Raw Preview for May 26, 2008 (Updated)

Set for tonight’s show:

  • JBL & Umaga vs. John Cena and Jeff Hardy.
  • When will Jimmy Kimmel’s Cousin Sal face Santino?
  • Will someone be named William Regal’s replacement?
  • Vince McMahon promises to appreciate the fans.

Here is the full preview from WWE.com

Preview: Soldiering On
May 26, 2008

Just 24 hours after Judgment Day, four blockbuster matches were announced for One Night Stand, the one night where the WWE goes extreme. Half of those matches came from the biggest upset of Monday night, when Randy Orton & JBL defeated WWE Champion Triple H & John Cena in a tag team competition, earning the right to challenge the The Game and the Chain Gang Soldier to singles matches with extreme stipulations of the challengers’ choosing.

JBL assured that his match will be as vicious as the self-proclaimed “wrestling god” can make it, by demanding a First Blood Match. But before One Night Stand, John Cena and tag team partner Jeff Hardy will compete against the team of JBL & Umaga for the first time ever on tonight’s edition of Raw.

Speaking of One Night Stand, Orton will compete against Triple H for the WWE Championship in the same type of match in which he won the title last October: A Last Man Standing Match. This week’s Raw will open with WWE Champion Triple H facing off against former champion, Randy Orton. With months of bad blood between these two competitors, can we expect anything but an explosive confrontation?

Flowing out of the ongoing rivalry between Santino Marella and Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, the cocky Italian Superstar ridiculed “Hot Rod” and his super-fan, Jimmy Kimmel’s Cousin Sal on Santino’s own version of Piper’s Pit. After Piper and Sal threw him from the ring, Marella challenged Cousin Sal to a match, which Piper promptly accepted on Sal’s behalf. When can we expect to see these two spicy Italians square off, and how might the kilted WWE Legend be involved in their confrontation?

Batista has a bone to pick with Shawn Michaels, and by defeating Chris Jericho on Raw last Monday, he earned the chance to take on The Showstopper at One Night Stand. The Animal is still angry about HBK faking a knee injury, but William Regal has assured that HBK and The Animal’s match will end with someone legitimately injured by making their contest a Stretcher Match. Shawn Michaels is a man who will do anything to win — how will he use the next two weeks to prepare for the raw power of The Animal?

Though much of the night’s talk was of One Night Stand on June 1, there was another shocking development Monday night. After being defeated by Mr. Kennedy in a Loser Gets Fired Match, William Regal has been relieved of his duties as General Manager of Raw. Regal has a successful wrestling career behind him, having been recently crowned King of the Ring, and even garnered praise from Mr. McMahon himself for his work as GM of Raw. Have we seen the last we see of this vicious British brawler? And who will step into his kingly shoes on the next Monday Night Raw?

For answers to these questions and more, tune in to Monday Night Raw at 9/8 CT on Memorial Day, only on USA Network!

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