Make Movement: Epic Announcements and A PPV This Sunday

Maybe Vince McMahon will need to forgive our hesitation to believe, but somehow, someway he’s going to give $1,000,000 dollars of his own money to someone on RAW. Oh and there is a draft and a PPV this Sunday too called One Night Stand.

One Night Stand
hasn’t had a lot of chance to be really built up, so it’s mostly a night of special stipulation matches. The one thing I believe is happening is how strong Randy Orton is becoming as a heel. He held his own very well against the ‘debate’ with Triple H during the opening of RAW, and the main surprise of that segment was the fact there was no physical altercation between the two men. I thought they gave their match more credibility by giving a strong promo in promotion of their Last Man Standing match.

It’s nice to see Jillian Hall being able to wrestle in the ring with the improving Melina, and it’s nice to see the always solid Beth Phoenix, prove to very little credit, to being a stable, believable heel on the WWE roster. I’m looking forward to her I Quit match against Melina. It seems more realistic than Mickie James being turned into a water-downed Trish Stratus character that she seems to be becoming.

The Jericho singing segment with a special guest appearance with Cryme Tyme worked for what it was, and it was interesting how WWE peppered the different versions of “No Chance In Hell” with Jillian Hall, Jericho and Trevor Murdoch. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Ted Dibiase Jr.’s wrestling debut on TV, because he already seems worlds better than Cody Rhodes on the mic and in his “look.”

The Mickie James/JBL segment gave us the “escort service” cheap shot (against Ashley?) and Mickie apparently not getting pushed yet in her early incubation angle with Katie Lea. Speaking of Katie Lea, how is it that she’s the more marketable and memorable part of her pairing with her “brother” Birchhill at all times? By the way, if you want to be amused, add “I used to be a pirate, arghhh!” after every time Birchill has to speak and it’s easier to digest. I’m not excited about Birchill and Kennedy though, I hope the draft helps Kennedy get a more formidable opponent because Birchill’s move is completely unimpressive.

Umaga and JBL versus John Cena and Jeff Hardy really did nothing for their respected matches at One Night Stand, and seemed to just fill the show. However, Jericho and Michaels still are providing the most compelling, in-the-ring storylines on WWE television today. I do believe this should lead to a Michaels heel turn because Jericho’s hesitation would really give Michaels some epic heel heat. It was interesting the lack of Batista’s presence, which should speak to the fact Jericho will have to find a way to enter himself in this match, before, during or after.

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