More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – iPoorly Planned

Had I have known that I was going to be stuck with the same 1,153 tracks for a month, I would have been a little more discriminating.

Way back, as April was drawing to a close, I casually synced my iPod to my computer. It’s the type of thing that I do all the time. The music on my iPod is pretty fluid, as there’s always new stuff coming and old stuff leaving. My mood is constantly changing; thus, the music I want as my soundtrack is in an equal state of shift.

I don’t even know exactly what I put on that last major sync. I think it was The White Stripes’ catalogue, because they were one of the groups that I was planning on introducing my mom to this summer. And I’d recently put Elliott Smith’s catalogue on there because I had a coworker who had been drawn to a song of his that I had put on a mix that I had made for her. Of course, there were various Paste samplers on there as well. Basically, my iPod was a random sampling of what I was fancying at the time, but nothing that I truly loved.

I do distinctly remember making sure that I’d have room for the new albums by Portishead and The Roots, both of which, at the time, were due to drop shortly. And after I’d left Vegas and arrived in Tucson, those albums were added to the mix.

Looking back, I clearly had the opportunity then to firm up my personal soundtrack for the next month. It’s a shame that I didn’t because I’d have done quite a few things differently.

First off, I would have switched out The White Stripes for Ghostface. Not only have I not really listened to any of the Stripes stuff in the past month, but I’ve had a pretty severe hip-hop drought in terms of what’s coming through the headphones.

I would have also switched out some of those Paste samplers for some Sufjan Stevens. His music just puts me at ease and it would have provided a nice compliment to the Iron and Wine kick that I’ve been on lately.

I’m pretty sure that I could have lived without Del’s Eleventh Hour. It’s not necessarily a bad album, but it’s far from his strongest. I’d just do a switch and sub Deltron 3030 in for his latest offering.

And I could have really used some Jay-Z. I’d probably pull the ten-year anniversary edition of the Foo Fighters’ The Color and the Shape and put on some of my favorite Jigga tracks in its place.

I would also have found a way to cram in Dilla, as you really can’t go wrong with more Dilla in your life.

Still (fingers crossed), I should be getting my PC to Baltimore this week, so I’ll be able to rectify the error I made before I left Vegas. I just really hope that I don’t get killed before that happens, because I’d hate to be judged by what was on my iPod.

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