10 Thoughts On Raw – 05.26.2008

I actually watched all three WWE programs last week. I’m pretty sure I’ve never done that before. Is the Blog making me more in to wrestling or is quality of wrestling making me more in to The Blog? Stay tuned.


1) Am I the only one that has a problem now taking any Triple H matches and feuds seriously any more? Widro and I had a discussion a couple weeks back about Triple H being the least embarrassing “nepotism push” in history, but it seems even more fake when we know that the outcome of the match is entirely in his hands. I mean, what happens in this match is what Triple H says happens… it seems to make my fake show a little bit more fake.

2) Did I miss an official Mileena face turn or has it just been a natural progression as people realized she’s one of the more charismatic characters on the roster? Also, if you had to guess at which WWE Diva looks most terrifying without make-up, would you pick Mileena, Beth Phoenix, or other?

3) Every single damn time I hear London and Kendrick’s music I think the Rockers are coming out and every time I get angry at myself for still not realizing it’s London and Kendrick’s music.

4) Anyone know if young Ted Dibiase is actually Dibiase’s son or if he’s just a character? I hope that Ted Sr is his manager because that would be just tremendous. That said, I hope his tag partner is Virgil. God knows he’s free.

5) Let me be among the first to make a joke that Roddy Piper handed out more actual wrestling moves in a five-minute segment with Jimmy Kimmel’s cousin Sal than he did in the sum total of all his appearances on Nitro… and maybe ever. Before tonight when was the last time you saw Roddy Piper hand out a Boston crab?

6) A Diva for the Day? If a frat house won one, what would they do with her? Would she ever escape?

7) I’m curious about the current holding pattern with Kennedy. Since he came back from his suspension he really hasn’t been doing much. Are they holding him in reserve for after this latest round of PPVs for when the Orton/HHH stuff is finally done? I would think he’d be the heir apparent for Jericho’s belt as the IC Title is basically meaningless around Jericho’s waist. Wouldn’t a good three-way feud between Birchill, Kennedy, and Jeff Hardy be worthwhile?

8) An extension of the above: it’s kind of an insult to the title if they’re going to continue to feud Jericho and Michaels and not have the belt be anything but a prop Jericho comes out with. Why are there no challengers for it? Or, with McMahon’s announcement at the end of Raw are we assuming Jericho’s going to get shunted to Smackdown and have the belt taken off him? Might be the best way to get the IC belt back in play.

9) I’m loving this extended tease of full-on evil Chris Jericho. Of course, I guess it wouldn’t make much sense to turn him heel to send him to Smackdown to feud with Edge, would it?

10) Are Raw ratings really bad? I admit that I haven’t checked ratings since the Monday Night Wars ended, but is it so bad that Vince has to start handing out cash to get people to watch? And a new talent draft… good, it’s about time.

Will I continue to watch all three shows now that summer’s here and there’s nothing else to watch? Good question.

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