Make Movement: The Night WWE Became Anything Can Happen.. Again

I can’t remember a RAW I’ve enjoyed more this year’s than last night’s RAW. For the first time in a long time, WWE tapped into the excitement that “anything can happen..” and fans REACTED. You give the fans something, like a great sequence: JR’s farewell on RAW, Edge drawing monster heel heat, Batista doing a vicious attack and then CM Punk cashing in his Money In The Bank and winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship on TV, and you have yourself something truly priceless.

I hope WWE realizes what they’ve retapped into, and let that excitement come back into the product again. The product feels fresh again, after the draft and having a first time WWE Champion, it’s good for the business.

This is CM Punk’s chance to shine and prove he is a main eventer and can run with the ball. Hopefully at some point, Jeff Hardy will get to run with the same ball on Smackdown.

I’m not sure how I feel about a Santino/Mysterio program, and this will work only if somehow, the often neglected Carlito gets brought into the Priceless organization (Dibiase Jr./Cody Rhodes) or program. I’m also really interested if they could also create a stable with Orton being involved – it would be interesting to see him either be the leader of the new faction or go up against it at some point.

The Jericho/HBK and now Kofi Kingston program remains hot, and continues providing the second biggest storyline of the show. Now we’re going to see some of Cena and JBL in the future and Cena needs a real boost in his character or a turn because I can’t believe the Hogan-like song and dance continues to work week after week.

The Women have no real direction but maybe with Katie being woven into the Women’s Division (and has bigger heat than Paul Birchill), if done right, can add some fire to the Women’s Division. What’s really missing in the title picture here is no real consistent storylines for a variety of reasons (injuries and the writers not pushing it like they should) – the days of Lita/Trish, Trish/Mickie type feuds seems so far away from what has happened since Trish retired.

A overall great RAW, and hopefully, WWE will realize that keeping things fresh, unexpected and allowing titles to change on TV is a great way to get the viewers excited about the product. Thanks for reading, for all your support and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at

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