Pulse Wrestling’s Ring of Honor: Take No Prisoners Report

Pulse Wrestling’s Ring of Honor: Take No Prisoners Report
Announcers are Lenny Leonard & Dave Prazak
Not Live in Philadelphia
By: PK

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Go Shiozaki vs. Delirious vs. Tyler Black – Winner Faces Nigel McGuinness for the ROH Title later tonight
Bell rings and Claudio & Delirious start. Nigel comes to the announce booth and says that he can’t trust anyone anymore…but he sounds all British and stuff, so I can’t really understand him. Claudio & Delirious have a test of strength, which, of course, Claudio wins. Delirious tries to out speed Claudio, but Claudio eventually catches him and clocks him. Go & Black in. Go gets Black in a tree of woe, and chops him down off the turnbuckle, and then chops away in the corner. Go hits a running knee to Black’s head for 2. Go has Black in and Abdominal Stretch, but both Claudio & Delirious break it up, only got get a double shoulder block from Go. Black takes down Go, and tags in Claudio. Claudio with a flying European Uppercut for 2. Claudio goes for the Riccola Bomb, but Go blocks it, so Claudio does the Big Swing, and as Go gets up, hits another European for 2. Claudio goes to roll up Go, but Go rolls through, goes for a suplex but puts Claudio down and hits a Superkick for 2. Go backs too close to Delirious, and Delirious tags himself in, and quickly locks on the Cobra Stretch. Claudio powers out and hits a swining facebuster, followed by a European Uppercut for 2 when Go & Black break it up. Go & Black fight to the floor, Delirious headbutt’s Claudio’s gut, then dodges a top rope clothesline from Black. Black in and hits a big kick on Claudio, but Delirious plants him. Delirious goes for his Back Splash, but misses, and Black PowerBomb’s Delirious into the corner, and then hits his Phoenix Splash off the top rope for the win.
Winner & #1 Contender – Tyler Black

Some news updates:
– Moroshima has been suspended for attacking a ref at the last PPV, and will no longer be appearing on PPV.
– Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black beat the Briscoe Brothers for the Tag Team Titles, however Davey Richards & Rocky Romero upset them a month later, and we will have Richards/Romero vs. Jigsaw & Rukus for the Titles later tonight.

Age of the Fall’s Jimmy Jacobs tells us that Black will win tonight. They cut to Black backstage who is getting amped up for his match.

Roderick Strong vs. Kevin Steen
Strong charges to start, but Steen ducks, and chops. Steen then mocks ‘ROD-ER-RICK’. Awesome. They shoulder block back and forth, but Strong finally takes Steen down with a leg lariat. They go back and forth again, but this time with forearm shots. Steen then dumps Strong to the floor, however Strong quickly back in and hits a big boot. Strong wraps up Steen in a Dragon Sleeper. Strong lets go, hits an enzaguri, then a dropkick off the 2nd rope for 2. Strong stays in firm control, locking on a Camel Clutch. Steen stands up with Strong on his back, and backs him into the corner. Steen kicks Strong into the corner, and Strong is off his feet, and Steen charges with a cannonball into the corner. Steen yells ‘Who wants to see him die?’ Steen looks to be going for his Package Piledriver, however Strong fights up, and hits a Full Nelson Backbreaker for 2, however it looks like Strong hurt his own knee. Strong puts Steen on the top turnbuckle, and hits a top rope SUPERPLEX for 2. Steen sends Strong into the ropes, and Steen his a lifting Power Bomb, then wraps in the Sharpshooter, however Strong quickly gets to the ropes. Strong still with the knee issues, and Steen hits a CodeBreaker, and goes up for a Swanton, but misses. Strong goes for a quick cover for 2. Strong hits a Fireman’s Gutbuster, but Steen blocks it, follows with a Superkick but Strong blocks, and hits a diving big boot for 2. Strong goes for a Gibson Driver, but Steen blocks it, hits a neckbreaker over his knee, and then follows it with a Package Piledriver for the pin.
Winner – Kevin Steen

Back to the Age of the Fall, and Jacobs wants to make a change, and says that it up to us to make that change. They cut to Necro Butcher & Joey Matthews fighting The Briscoes, and I guess this is the start of the Philadelphia Street Fight.

The Age of the Fall (Necro Butcher & Joey Matthews) vs. The Briscoe Brothers – Philadephia Street Fight
They are fighting backstage, and they spill into the arena, and make their way into the ring. Lacey & Daziee Haze are getting into the action as well. Mark has a giant gash in the side of his head from a shovel shot, and is losing LOTS of blood. AotF in complete control, and there is just a mess of a melee for most of the match. Necro & Matthews hit a double choke slam on Jay through a propped up (on two other chairs) folded chair. Mark back in, and takes out both, and then the Briscoe’s double team. Briscoe’s hits a Doomsday Device on Matthews, and then tries another one on Necro, attempting to drop him on an opened up chair, however Necro punches his way out of it, and more carnage ensues. Necro & Mark fight to the entrance area, and Mark lays Necro on a table. Matthews brings a table in the ring, and then Side Russian Leg Sweep’s Jay on the floor, and then props the table in the corner. Jay fights back and tries a German into the table, Matthews blocks it, but Jay then hits a DVD through the table, as Mark dives off the top of entrance way on Necro through a table! Jay gets the pinfall in the ring after a Underhook Piledriver on Matthews.
Winners – The Briscoe Brothers

After a clip piece on the best of ROH, including Joe, Punk, Hardy, Daniels, Homicide and so on, they show a close-up on Mark Briscoe’s busted up head.

The Larry Sweeney Show starring Larry Sweeney
Sweeney says that he will go after the biggest & the best for Sweet & Sour, Inc. The Hangman 3 come out and they join. Erick Stevens comes out and wants a match, since he can’t get to Daniel Puder. Sweeney says that he will give Stevens a match, and Brent Albright jumps Stevens from behind.

Erick Stevens vs. Brent Albright
Back and forth action to begin. Albright goes off the top, but Stevens catches him, and drops him into a Samoan Drop. Albright back in control, hits a Wheelbarrow Suplex for 2. Stevens starts to overpower Albright, and hits a middle rope shoulderblock. Stevens charges Albright, but Albright ducks, and attempts the Half Nelson Suplex, but Stevens reverses it into a Release German Suplex, and Albright is back on his feet in the turnbuckle, and Stevens hits the ChoCho Splash in the corner. Albright comes off the ropes with a big boot, but Stevens catches it, and lifts Albright up and drops him on his back. Sweeney on the apron, followed Hagadorn and Pearce. Albright charges the distracted Stevens, but Stevens catches him and nails a huge powerslam for 2. Stevens pulls Sweeney on the apron by the hair, but Albright comes from behind and hits a Half-Nelson Suplex for the pin.
Winner – Brent Albright

They cut right to Orlando, Florida for the Tag Team Title match.

Rocky Romero & Davey Richards (c) vs. Jigsaw & Ruckus – ROH Tag Team Titles
NRC attacks the challenges to start. Davey & Jigsaw battle on the floor, as Ruckus gains the advantage. Both members of NRC on the floor, and Jigsaw hits a somersault plancha on both! Things settle down a bit, and Davey & Jigsaw square off. NRC tags back and forth, while they work over Jigsaw pretty good. Jigsaw finally fights out of it, and gets to Ruckus. Ruckus hits a splash in the corner, and follows it with a rolling Rocker Dropper for 2. Ruckus hits a standing Shooting Star Press for 2. Rocky gets hung up in the Tree of Woe, and Ruckus & Jigsaw both go coast to coast with drop kicks! Jigsaw tries a Jig & Tonic on Rocky, but Davey superkicks Jigsaw, and Rocky flips through with a pin for 2!!! Jigsaw goes up top, and Rocky joins him. They fight, and Rocky pulls Jigsaw down into an Armbar!!! Jigsaw fights a bit more, but goes down to a Spike DR Driver.
Winners & Still Champions – No Remorse Corps.

While in Orlando, BJ Whitmore showed his displeasure on the Hangman 3 joining Sweet & Sour, so Pearce, Hagadorn & Albright beat him down, and they hit him with a Spike Pile Driver on a chair. Whitmore is hurt, and was taken to a medical facility.

Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries
They start out with some good old fashion back & forth knuckle lock action. Danielson takes control with a dropkick, and then locks on an armbar. Danielson tries an early Cattle Mutilation, but Aries dodges it, and takes over. These two continue to go back and forth in a textbook match. Danielson finally locks in the Cattle Mutilation, and then when Aries gets to the ropes, he tries a Triangle Choke. Aries to the ropes again. Aries fires off the ropes with the Roaring Elbow, then tries a Small Package for 2. Danielson on the top rope, pulls Aries in, and hangs off the top rope with Triangle Choke! Aries fights up, hits a SUPER Brainbuster for 2. Aries locks in a submission, but Danielson quickly gets out, and locks on an arm submission for the win.
Winner – Brian Danielson

Back to Jacobs, talking more to the AotF followers.

Nigel McGunniess (c) vs. Tyler Black – ROH Title
After they shake, Black turns to go back to his corner, but Nigel puts him shoulder first into the ringpost. Nigel continues to beat down the challenger, however they got toe to toe, exchanging Europeans & chops, but Nigel then arm wrenches Black to the mat. Black’s arm is really hurting him. Nigel hits the ropes, but Black hits a HUGE dropkick for 2. Black chops Nigel in the corner, but Nigel grabs him and shoves him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. They fall to the floor, and Nigel continues to work on Black’s arm & shoulder, sending him into the barricade. Nigel charges, and Black puts him over the barricade. Black in the ring, leaps from the top rope towards Nigel, however Nigel swings a chair into his face!! Nigel back in the ring, wants the ref to stop the match, and the ref goes to check on Black. The ref allows Black to attempt to get back to the match, and he slowly crawls his way over the barricade and back in the ring. Nigel goes for the lariat, but Black ducks it and rolls up Nigel for 2. Nigel, who’s shocked, flat out mugs Black. Nigel hits a big lariat for 2, and then locks on the London Dungeon, but Black gets to the ropes. Nigel puts Black on the top, and goes for the Tower of London, but Black reverses it. Nigel attempts a Jawbreaker Lariat, but misses, and Black hits a big boot, and both men are down. Nigel misses another Lariat, and Black hits his Reverse DDT for 2! Black charges at Nigel in the corner, but Nigel dodges, pulls Black back by the hair, and hits another lariat for 2. Nigel goes to the top rope, pulls Black up, and but Black hits a SUPERPLEX, rolls through, and hits a TKO for 2. Crowd chants ‘That was 3, That was 3.’ Black goes up for the Phoenix Splash, but Nigel gets up, and drops Black in the Tower of London for 2!! Nigel with a chinbreaker, then goes for the Jawbreaker Lariat, but Black counters with the Small Package Driver for 2. Black goes up, but misses the Phoenix Splash. Nigel quickly locks on the London Dungeon. Black pulls Nigel’s leg out and gets a roll up 2 count. Nigel crotches Black on the top rope, and Nigel delivers a 2nd rope lariat, and only gets a 2 count! Black is back up! Black spits in Nigel’s face, but gets ANOTHER lariat, but again, a 2 count. Nigel hits the Jawbreaker finally…but only gets 2!!! Black back up, and ANOTHER lariat, and ANOTHER London Dungeon, but this time Black finally taps.
Winner and Still Champion – Nigel McGunniess

Show Over.