Weekend Box Office: 05/23/08 – 05/26/08

It was a big four day weekend and I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and remembered exactly what that day is all about. Perhaps you all did that by heading out to see the rebirth of Indiana Jones because it took in a killing as the good doctor premiered in his fourth film. I do hope that everyone took a moment just to remember all those good men and women fighting for our country and those who have done so before them. Full numbers are inside.

Credit: Box Office Mojo

Rank.) Movie Title (Distributor)
Weekend Gross (in millions) | Theaters | Total Gross (in millions) | Week #

1.) Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (Paramount)
$101.0 million/4,2610 theatres/$101.0 million/First Week

2.) The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (Buena Vista)
$23.0 million/3,929 theatres/$91.0 million/Second Week

3.) Iron Man (Paramount)
$20.1 million/3,915 theatres/$252.3 million/Fourth Week

4.) What Happens In Vegas (Fox)
$9.0 million/3,188 theatres/$54.3 million/Third Week

5.) Speed Racer (Warner Bros.)
$4.0 million/3,112 theatres/$36.2 million/Third Week

6.) Made Of Honor (Sony)
$3.4 million/2,393 theatres/$39.0 million/Fourth Week

7.) Baby Mama (Universal)
$3.3 million/2,158 theatres/$52.1 million/Fifth Week

8.) Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Universal)
$1.8 million/1,078 theatres/$58.3 million/ Week

9.) Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (New Line)
$940,000/750 theatres/$35.9 million/Fifth Week

10.) The Visitor (Overture)
$723,000/270 theatres/$4.4 million/Seventh Week