WWE Canceling Heat, Moving ECW Tapings

Next month, World Wrestling Entertainment is canceling Heat, which airs in the U.S. on WWE.com, and on TV internationally. Abroad, a “Classics” series will replace Heat, featuring old footage. Meanwhile, ECW tapings will happen prior to Raw on Mondays (they currently tape on Tuesdays along with Smackdown). Indications are that this will begin following the June 13-17 tour of Australia.

Members of the ECW roster will be used more on Raw (they are currently used on Smackdown as part of a storyline “talent exchange” agreement between Armando Estrada and Vickie Guerrero, so perhaps they will make a similar storyline explanation regarding sharing talent with Raw) which should help interest in ECW, plus it’s worth noting that Raw and ECW are both on NBC Universal-owned cable networks, so I’d imagine cross-promotion would happen more often than it does now. ECW talent may also join the Raw house show tours, but that is not confirmed.

Credit: PWInsider.com, WrestlingObserver.com

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