Ultimate Marvel Handbook # 235

Hey all. Welcome to another issue of the Marvel Handbook. With a good amount to cover. Next week we will cover Skrulls. Which should be interesting. Hey Daron what‘s up with you bud?

Oh you know, the same, living the good life. You?

I‘m not bad. Busy of course. Had been helping B and B get ready for Wizard World Philly. I was at the with the Bagged and Boarded booth and often at panels or getting autographs. But today it‘s handbook. Let‘s go.

Well rock on. And yeah let’s get to it.

Dirk emails

I have admittedly been out of the “Comics scene” since 1998 and I’ve just discovered this column a few weeks back. This is probably the only kind of column I even know of that’s pretty easy to get into and understand without having been into comics in 10 years. So great job on that front.

thanks. We try to help in anyway we can. My goal is to help bring in new readers and bring back old ones.

Indeed, we’re glad to hear that. And glad we could be of service.

Anyway, what’s up with Iron Man? Why did the writers make the guy kinda seem like a villain? Would you mind giving me some information about how the whole “registration” thing started, why Iron Man backed it, why Peter Parker unmasked and why Stark is now seen as a villain?

Well Tony‘s not a villain. Many writers just write him like that since Civil War happened. It‘s how the writers sided in the war. Tony isn‘t seen as a villain by all the fans or in comics in reality. He‘s still a hero to many. It‘s because he sided with Registration and went against Cap that many see him as such

Also one last question..what have the ramifications been for Parker unmasking and does the world still know he’s Spider-Man?

Heh. What if I say there are no ramifications now. Here‘s why: Brand New Day/One More Day. You should read that one and then you‘ll really have questions.

The short answer to what Jim is alluding to is that Marvel basically wiped out the last 20 years of Spidey’s history…being unmasked is only the beginning of the repercussions he’s not seeing…having a wife being the biggest one…

Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

Thanks, we will keep it up.

Nightvision asks

MM what do you think of Ultimates 3

It’s not like the last few series for sure. I do like the new creative crew but right now there’s so much going on there’s a lot to follow.

Huh…that may have been the shortest Q and A I’ve ever seen on here…

kacangpool asked

mm, is stan lee as a character part of the marvel universe?

Yep he’s a character in the Marvel universe. Here’s an easy to read bio on some stuff he’s done:

Stan Lee CV

Fantasticthing asked

I’ve got a question,

Do you think Baron Zemo could make a come-back to the Thunderbolts?

If the creative crew behind Thunderbolts want him back and there’s enough fans wanting him back I can see it happening.

Lockheed asked

Mr Marvel there was a “rumor” some months ago on X-board at Marvel that said Angel would be getting a mini series. Any news on that? Was it just a rumor? Is it true?

I can confirm the rumor. Angel is getting a limited series.

ANGEL: REVELATIONS # 1 is on stands now. By:


Check it out.

Brand New Day synopsis

Amazing Spider-Man #558: Pete wakes from a nightmare of being unmasked and talks with May. Spidey meets with Curt over Freak. Jonah goes home to find his wife left him a tape. Feast endorses Hollister. Doc calls Pete as Menace attacks forcing Spidey to show up and fight until he’s called away to deal with Freak with Doc helping. Oscorp takes Freak

Amazing Spider-Man #559: Spidey chases Screwball before she surrenders to the police and the crowds chase Spidey away. Pete fails to sell photos again. Jonah exercises and gets upset again. Pete gets photos of Mr Carr. Lilly and Harry see him and get upset. Paper doll makes the scene. Pete moves out of May’s .

Secret Invasion Synopsis

Franklin Richards Not So Secret Invasion #1: Herbie finds Franklin acting odd. The FF think he is acting odd to. Herbie follows the fake and the real one escapes and the two deal with the Skrull

Mighty Avengers #13: Nick Fury contacts Daisy Johnson to help recruit others. Ares fails to send his son home only for Daisy to recruit him. Yoyo Rodriguez daughter of Griffon is recruited next, followed by J.T. grandson of Phantom Rider, she fails to recruit Layla Miller, the son of Doctor Druid is recruited outside Strange’s home, Jerry Sledge is set free of prison and finishes the group who meet with Nick.

Secret Invasion #2: The two teams confront each other as Ares tries to get the others out of there only for a fight to break out. Carol gets Tony away. Vision takes care of Sentry. Ronin takes the bow and arrows off fake Hawkeye and starts shooting the people from the ship only to get stopped by Cap. Tony prepares to create improved armor as he send Carol back to New York. The double of Hawkeye and Spider-Man are squashed by a dinosaur as Cage, Wolverine and Ronin meet. Mockingbird is questioned by Ronin as he trust her in the end. The Young Avengers are in New York to see the damaged Baxter Building as an army of Super Skrulls arrive.

Captain Britain and MI 13 #1: John the Skrull is held and questioned as Wisdom shows up and the find out Grimsdale is a Skrull. Captain Britain helps fight the Skrulls. Black Knight saves Doctor Faiza. M I 13 recruits all the heroes in Britain to help. MI 13 sends a few to protect the Siege Perilous. Spitfire joins the fight. Faiza is killed. MI 13 transport is taken out as the group fight the Skrulls. The Siege is attacked as Captain Britain is blown up stopping it.

Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #1: Sue speaks in Canada before a Skrull impersonating Reed captures her. We see the Baxter Building attacked again. Johnny sees to Sue as Ben protects the kids as they arrive in the Negative Zone. Bugs attack Ben and the kids. Sue wakes and talks with Johnny. Ben helps the kids. Johnny finds out Sue is Lyja.

Divided We Stand

Cable #3: Bishop believes he wins as the mob takes him out. Cable makes it out alive. The waitress helps Cable. Bishop wakes up prisoner. Cable is bandaged up and talks to the waitress. Bishop is tortured. Cable tells her he can only worry about the baby for now. Bishop escapes. Cable prepares for a fight as a large blonde man shows up knowing Cable.

Young X-Men #2: The team attack the former New Mutants and lose in training. Cyclops talks to them. Dust and Blindfold talk of her visions of a traitor. Cyclops comes up with a plan. Someone spies on the group. Blindfold and Ink attack Moonstar. The others go after Magma. Blindfold defeats Moonstar only for Ink to turn on her.

Wolverine #65: 1921: one of Mystique’s people are killed by the cops. Wolverine goes after Mystique. Present: Wolverine gets attacked and fights Mystique. The two take each other out for a time. 1921: We learn Wolverine turned in Mystique’s group and was payed. He remeets Mystique after. Wolverine and Mystique wake up and Wolverine leaves her to die alone.

X-Men Legacy #211: Juggernaut is attacked by a psychic. Xavier dreams of Nova talking of Proteus and Legion. Xavier goes to see Carter Ryking. Xavier probs his mind to see his father talking to Milbury aka Mister Sinister. The two finish with Xavier leaving. As assassin goes after Xavier. Shaw meets with the club about the device. Carter is drugged and taken out. Xavier knows Milbury is Sinister. Xavier exams Phoenix and sees the attack by Bishop. Assassins go after Xavier only to run into Gambit.

Initiative synopsis

Moon Knight #18: Iron Man confronts Moon Knight who was framed by Black Spectre and is put on suspension. Black Spectre gets a hold of weapons. Bushman confronts Marc only to get Marc attacked. Marc talks to Crawley who helps him as Moon Knight returns.

Thunderbolts Reason in Madness #1: The Thunderbolts take on Biohazzard. Whirlwind contacts Venom as they meet with Tiger Shark, Boomerang, and Mister Hyde and want to go after Norman. Venom and Osborn talk leading Osborn into the attack only for Osborn to win and have them agree to work for him

Avengers/ Invaders #1: The Invaders from WW II attack the Nazi’s during Operation Time Ghost. The group minus Union Jack and Spitfire are hit by a weird fog sending them forward in time. Present: Spider-Man fights the Thunderbolts as they arrive. The Invaders fight the Thunderbolts with Spider-Man questioning things he’s seeing. The news hits as Tony watches and sees Cap.

Defenders #3: The fight with the Sons of Serpent continues until the place blows up. She-Hulk leaves Nighthawk. Strange returns to New York and runs into Hellstorm. Nighthawk recruits Paladin, Junta and Atlas to help out. Yandroth goes to Night hawk’s place the Defenders called home for a time. U-Man and his people are attacked by the Defenders who only find Krang waiting.

Thunderbolts # 120: Norman puts on the Goblin gear and goes off. Songbird has people see to Venom. Penance and Samson continue to talk. Swordsman and Goblin fight with Goblin winning. Songbird and Radioactive Man are attacked by accident. They find Venom stringed up. The Attackers send Moonstone after Samson. Goblin kills some guards.

That’s it for today. Good week of questions and answers. The goal next week is to have a Skrull issue. I need your Skrull questions, possible Skrull theories for Invasion. Who you think is a Skrull and more. So send those emails all. Hey Daron what you think of my idea?

Sounds good to me…and just for the record I think everyone at Marvel is a skrull…especially Joey Q. I’d say he’s probably the super skrull…

Awwwww come on it‘s Secret Invasion time. We need a Skrull issue or two I think. Either way next one is the issue. I‘ll profile some Skrulls and give a list of reveals so far. Join us then all. Care to sign off bud?

Actually I do care…I’m not ready to sign off just yet…

1. Digital comics Comics you can read online

2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

3. Next issue is our Skrull issue. We have tons of information and reveals so far. So if you have any questions on Skrulls or opinions on Secret Invasion send them this way

That’s it from here. As always reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Make Mine Marvel.

And make mine without any fruit in it. What’s with all the citrus in alcohol these days???

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