Missing Links on The Rock, Murdoch’s Singing, Santino vs. Sal & Much More

There’s a fun interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson over at CityandShore.com, including this excerpt about pro wrestling…

C&S: Looking back on the late ’90s during your time as a WWE superstar, can you believe that was actually you?
DJ: [Laughing] You know, I loved it at that time and still do love the showmanship of professional wrestling, particularly the performance aspect of it.

C&S: But you’ve just about stopped using your most famous wrestling name, The Rock, in favor of your real name, Dwayne Johnson. Is this an attempt to distance yourself from that period of your life, the wackiness that goes along with pro wrestling?
DJ: Not at all. The Rock was a name and a character I created when I was wrestling and when I made the transition into movies with The Mummy Returns it made sense that I carry that moniker, because that’s how people knew me.
I knew eventually I was gonna be Dwayne Johnson. My hope back then was that the change would happen organically, over time. And I’m pleased to see that it has.

C&S: So you’ve never thrown a temper tantrum in your manager’s office, demanding to be billed only as Dwayne and never again as The Rock?
DJ: [Laughing] I never wanted to make an issue out of the name. I’m aware that The Rock is my nickname; it will always be my nickname. It’s a pretty damn cool nickname.

But I’m also aware that there’s a whole generation of kids who have no idea at all what I used to do or who The Rock even is. So the people who were around 10 years ago and knew me as The Rock and refer to me as that – that’s cool too.

Here are some more links… all from WWE.com, which has been content-rich lately to say the least:

– WWE.com has posted Memorial Day shout-outs from the troops [link].

– WWE.com is featuring the most annoying gimmicks [link].

– J.R. named Kennedy Superstar of the Week [link].

– Ashley is in the new Rev Theory video [link].

– Miz & Morrison’s Dirt Sheet features a seance for Paul Bearer (but he’s not dead!), co-starring Adamle and Funaki [link].

– If you want more on the Cousin Sal & Santino storyline, you’re in luck [link and [link].

– Trevor Murdoch tries to explain his singing, etc. [link].

– The latest edition of the soon-to-be-gone Heat features Kendrick & London vs. Holly & Rhodes [link].

– Jim Ross danced in the ring recently [link].

– Joey Styles interviewed Michelle McCool [link].

To everyone in the U.S. reading: have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day.

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