WWE Creative Plans, New Stable, Mania & Khali Updates

The Raw writing team is reportedly not keen on creating new superstars on their show at present, focusing instead on what they already have. Their Smackdown counterparts, meanwhile, are keeping things in a holding pattern until Michael Hayes returns. Ed Koskey had been following Hayes’ original plans, which had been laid out up until Judgment Day.

The WrestleMania 24 DVD has an alternative version of the Hall of Fame ceremony. Everything is left intact but now The Rock’s segment has been moved from the opening to just before Ric Flair’s induction. JBL’s jokes about Rock’s speech running long have been removed as a result of this.

Whilst promoting Raw in Oklahoma City, Jim Ross said that WWE wanted Steve Austin to do something for WrestleMania 25 but that Austin was unimpressed with the creative team’s ideas for him and so remained unmotivated so far as working a match was concerned.

WWE has been toying with the idea of creating a new heel stable of younger wrestlers. Ted Dibiase Jr, D.H. Smith, Cody Rhodes and Afa Anoia Jr are the names being mentioned, with C.M. Punk and Chris Harris also linked to the idea if it moved away from being based around second-generation guys. There has also been talk of adding Carlito as a mouthpiece if they could not get an older wrestler to act as a manager for the potential group.

Khali and Rey Mysterio are being advertised for Smackdown house shows in July. Khali recently finished working on a Bollywood movie, Kushti, with the directo, Rajeev Kumar, describing him as “a fantastic actor” who “has a lot of rhythm“. Khali has been treated as a huge national celebrity since returning to India earlier this month, even meeting with the President, Pratibha Patil. During his media appearances Khali has remained insistent that WWE wrestling is real and that he feels very proud when he is “beating up white wrestlers.”

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 26 May 2008 (subscribe here)

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