BLATT vs ECW – 5/27/08 edition


We open with the Big Show, who is all smiles and gets a pretty big reaction from the crowd. We’re reminded that he dominated all the former ECW champions last week.

The Big Show over Tommy Dreamer by chokeslam
I just want you to know that I wrote the outcome of this match before it started. Tommy is a guy that I think I would have believed he could have beaten the Big Show ten years ago, but today I just don’t believe it.

Big Show dominates to start, tossing Tommy around at will peppering in punches and forearms. Show steps over a downed Dreamer and drops an elbow. Show stands on Tommy in the corner and slaps Dreamer’s chest. Show whips Tommy into another corner and misses a charge in the corner. Dreamer hits a drop kick to the knee and a boot to the head. Tommy goes for a DDT, but is charged into the corner. Show charges again and gets a double boot to the face. Dreamer hops to the second turnbuckle and jumps, but Show hits him with a forearm mid air. A few seconds later, we get the outcome that I predicted before the match began. Show barely broke a sweat and Dreamer barely got in any offense during the match.

Unfortunately for us to believe in Dreamer, we have to believe that he’s stronger than his opponent. He’s not strong enough to make this match believable and on top of that, this is a feud we saw over two years ago during the first few ECW on SciFi shows.

Kofi Kingston over Mike Knox by Trouble in Paradise
Shelton Benjamin is at the broadcast booth. Last week, Shelton ended Kofi’s undefeated streak and I couldn’t have been happier about it. Adamle can finally make fun of himself and he begrudgingly says “Jamaican me crazy” before the match begins. Knox looks bigger this week than he has recently.

Kofi starts with kicks and dodging Knox’s punches. Shelton calls him the monkey man from Bloodsport. Kofi nearly misses a jump into the corner, Knox walks him out in a powerbomb position and Kofi rolls around for a sunset flip. Knox keeps the punishment on Kofi with some rough kicks and punches and grounds Kofi with a headlock. Of course Kofi fights out with the help of the crowd, but Knox cvuts his comeback short, as it happens in every WWE match for the last year or so. Knox goes back to the headlock, as we all could have predicted, and Kofi fights out again and gains the upper hand. Kofi hits a drop kick, but gets whipped into the corner. Knox charges and Kofi steps through the ropes and skins the cat into the ring to hit a double boot to Knox. Kofi goes up top and hits a cross body and the Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Post match Shelton cuts the celebration short and Kofi and Shelton go at it with Kofi getting the best of Shelton until Knox gets involved again and it’s all downhill for Kofi. Looks like Knox opened up his eyebrow and is bleeding in an ugly fashion, but he looks cool.

All night we get recaps of each time any of the men in the Singapore Cane match on Sunday won the ECW title. Somehow they managed to make the Big Show’s win look like old ECW footage, and it’s not just because Rob Van Dam was involved either.

Chavo Guerrero over CM Punk by rollup
At the table, Tazz threatens Adamle with a cane before the match starts. Punk starts the match with a GTS attempt. Collar and Elbow and Punk gets an arm drag. Punk throws kicks to the thigh, whips Chavo tot he ropes and hits a reverse elbow and body slam. In the corner Punk throws a punch, Chavo turns him around and throws a punch that’s blocked and countered with a knee and a snap suplex by Punk. Chavo talks to the ref and charges Punk, hitting a forearm. Punk hits a blackslide for two. TWO!

Chavo dumps Punk torso first on the top rope and covers for two. TWO!

Chavo stays on Punk and gets a headlock with a leg scissor as we head to commercial. When we return Punk throws Chavo over the top rope with a back body drop. Bam Neely checks on Chavo outside of the ring. Chavo gets ready to get in the ring and Punk runs to the opposite ropes when Bam Neely pulls down the ropes and Punk falls out of the ring.

Back in the ring Chavo gets a leg scissors on Punk and Punk fights out, turning around and getting Chavo in a double under hook. Punk lifts and drops Chavo in the under hook in an awkward spot. Not sure if that was supposed to be something else. Punk hits his strikes when he gets to his feet, Chavo attempts to ship Punk to the corner, but Punk turns and hits a spinning kick. Punk charges Chavo in the corner but eats boot, Chavo charges and gets a power slam for two. TWO!

Chavo hits a Maple Leaf (rolling one legged crab) and Punk has to fight out. He gets to the bottom rope, grabs a boot from Chavo and hits a back elbow and a roundhouse to Chavo’s head for two. TWO!

Chavo grabs Punk and hits two of three amigos. Punk goes for the gTS, Chavo hits a hurricanrana instead. Punk throws Chavo off a tornado DDT and charges to the other corner. Chavo ducks the rising knee and rolls up Punk for a three!

That was one hell of a match between the two. Punk and Chavo know how to put on one hell of a show, and this was no exception.

In Tommy Dreamer’s title speech, he said “I might never make it to Wrestlemania.” I had 100% forgotten about that, what an excellent moment.

Backstage, Colin Delaney is with Lena. Colin talks a bit about the McMahon announcement and draft. He thinks a whole new set of opponents would be great. One major change he’d like to see in the draft is Armando Estrada. Me too.

The Douches vs. Kane
A long commercial break happens before Kane comes down to the ring. I’m talking about a near five minute break.

Morrison and starts and charges Kane into the heel corner. Miz is in and continues the beating on Kane. Morrison is in and chokes Kane on the second rope. Miz drops to the floor and Kane grabs him by the throat but Morrison breaks it up before it starts. Miz is in and makes a mistake of giving Kane a second in a corner and eats a boot on charging Kane. Kane clears house on both Douches then back body drops Miz on an irish whip. Kane hits the flying clothesline and signals for the chokeslam. Kane grabs it on both men, but they fight him off.

The ref throws the match out because of the double teaming and here comes CM Punk followed by Chavo by Dreamer. The faces choke the heels in three corner and here comes the Big Show. Kane goes after Tommy and Punk goes after Show, to no success. Kane and Show take out all the other men in the ring until it’s just the big men. They stare down and the show fades out.

That was a good show, but it doesn’t make me want to watch One Night Stand, mostly because there’s only one ECW match on the bill. I’d like to see Shelton vs. Kofi added to the card to give the rest of the WWE audience a taste of the ECW roster. Just my opinion.