Weekend Box Office: 06/20/08 – 06/22/08

Believe it or not a Marvel film is not topping the box office this week as two of them missed it by…that much. Yes, I used that joke in the “What’s Playing” for last week, but I like it. Another new film broke into the Top Five as well, but there are a number of summer blockbusters that are having a lot of staying power so check it out. Full numbers inside.

Credit: Box Office Mojo

Rank.) Movie Title (Distributor)
Weekend Gross (in millions) | Theaters | Total Gross (in millions) | Week #

1.) Get Smart (Warner Bros.)
$39.2 million/3,911 theatres/$39.2 million/First Week

2.) Kung Fu Panda (Paramount/DreamWorks)
$21.7 million/4,053 theatres/$155.6 million/Third Week

3.) The Incredible Hulk (Universal)
$21.6 million/3,508 theatres/$96.5 million/Second Week

4.) The Love Guru (Paramount)
$14.0 million/3,012 theatres/$14.0 million/First Week

5.) The Happening (Fox)
$10.0 million/2,986 theatres/$50.3 million/Second Week

6.) Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (Pramount)
$8.4 million/3,171 theatres/$290.8 million/Fifth Week

7.) You Don’t Mess With The Zohan (Sony)
$7.2 million/3,278 theatres/$84.1 million/Third Week

8.) Sex And The City (New Line)
$6.5 million/2,442 theatres/$132.3 millionFourth Week

9.) Iron Man (Pramount)
$4.0 million/1,912 theatres/$305.0 million/Eighth Week

10.) The Strangers (Rogue)
$2.0 million/1,578 theatres/$49.6 million/Fourth Week

Sunday Estimates – Final numbers due out Monday

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