More on Regal, Waltman, Maven & RVD

William Regal was very upset upon hearing that he was to be suspended. He maintained to people backstage at Raw that he tested positive due to a contaminated supplement, which showed up in the test as small levels of a banned substance that were nonetheless enough to count as a Wellness Policy violation. A lot of people were shocked at Regal being caught out by a drugs test owing to him being so adamant in public about his previous addictions, yet most seemed willing to believe that it was not indicative of his old problems returning.

Sean Waltman finished his stint in rehab on 16th May. He stayed for an extra month, three in total, because he felt that he needed to stay for longer than originally planned. Triple H has apparently been in discussions about bringing Waltman into WWE in a behind-the-scenes role.

Rob Van Dam’s wife, Sonya Szatkowski, begins chemotherapy next month.

Maven Huffman, the first winner of WWE’s Tough Enough, is due to start work as a new host on the Home Shopping Network next month.

Billy Kidman is working with the female talent in Florida Championship Wrestling.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 26 May 2008 (subscribe here)

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