Final Heat Now Online

It’s official: according to Josh Mathews’ blog, the episode of WWE Heat posted online today is the final episode of the show…

Hey everybody, this is my first day on WWE Fan Nation and I am excited to talk to all of you passionate WWE Fans. Keep the emails coming I will try to answer as many of them as I possibly can and my next blog will be more “in depth” I promise.

Make sure to watch The Weekly Top 5 on WWE.Com every weekend and don’t miss the FINAL episode ever of Heat as well, 513 episodes and now its all over!

You can watch the episode here, as well as archives. Matches featured are Snitsky vs. Super Crazy, Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Santino Marella and — the final match in Heat history — Robbie McAllister vs. Charlie Haas.

ln the UK, according to, “WWE Vintage Collection” will debut next Sunday (6/8/08) at 10 AM on Sky Sports in the Heat slot and hosted by Mene Gene Okerlund.

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