Ring of Honor Weekly

The inspiration from this column came from how slow a news week it was for Ring of Honor. Due to this I was trying to figure out what to write and realized “columnists on televised wrestling never have this problem!” We’ve all pondered what would happen if ROH became televised wrestling. A conversation with Robin “Lone Wolf” Scott later and I had eight weeks of ROH television, as I’d like to see it, completely booked, from angles to promos and videos to, of course, matches. We took the assumption that ROH had a PPV every other month and an hour of television a week. Instead of starting from scratch, we decided it would be best to build on and re-establish current storylines so as not to alienate the current fanbase. Here’s two men’s look at what ROH would be like with 42 minutes a week of prime time T.V. This week, you’ll get 1-4. Next week will be 4-8 and the Pay Per View. If fantasy booking isn’t your thing, check below for the weekend previews.

Week 1 – The Top Singles Guys

Nothing flashy to begin, the opening goes immediately into a match for the very first segment of ROH on television. A match gets across how different this is from WWE and TNA, the other televised products and the type of action that fans can expect from Ring of Honor. We want to begin by highlighting the two aces, Aries and Danielson.

Segment 1: Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards with Larry Sweeney.

Segment Time: 10 minutes

Segment Goals: First is that these two could, in 10 minutes, have a very good match that could both keep up a great pace and not eschew selling or storytelling, giving the fans an idea of what ROH is about. Another reason is that Davey’s heel schtick would play great on television and immediately make him stand out, while Aries is a familiar face on television from his TNA days. Lastly, during Davey’s entrance, Larry Sweeney could cut a promo establishing his character, goals, and enemies in a side box after the fashion of the 1980s and 1990s WWF Superstars show. Aries, going over in a competitive match with his usual finishing sequence would immediately establish him as a presence to watch.

Segment 2: Post Match Aries with a mic announces he’s looking for Jimmy Jacobs. A video response airs from Jacobs.

Segment Time: 4 minutes

Segment Goals: This is where we can begin to establish the hatred between Aries and Jimmy Jacobs (who is not live on the first show). Jacobs video promo will introduce the Age of the Fall, their message and members, while at the same time, showing that Jacobs wants to battle Aries as much as vice versa.

Segment 3: Bryan Danielson cuts a promo about believing he is the true ROH Champion and that he wants a shot at World Champion Nigel McGuinness who is ducking him. Danielson goes over their early history. This draws out McGuinness who says Danielson must beat everyone Nigel has for a shot. Nigel goes over his recent accomplishments. Roderick Strong, a tweener, comes out to accept a shot at Danielson as a way of putting himself back into the ROH World Title Picture. Strong slaps Nigel, who in turn lariats Danielson. A video package is cut to (see next segment) so the wrestlers can prepare.

Segment Time: 8 Minutes

Segment Goals: We immediately establish Nigel as the cocky, heel champion who doesn’t want any part of Danielson. Danielson’s arrogance is matched by his willingness to back it up, which will be furthered by his match later in the night. Strong won’t speak much here, because he isn’t a great promo, but merely being around two guys vying for the title gives him an instant rub. The main event is set up here.

Segment 4: Video Package: Jimmy Loves Lacey

Segment Time: 3 minutes

Segment Goals: This will be the first part of establishing the background that leads to the Aries vs. Jacobs feud. The point here is to begin to have the fans hate Jacobs by understanding his (pathetic) history with Lacey. Segment 4 will also be a subtle advertisement for older ROH DVDs and begin to tease a major confrontation for Aries and Jacobs. Match clips from the early Whitmer matches will keep this from getting boring, with the powerbomb spots off the apron likely being especially effective.

Segment 5: Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong

Segment Time: Television time remaining, 17 minutes, with hopefully a touch of overrun time.

Segment Goals: This is where we can show viewers something they never get from WWE or TNA. A striking, mat based encounter, with great selling and an MMA feel would have the fans at the edge of their seats. The end should steal from their This Means War encounter and mix liberally with their Vendetta match. Go very MMA in feel. T.V. audiences have never seen anything like it and with that into a Danielson celebration closing the show, they would be left with a powerful, lasting image. A stray Strong clothesline brutalizes Danielson and he takes Roddy down and pounds him into a ref stoppage with murder in his eyes. Take the opportunity to get the elbows over and keep Strong’s heat by ref stoppage. Danielson ends the show screaming into the camera at Nigel “You see that! Do you have any idea how much worse it’s going to be when I get my hands on you McGuinness!?”

Week 2 – The Top Groups

Just as last week established the top singles stars, this week will introduce the groups of Sweet and Sour, Incorporated and Steen and Generico, while bringing the Tag Titles to the forefront and fleshing out the Age of the Fall. The singles stars are still here for continuity, but the focus is shifted.

Segment 1: Sweet and Sour, Incorporated of Larry Sweeney, Chris Hero, Davey Richards, Adam Pearce (with NWA title), Bobby Dempsey, Shane Hagadorn, and Eddie Edwards are in the ring, where they mock Roderick Strong for his loss to Bryan Danielson. Nigel comes out to add to the revelry, badmouthing Danielson. Danielson and Strong come out and are goaded into challenging for a tag match by the evil Sweeney.

Segment Time: 8 Minutes

Segment Goals: Davey and Sweeney would here introduce the NRC, potentially with clips shown of Davey turning on Roderick. This would make Roderick more sympathetic and keep the fans caring, even though he lost last week. Nigel continues to pick a fight with Danielson he has no intention of backing up, reminding Danielson of what he must do for a title shot. Danielson and Strong, in the ROH spirit, would rather fight than talk.

Segment 2: Bryan Danielson and Roderick Strong vs. Nigel McGuinness and Davey Richards

Segment Time: 12 Minutes

Segment Goals: The match would feature Nigel avoiding Danielson, picking his spots and entering when Danielson is eventually in peril. This, of course, means a long face shine period. Strong’s tag lets him destroy both opponents with his full array of backbreakers in rapid succession, which will fire up the crowd. The big melee at the end will see Danielson destroy Richards only to turn into the Jawbreaker Lariat, as the heels escape with a big win, giving Nigel more ammunition against Danielson.

Segment 3: Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey Part 2, the Cabana stuff into a few of the more brutal spots from Supercard of Honor 2’s cage match with Whitmer

Segment Time: 6 Minutes

Segment Goals: More background for Jacobs and Lacey, but now we learn just how sick Jacobs can be in his pursuit of her and that she had no interest, going so far as to be with another man. That Jacobs still is her lapdog immediately makes him pathetic and despicable (if the portrayal is done properly). Lacey isn’t sympathetic, but since she isn’t appearing for a bit, she doesn’t need to be. Fans are hopefully wondering how she ended up with Aries by now. More will be added to this in the next segment.

Segment 4: ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico

Segment Time: 16 Minutes

Segment Goals: First, we get proper ring intros for the title match and the announcers will put over how important the tag titles are, putting over former champions and great matches. This will be Steen and Generico’s usual formula, where Generico takes a beating into a hot tag. Steen, all attitude and fury, takes it to the heels. A melee later and it looks like the match can go either way. Jacobs gets a moment of control on Generico and begins to mock Aries. This draws out Aries, who, screaming for Lacey, charges at Jacobs, to be intercepted by the Necro Butcher. Generico has meanwhile, regained control, but this distracts him as he’s thrown from the ring hard, Steen is hit with the full combination of the Age of the Fall’s finish into the Phoenix Splash, leaving the tag titles safe with the AOTF. This adds more heat to the Aries and Jacobs feud, while immediately making tag division. Post match, a quick shot of Steen being upset with Generico could help in creating their unique dynamic for the television audience. The Phoenix Splash is another great visual to end a show.

Week 3 – Aries Falls

The focus this week is on the Age of the Fall and Aries, which will be brough to a boil here. Sweet and Sour get their major feud underway and Danielson continues his build to Nigel, but the heart is in Aries passionately attacking the Age for Lacey.

Segment 1: The Age of the Fall mock Aries, saying that he gave them a free win against Steen and Generico. Steen and Generico come out, dynamic in play, and say that despite Generico’s mishap, they have a 6-man tag scheduled for that night with partner who will reveal himself… right now! Aries then jumps Jacobs from behind.

Segment Time: 8 Minutes

Segment Purpose: Aries will finally get his hands on Jacobs to end the show, plus the week prior’s great main event is being revisited. This should keep viewers watching.

Segment 2: Brent Albright vs. Roderick Strong for a shot at Pearce’s NWA title

Segment Time: 10 Minutes (6 for the match)

Segments Goals: We’re back to the WWF Superstars style promo during Strong’s entrance where he announces that he’ll be going after Sweet and Sour, particularly Davey Richards for the NRC debacle and Adam Pearce, since taking the NWA belt would hurt SnS. Albright’s promo will state that wants no one getting their hands on Pearce but him and no one will get in his way, mentioning both Gun for Hire and The Hangmen’s Three.

Having a reason to care, the match will be that much better accepted. The two men will brutalize each other for 6 minutes, with Strong getting the early advantage, but Albright being stronger towards the finish, before SnS run in for a beatdown of both men. This makes the moments ago enemies into allies. As the faces, now working together begin to be overwhelmed, Danielson will save. He will save because he has a match with Hero coming up next (another man Nigel defeated) and he just can’t stand SnS. Danielson can grab a house mic to make all of this clear.

Segment 3: Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Hero

Segment Time: 8 Minutes

Segment Purpose: Comedy Hero will likely work best for PPV and in a short match, establishing that, then having Danielson beat the piss out of him for it will only help Danielson seem like a star. Hero, just for being in the ring with the guy who’s in the title picture for his debut, looks like a big deal.

Segment 4: Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey get together

Segment Time: 1 Minute

Segment Purpose: This must be kept short because it makes Jacobs look sympathetic. The focus here would be on the empty look of Jacobs when he wins Lacey over finally.

Segment 5: The Age of The Fall (Jacobs, Black, Necro) vs. Steen, Generico, Aries

Segment Time: 15 Minutes

Segment Purpose: Aries will immediately go after Jacobs and despite a great early showing, end up in trouble for the majority of the match. The formula will follow, but in the finish, Aries will be caught in the End Time, only for Steen to save him with the Swanton Bomb. As Steen lands, however, Tyler will come with the Phoenix Splash on him for the finish and another great image.

Aries looks like a beast for nearly handling all three men of the Age of the Fall, but also that his emotions are ruling him and causing him trouble. Steen and Generico continue their chase for the tag belts, but are forced to fall back because both men have now been pinned by the champions. Black is being subtly built, getting major pins and looking great doing so. The finish here is unlike anything any other main event in America offers and Aries is still looking to get back at the Age, leaving the viewer wanting more despite the heels coming out ahead two weeks in a row.

Week 4 – The Trial of Sweet and Sour

A trial series is the main attraction of this week’s story. In order to get their hands on who they want from Sweet and Sour, Inc, Albright and Strong must find a partner to face three SnS wrestlers in a trial series. If they win, they get whatever match they choose with whichever SnS members. If they lose, they will be forced into the service of Larry Sweeney. This gives the hot AOTF feud a rest for a week (at this point a video package will keep it at the fore) while adding intrigue to this part of the roster.

Segment 1: Brent Albright vs. Eddie Edwards

Segment Time: 2 minutes

Segment Purpose: During this squash the announcers can get over the trial series and its ramifications and that what Albright wants is a NWA title shot at Pearce. Albright destroying Edwards isn’t so bad since Edwards will be primarily a tag wrestler, while Albright will be over as a beast.

Segment 2: Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong

Segment Time: 8 Minutes

Segment Purpose: The announcers will here put over that Strong wants Davey for the NRC’s breakup. The match will be good, with Hero controlling off a distraction early, a quick comeback from Strong, who turns into a Hero’s Welcome to lose the match.

Segment 3: Davey Richards vs. Surprise: Erick Stevens

Segment Time: 12 Minutes

Segment Purpose: Davey, confident that the faces can’t find anyone to face him, enters the ring to gloat. Stevens emerges, leaving Davey terrified. Stevens says that because SnS jumped him on PPV and had Puder attack him, he wants revenge on Sweeney. We introduce Stevens as a rival to Sweet and Sour, Inc here. He has great chemistry with Davey and a good match here will have him quite over. Stevens will win with his Doctor Bomb after a good back and forth match.

Segment 4: Nigel McGuinness announces that he’s still waiting for someone to prove worthy of facing him (wink wink Danielson), but since he’s obligated to one title shot a month, at least it can be a European, Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio is then introduced with a video package.

Segment Time: 3 Minutes

Segment Purpose: Make Nigel seem like the opposite of a fighting champion and that he’s being forced to face Claudio, but he still has the venom to be racist about it. Claudio’s video package will show some of his better highlights, notably against Matt Sydal, a regular on WWE television, and Claudio to give a rub to a guy being pushed.

Segment 5: Age of the Fall formation/success video

Segment Time: 3 Minutes

Segment Purpose: This will show the Age in all their evil glory, while foreshadowing the Briscoes televised debut.

Segment 6: ROH World Title Match: Nigel McGuinness vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Segment Time: 11 Minutes

Segment Purpose: This match is mostly here to make Nigel work. The majority of the match will be Claudio controlling and trying to get a win with big moves, while Nigel does nothing but arm work and lariats off counter wrestling, while continually being beaten upon for mocking the fans. No commercials during this is a must so that it feels longer than it is. Nigel goes over with the Jawbreaker into the London Dungeon.

Segment 7: Nigel brags no one can beat him. Tyler Black comes out and says he wants a shot. Nigel states that he’s already defeated Tyler, but that Tyler and Danielson can kill each other for the privilege of losing to Nigel on the first three-hour PPV!

Segment Time: Television time remaining (at least 3 minutes)

Segment Purpose: Tyler, who has looked like a beast in tags, inserts himself forcefully into the title picture. Danielson finally has a shot looming if he can defeat the upstart, while Nigel is conniving, having two rivals face off. We end with the champion staring down his upstart challenger.

That’s it for this week’s ROH on Television. Check back next week for Weeks 4-8 and the Pay Per View.

The Weekend Previews: Friday June 27 in Dayton and Saturday June 28 in Chicago

June 27 in Dayton, OH

Title vs. Title Match
Nigel McGuinness vs. Adam Pearce

This is Nigel’s ROH title vs. Pearce’s NWA title. Both titles hold great prestige, NWA due to its history and ROH due to its current handling. That said, Pearce is far lower on the card than Nigel and that these are both heels means that no way is Nigel losing his belt here. Pearce getting the belt in an angle with Albright also makes no sense if he jobs it to Nigel. That means, to me, this ends in some kind of no contest, but should be quite interesting, especially to see what Pearce can do in a top spot.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: I think that this match is going to surprise people in terms of quality. Adam Pearce may not be the most exciting wrestler out there, but he does know how to tell a story in the ring. I think the only given here is that there will be some sort of schmozz finish. Neither man is leaving with the other person’s belt. Brent Albright has his issues with Pearce and Sweet and Sour Inc, so that is the path the NWA title will take. Nigel has issues with Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen and a few others, so he is not dropping the title to the scrap daddy. It would be crazy to see an NWA style hour draw, but I don’t think anyone really wants that, either.

Winner: No Contest

Austin Aries vs. The Necro Butcher

Aries gears up for Jacobs with Jimmy’s big, brawling AOTF-mate. Aries has always had trouble conveying hatred and brawling in the ring, so a match with Necro should show how far he’s come with both of those. This will either be a memorable brawl or something of a train wreck. Either way, Aries wins.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Necro Butcher brawls, and that is about it. Austin Aries weak point is his straight brawling. This match has train wreck written all over it, but I think it will be in a good way. I have a strong feeling that Age of the Fall interference will make for poor results for Austin Aries. He has pretty much crossed over into that territory in which losing does not have a huge effect. Also Gabe tends to book good vs. evil feuds in which good loses all the way through and does not triumph until the very end. I see that happening here too.

Winner: The Necro Butcher

Bryan Danielson vs. Erick Stevens

This is a rematch from Transform where Stevens defeated Danielson in a very good match. Since then Stevens push has stalled out. He lost the feud to Strong and has lost to the other major player he defeated during that push, Austin Aries. Danielson has to defeat everyone Nigel has to earn another title shot, and since Nigel has defeated Danielson, it looks like Stevens push will continue to come to naught as Danielson wins in a match that hopefully gets the time and respect to protect Stevens, even though he’s losing.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: This match will be good and very possibly great. This is the first in a series of wrestlers that Nigel McGuinness has beaten in title matches that Dragon has not beaten in RoH. I think Dragon gets his win back here.

Winner: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

Roderick Strong vs. Chris Hero

Sweet and Sour recruited Davey Richards from the No Remorse Corps and beat on Strong. Strong now wants revenge. A face in this match, this is easily Strong’s best role as he takes a great beating and dishes back with superb, hard hitting maneuvers. Hero, when serious as he is now, is among the top brawlers in the world. With time this can be special. Hero will likely win to continue his “serious Hero” push, but this is far from a sure thing as Strong could begin to cut a swath through SnS here.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Davey is busy in Japan, so the budding Roderick Strong vs. Sweet and Sour Inc feud starts here. I see Sweet and Sour heading on their way to a big multi-man match against a mutual hatred society featuring Roderick Strong, Brent Albright, Pelle Primeau and others. I think Chris Hero needs the big win here, because unlike Aries Hero can’t afford to lose big matches as much as he does.

Winner: Chris Hero

Jimmy Jacobs & Joey Matthews vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

Steen and Generico want the tag titles. Jacobs and Black have them. Defeating different combinations of the Age of the Fall will get Steen and Generico a title shot, so that’s just what they’ll begin to do here.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Some might disagree, but I thought Kevin Steen and Joey Matthews had a good little match at the Sixth Anniversary show. I have not seen “Up for Grabs” yet, so I do not know how Steen and Generico looked against the Age of the Fall. I expect great things from this match, and I expect Steen to get the fall on Jacobs to further build a case for a tag title shot. Oh, and Generico is really good too.

Winners: Kevin Steen and El Generico

Brent Albright vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Jay Briscoe

Albright is in the midst of a big push, but rarely seems to win these multi-man matches. Jay has nothing to do and will likely lose. Claudio is the top guy in this match and could us ea win just to keep his name on that side of the ledger. He’ll likely pin Jay here.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Almost one year prior to this the same match happened with Takeshi Morishima in Jay Briscoe’s place. That match was a lot of fun. This one most likely will be too. This has been hyped as having title implications. Brent Albright is the only one who has not yet received a title shot against Nigel, and he is in the midst of a big push, so I think he gets the win over Jay Briscoe here to move one step closer to the world title picture.

Winner: Brent Albright

Tyler Black vs. Delirious

Tyler is in the World and Tag Team title picture while Delirious is working with the trainees and Daizee Haze. Score one for the future star.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Delirious is going to run around and yell in gibberish, Tyler Black is going to win. Rhett Titus and Daizee Haze will most likely be involved in a skit afterwards. That is all.

Winner: Tyler Black

Shane Hagadorn & Bobby Dempsey vs. Silas Young & Mitch Franklin

Two Sweet and Sour rookies will face a trainee and Silas Young. Young is a good hand who has kept up with the upper-card in the past and is likely too high up to lose here. I’d expect a Dempsey mistake to cost them this match, leading to him being berated and beaten again, like usual.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: I would say that this match will be taped for the RoH video wire. This is also the first time that Bobby Dempsey has been in the ring in a good while to the best of my knowledge. The story is that Bobby needs to start pulling his ample weight around the Sweet and Sour Incorporated. I think he will do the bulk (pun intended) of the work in the match and Hagadorn will get the three count on poor weird looking Mitch Franklin. Bobby will get berated for not getting the job done, and humiliated.

Winners: Bobby Dempsey and Shane Hagadorn

June 28 in Chicago, IL

Austin Aries vs. Jimmy Jacobs

This grudge match is finally going down. We finally get to see Aries get revenge for what Jacobs did to Lacey and Jacobs get revenge for Aries taking Lacey. These two are both on a role and this should be great. Jacobs should win to keep this going as Aries emotions get the better of him. This had better be a huge fight.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Maybe Aries will learn something about hate filled brawling from his match the night before against Necro Butcher. I would love to see these guys have a more straight wrestling affair, but the feud has been constructed as such that it would be impossible. The match should be good, and I would love to see Jimmy Jacobs get a clean win here, and since these are my predictions. Why the heck not.

Winner: Jimmy Jacobs

Nigel McGuinness vs. Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn gets a non-title challenge against the Champ. Lynn is one of the founders of the indies with his matches against a young Waltman and is certainly a worthy veteran presence for the locker-room. He’ll hopefully have a great showing here and stick around for the foreseeable future. It’s often forgotten, but when he was the road agent for them, the X-Division was at its peak. Nigel should win here, but Jerry should be back.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: This is the second time these two have wrestled in Ring of Honor. The first is a pretty well forgotten about match from “At Our Best.” It was a fun little match then, and Nigel has improved by leaps and bounds since. Unfortunately, wrestlers are not like wine in that they do not get better with age. Jerry Lynn has almost certainly lost a step. Reports are that Jerry Lynn was impressive in his most recent FIP outing, though. Nigel isn’t losing this match however.

Winner: Nigel McGuinness

Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli

This is the first time in ROH and is being hyped as a big match. Danielson always delivers in big matches and that overrules Claudio’s less than stellar record of late. Danielson will take it to Claudio on his way to a Nigel rematch in a sure fire show stealer.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: I am amazed that this match has never happened in Ring of Honor. It has Danielson, so it is going to be good. Claudio is another challenger that Nigel has turned away, yet Dragon has never beaten him in an RoH ring. Dragon wins as he marches towards his PPV title shot against Nigel in Detroit.

Winner: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

Adam Pearce & a mystery partner vs. Roderick Strong & Brent Albright

Wonder who the mystery man to sign with SnS is? This isn’t hyped enough to be anyone huge, but Silas Young makes a lot of sense here. Strong and Alrbight should get one over on the new guy here.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Ring of Honor rarely delivers on mystery partners. Smart money lends itself towards Rocky Romero being the mystery partner which would not be bad at all. I would love for it to be a debut. Chuck Taylor just lost the IWA: Mid-South title, so maybe he is clearing his schedule for some Ring of Honor dates. Not a chance, but a man can dream. There is also a chance that it will be someone from the four corner survival. It won’t be Delirious or Sugarfoot. There is a tiny chance that it will be Rhett Titus, but I doubt it. That leaves Silas Young as a possibility, but I have a feeling he would have been put over a bit more going into the show if it were going to be him. I think Pearce and Mystery Man get the win though, not through their wrestling skill, but more through chicanery, shenanigans, and skullduggery.

Winners: Adam Pearce and his mystery partner (most likely Rocky Romero)

Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Tyler Black & The Necro Butcher

Steen and Generico will continue their path to the tag titles by pinning Necro here. This should be an awesome brawl as all of these guys are absolutely great.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: I have yet to see Steen and Necro’s encounters, but reports are they were a good time. I have a feeling that this will be one of those “relaxed rules” matches, as so many of Necro Butcher’s contests are. I think Steen and Generico take another win against a non-champion Age of the Fall team.

Winners: Kevin Steen and El Generico

Lights Out Match
Chris Hero vs. Pelle Primeau

Hero will knock out poor little Pelle putting a capper on this mini-feud.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: This match really paints Chris Hero into a corner. They are trying to build him up into a credible threat, so he should mow over Pelle Primeau. But Pelle is the plucky babyface that could, and in this type of gimmick match the heel usually gets his comeuppance. I really think Hero has to win here, or they sacrifice everything he has been built up for.

Winner: Chris Hero

Jay Briscoe vs. Erick Stevens

This should be hard hitting fun. Jay will take it to Stevens, but won’t be able to get the win, falling victim to the Doctor Bomb.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: This will be hard hitting for sure. I think Jay could be getting a bit of a singles push while his brother recovers. I still think Stevens gets the win here as they try to find something else to do with him.

Winner: Erick Stevens

Four Corner Survival
Delirious vs. Rhett Titus vs. Silas Young vs. Alex Payne

Delirious is low on the card right now, but hopefully not so low as to lose in this match. Titus is getting a big push and Silas is quite good, but Del should win to keep some semblance of his heat.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: This match is interesting. The storyline at the forefront is of course Delirious and Rhett Titus. Alex Payne has no chance in this match and will most likely take the fall if Silas Young wins on his way to joining Sweet and Sour Inc as Adam Pearce’s mystery partner. Still, I think this match will feature a lot of Delirious and Rhett trying to team up, and Rhett will “accidentally” get the win over Delirious.


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