confused and goes along with it. As Go circles the ring Delirious chants “Go, Go, Go, STOP!” and Go stops, which is awesome. Also, being smart, Delirious begs Go to not chop him, and it works (for the most part). Go works over Delirious with lots of power based offence, and Delirious’ size here makes him really good at the face in peril role.

The finishing sequence is energetic, although has some weird no selling. Delirious comes off the top rope (for Shadows Over Hell) but gets owned by a superkick then a trio of head chops, but almost completely no sells it and applies the Cobra Stretch. Go escapes and hits a GIANT German Suplex for 2, which makes the crowd explode. Delirious is soon put down by the Go Flasher.
Winner: Go Shiozaki.

Accomplished what it set to do, another really fun Delirious opener. Go is awesome too.

2. The YRR of Kenny King, Sal Rinuaro, & Chasyn Rance vs. Buchwhacker Luke, Alex Payne, & Dingo: This was a lot like the YRR match the previous night, with the difference being the team of Payne, Dingo and Luke is kinda random in comparison to the Vulture Squad.

Luke’s team dominates at the start. Dingo has some nice looking punches. Alex Payne comes in and hits some stuff, before getting ganged up on by the YRR. He does the heat period, bumping badly and hitting some crappy comeback moves. He reverses a suplex into a DDT on King, then tags in Dingo. Dingo’s hot tag is good with him hitting a cool headscissors on Rinuaro. Luke does all his signature spots to a big reaction. While his team pose, the YRR knock him and Payne out of the ring and triple team Dingo. After a sick combo of corner attacks, a springboard Enziguri puts Dingo away.
Winners: The YRR.

This was as good as the YRR match at DGC2, if a little worse. The YRR don’t work very well as heels with all the flash moves they do, and with Alex Payne doing the heat the match felt pretty flat for the most part. The finishing stretch was fun, so it wasn’t all bad.

3. Roderick Strong vs. Erick Stevens (FIP Heavyweight Title Match): The NRC are in the ring refusing deals from Larry Sweeney while Erick Stevens runs out to challenge Roderick for the FIP Title. Davey and Rocky help Roddy deal with Stevens but are neutralized by Ruckus and Jigsaw (who challenged them for the tag titles on this show, but it was taped for the ‘Take No Prisoners’ PPV instead of this DVD). Now, the sickness starts. Stevens chops Strong TWICE (first with his shirt on, secondly with his shirt off) and Strong’s chest starts bleeding. Merely two chops and Strong’s chest is bleeding. This is one of the stiffest matches ever from only a few minutes in.

The ref tries to calm them down but gets destroyed. It’s pretty amusing. Both guys are relentless with the strikes – namely the chops and heavy forearms. They use a chair against each other a bit – Stevens gets a nasty gash by his head (wrapped in a chair) being slammed against the ringpost, while Strong’s forehead is later busted by a TKO on a set up chair. Strong controls most of the match and Stevens sells everything perfectly. He may just be the best seller in the Indies today.

The fans get behind Stevens as he makes his comeback. There aren’t many big moves as this whole match is mostly strikes and no real nearfalls due to lack of referee, but it’s still really good. Both men destroy each other with sick combos (Release German – ChooChoo – lariat from Stevens, Enziguri – Big Boot from Strong) but neither stays down. They forearm each other to their knees as the fans mark out. As both start to get up, Strong grabs a chair. He NAILS Stevens with it and Stevens looks knocked out. Roddy calls to the back and the rest of the NRC make their way down. They grab Stevens and shave his Mohawk, then leave to a chorus of boo’s.
Winner: No Contest.

That was awesome. There wasn’t much of a story outside both guys wanting to destroy each other, but what they did was engaging enough. The intensity and hatred was off the chain and the stiffness was incredible – I appreciate the blows/bumps these guys are taking. They managed to keep the fans in the whole way with no real dull moments and great intensity; with a finish this’d reach 4*.

4. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The Age of The Fall – Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black (Relaxed Rules Match): As one might expect from these 2 teams, this match was very intense and wild. AOTF cut a pre match promo, mentioning they brought a homeless guy in so he could have enjoyment for one day of his life.

The Briscoes come out and everyone starts going at it. It quickly goes into the crowd, with Mark doing a flip dive off of a trampoline onto Jimmy and Tyler. The next 5 – 10 minutes consist of stiff, spot-filled brawling. Loads of suplexes onto chairs and such. The fans love every minute of it. The Briscoes get a table. Tyler is placed on it as Mark climbs up this huge bleacher frame thingy. All of a sudden, the homeless guy AOTF brought in comes and takes Tyler off the table. Sucks to be him though, as Jay attacks him and puts him on the table. Mark then dives off the frame with a huge splash onto him through the table!

The action goes back to the ring, where it’s just Jay against Jimmy and Tyler. They hit him with some double teams but he doesn’t stay down. He makes a comeback and hits a Falcon Arrow on Tyler, but it only gets 2 when Jimmy saves. The AOTF hit him with a powerbomb/super Contra Code combo, but it only gets 2! The fans rightfully mark out. Tyler goes up top for the Phoenix, but Mark returns and pushes him off! Jay, seemingly unhurt, sets up Jimmy for the Doomsday Device.

As Mark springboards off for the Doomsday, Jimmy grabs his head in DDT position and flips back, locking in the End Time (think Marufuji reversing the Doomsday Device back in the Sugiura/Fuji vs Briscoes match)! Mark is out, so the ref calls the bell; the AOTF take it. That was some finish, even if it was pretty unoriginal.
Winners: The Age of The Fall.

Great match. The story of the AOTF having to do EVERYTHING to put the Briscoes down combined with Jay once again (like vs Shingo/Doi and Steenerico) having to fight with the 2-on-1 odds stacked against him was really good. Even with all the craziness they still built the match off a story, which worked very well.

The match was completely crazy! The early brawling was absolutely non stop intensity, the final section in the ring was done excellently and the AOTF sold perfectly throughout. Jay Briscoe no selling his giant beating during the final minute really irked me (it rendered all of the stuff AOTF had hit him with worthless), which stops this from reaching 4*, but this was still one of the best matches of the Briscoes/AOTF series.

5. Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. BxB Hulk & SHINGO: You know when these 2 teams step in the ring together, it’ll be incredible. And this was. These guys worked a slightly different kind of match (more on that later) to what we’d normally expect, but still made it excellent.

Generico and Hulk start. Hulk hits a lovely cartwheel arm drag and a dropkick. Steen tags in and kills Hulk with some shoulder tackles, so Hulk tags in Shingo. Him and Steen go back and forth with (attempted) shoulder tackles, until Steen moves and tosses Shingo to the outside! Out of nowhere, Generico follows out Shingo with a double spring flip dive! The fans go nuts.

Back in Generico tries to go at it with Shingo, but fails and Shingo/BxB take control. They hit him with a dropkick/Backdrop driver combo, but the momentum takes him back far enough to tag Steen. Steen hits an elbow on a running BxB, which turns him inside out! BxB’s bumping is incredible. He takes the heat from Steenerico. Steen makes it a little more interesting with his numerous jokes, mocking Generico a lot. BxB makes his come back, hitting Generico with a second rope dropkick. He then hits a sweet dropkick/moonsault combo on Steen and Generico respectively. Hot tag to Shingo and it’s on!

Shingo cleans house. Both teams hit their lower end big offence. Shingo hits a sitout powerbomb variation on Generico, which BxB follows with a standing SSP for 2. Steen hits a big powerbomb and pump-handle neckbreaker on BxB for 2. A series of kicks from BxB then a spinning powerbomb on Generico get NH a 2.This match gets even more awesome as everyone starts hitting their stuff – BxB hits his backflip kick but Steen lariats his head off(!), Shingo lariats Steen then Generico cross-bodies Shingo and everyone is down.

Steen clotheslines Shingo to the outside. Steenerico gets their biggest nearfall of the match, as Generico nails BxB with his corner Yakuza and the Half and half suplex, then Steen follows with his Swanton for a monster 2 count! Shingo and BxB get back on offence, hitting Generico with their doomsday leg lariat for 2! BxB hits Steen with a moonsault on the outside as Shingo lariats Generico in the corner. He takes him up…SUPER LAST FALCONRY! 1…2…NO! What a nearfall. Shingo hits a lariat but Generico no sells and hits a boot! Shingo is way too strong though, and annihilates him with a lariat. He picks Generico up…High angle Last Falconry! 1…2…3!
Winners: BxB Hulk and Shingo.

Fantastic match. Both teams were even for most of the match, until the finishing sequence. Steen tried to match speed with BxB and power with Shingo simultaneously, and that didn’t work at all. NH were always one step ahead of Steen, so they focused on Generico, hitting him with nearly everything imaginable. Generico was resilient, but couldn’t kick out forever!

The story led to this match being pretty one sided, with barely any nearfalls for Steenerico. I liked this, as despite the match being the same style as you’d expect, the lack of (somewhat) an equal amount of nearfalls for both teams made it feel really unique – they managed to produce a totally fresh match while still being excellent at the same time. Best tag match so far this year. ****1/2.

6. Nigel McGuinness vs. Austin Aries (ROH World Title Match): This match was absolutely incredible. People thought their Rising Above match was good – this here topped it, IMO.

Fans are hot. Most are behind Aries (to take the title) but Nigel still has his supporters. Both guys feel each other out, and are very even. After a few minutes Aries gets control and starts working over Nigel’s neck (softening him up for the Brainbuster). Nigel comes back and starts targeting his arm (softening him up for the London Dungeon). Nigel’s arm work looks brutal, as always.

The fans get behind Aries as he comes back with a stiff kick to the chest. He hits some more comeback moves, selling his arm in the process. The match goes into an awesome series of big moves and counters. Everyone starts really getting into it after Aries hits a roaring forearm, schoolboys Nigel then goes right into the Horns of Aries! Sadly Nigel reaches the ropes. Aries goes for the dropkick in the corner, but Nigel sticks his boot up right in his face! Tower of London gets 2.

Nigel puts Aries on the top rope and goes for the lariat, but Aries ducks! He puts on this weird submission in the ropes, before hitting a top rope plancha on the outside. Back in he hits his dropkick in the corner not once, not twice, but thrice. He gets the brainbuster, but Nigel rolls out the way of the 450! He puts on the London Dungeon! Aries reverses to a rollup…1…2…NO! Nigel puts it on again and drags Aries into the middle of the ring, :(.

Just like at Rising Above, Aries gets out it by hitting a kick to the head, and Nigel dives back into the Jawbreaker Lariat. Aries ducks it though, and gets a backslide! Nigel kicks out…Kick to the head! BRAINBUSTER! The fans go nuts as Aries makes his way up…450! 1…2…NO! Nigel gets his damn foot on the rope. Nigel rolls to the outside. Aries goes for the tope, but Nigel dodges and Aries goes face first into the guardrail. It slows down big time as Nigel places Aries on the guardrail and lariats him off. Back in he gets 2. He hits a short arm lariat, but only gets 2! He goes for a standing lariat but Aries grabs the arm and hits the Crucifix bomb! Nigel rolls his momentum though, swings of the ropes, then connects with the Jawbreaker! 1…2…3!
Winner, and still ROH World Champion: Nigel McGuinness.

Phenomenal match. It would have been hard to top their Rising Above match, but they did in amazing fashion here. The story was based around both men being so even – both men were totally even, so most of their big offence came with their comebacks and countering their opponents’ stuff. This went on and on, until Aries took the risk with the tope…and it didn’t pay off. In the end it was the slippery Nigel with the counter (dodging the dive) that made the difference.

Due to the story, the match was incredibly back-and-forth and fast paced. This was awesome because, as shown by the almost constant duelling chants, the match was always exciting. The gradual build was really good, and the frequent counters were a joy to watch. The big nearfalls were great; I was totally buying Aries winning after the combo (even though I already knew the result of the match).

There were no big problems with the match, although the lack of a really big hot finish stops it from reaching perfection. I also thought Nigel could have sold the combo more, but that didn’t hurt the match at all. My MOTY thus far; must see.

7. Typhoon (CIMA, Dragon Kid, & Ryo Saito) vs. Muscle Outlawz(Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi): We start out with everyone feeling each other out at high speed. Kid hits some crazy stuff on Yoshino. It slows down when the workover stages start. Wrestlers aren’t isolated for very long showing both teams are pretty even. For the second time in these annual DG 6 mans, CIMA steals a hold from Quackenbush (CHIKARA Special variation). Lots of the usual Dragon Gate style double/triple teams as you’d expect. Dragon Kid seems a bit off at points, making some things look…faker than they should. He takes a whippin’ for a while before tagging Saito, and the almighty finishing stretch is upon us.

Dragon Kid DÉJÀ VU’s Yoshino in amazing fashion. I’m gonna leave most spot recapping out here because you (most likely) know how it goes in these matches. Lots of spots are re-used/recycled from the original, which I’m really not a big fan of. Although, they do play some stuff off from the original (Doi reversing Dragon kid’s super rana into a powerbomb for 2) which was good. Yoshino eats a DEADLY combo of a Schwein, Dragon Suplex then a perfect springboard Rana but kicks out! I normally dislike superman Yoshino, but that was awesome.

Kid tries to end the match like he did in the original (with a super Ace Crusher setting up for a Dragonrana on Doi), but Doi hits him with a Super Doi 555s and Bakatare Sliding Kick for 2. Genki hits him with the Beach Break and Doi following with the Muscular Bomb for 3!
Winners: Muscle Outlawz.

Excellent match, but sadly nowhere near as great as the two previous ones. The formula of the hot start – workover stages – finishing stretch felt a little too predictable here, and while the finishing sequence was light speed and all, the spots I’d already seen (from all these guys before in the original) did nothing for me. The match was still incredibly fun, filled with all the crazy things we love, but was too similar to what we’ve got before from these guys to be really awesome. ****1/4.

Overall Thoughts: This was an amazing show on all counts. You get everything you could want in a wrestling show – a comedy heavy opener, a random 6 man, a stiff hate filled fight, a crazy tag team brawl, a tag match with 2 of the best teams in the world, a phenomenal pure wrestling world title match and an awesome six man tag main event. Nothing was specifically bad, everything flowed really well and the last 3 matches are maybe the best trio of matches you’ll ever see. Must buy show.

Overall Score: 9.5/10.