8 Thoughts On The Ultimate Fighter – 05.28.2008

1) I’m not quite sure what’s grosser… peeing in the pool or getting out of the pool and peeing your pants on the sidewalk. If you have no idea what this sentence means, your IQ is currently higher than mine.

2) The first fight (Lil’ Kevin McCarthy vs. Dante) was really bad in the first round. Lil’ Kev pretty much got into the mount position within the first like, 20 seconds and stayed there the entire round. Dante couldn’t get up and Lil’ Kev couldn’t do much. With about a minute left, Lil’ Kev got frustrated and stood up. He looked for a minute like he was going to let him up, then didn’t, and took a kick to the face for his trouble. He then went right back into the mount. I could go either way on this round. Jesse was in control for most of the round but the two or three most damaging shots were landed by Dante.

3) The first half of the 2nd round was much more of the same. The ref broke them at 2:40 and Lil’ Kev looked completely gassed. Problem was that within a second he took Dante back down and we went to the same position. Really, really crappy fight. Dante really didn’t do anything and Jesse couldn’t beat him.

4) Decision went to Jesse. He looked like anyone else in the house who can go to a 2nd or 3rd round will beat him. I don’t know if his eating and conditioning habits are a foreshadowing of what’s to come or not.

5) It’s much more difficult to dislike Matt Brown when he’s acting like a normal guy and not a “can’t-take-a-joke” a-hole. The second fight of the night is Amir vs. Matt. This is another of the patented “I really like this guy but we both know it’s all business” fights. It’s usually a good sign when the guys in the house are excited that fight is going to be a sh*tshow.

6) In a total opposite fight, Amir and Matt Brown decided to stand up and swing at each other for five minutes. I have to give the first round to Amir. He had control for most of the first round. Then again, with these fights where both guys are buddies I can never help but wonder if both of them are trying to make the other look good so the both wind up getting a chance.

7) Amir withstood a HUGE flurry from Matt in the first twenty seconds of this round and I actually think Matt gassed himself. After the flurry, Amir came back and caught him with a shot and Matt immediately went into a clench. Amir eventually took Matt down and proceeded to just dominate him for the rest of the round. Matt eventually tried to wind his way off the ground but got caught in a triangle. Matt threw himself out of this round in the first 20 seconds and spent the next 3 minutes recovering.

8) 2nd point about Matt: he might just be one of those guys who needs to hate the guy he’s fighting. I think it takes a certain kind of guy to be buddies with a guy one second and pound his face in like you mean it the next.