10 Thoughts on Impact – 07.03.2008

1. Wow, AJ couldn’t keep up with Ray verbally at all. Good thing AJ took out both of them for a bit to seek from looking absolutely pathetic.

2. From John Wiswell: WCW Moment: LAX is live from San Antonio, but when James Storm’s music plays it plays in their background.

3. The Guns are simply fantastic at tag team wrestling. All of their teams, their mannerisms, and even their look play into their cocky punk character. They are the Rockers for the new generation. However… why did they go over the guys challenging for the tag titles? The beating gets the heat back, but really, Beer Money (Storm and Roode’s awesome team name) should give up the title shot for losing. They did, however, earn their shot back by whipping Don West.

4. Mickie Knuckles…errr… Moose doing the hardcore thing every week will make it old fast.

5. TNA had a brilliant marketing idea with IGN. This is just the kind of thing needed to get the word out to wrestling fans.

6. Kurt’s dates were terrible and unfunny. Ray’s explanation was awesome and saves all of these segment. I can’t believe how legitimately and fantastically hate-able Ray has become. Angle having this woman beat up is absolutely stupid and takes away the point of Angle’s problem with the dates if this is all he’d do anyway.

7. Pimp My Lockeroom is racist, but, surprisingly, actually makes sense giving Booker’s ongoing problems with his locker-room. I could still have done without it, though Booker’s jacket’s are distilled out of pure awesomeness.

8. Milano vs. Curry Man wasn’t anything special, but Milano is quite flashy and I can easily see him taking a job and making a huge impression. Interestingly, Milano had a far better match with much maligned Jimmy Rave at Final Battle 05 (albeit with more time) than he had here with Chris Daniels.

9. If Taylor can wrestle at all, it’ll show against Saed, who’s really the best women’s wrestler in the world, Cheerleader Melissa (and I will write that every damn week until she’s in a regular wrestling role). Taylor’s outfit does her no favors, making her seem like a new age Alundra Blaze a decade too late. Ultimately, however, I don’t mind that, as it turns out Taylor is a damn fine wrestler. Good choice.

10. The main event of Beer Money vs. Nash and Joe made one thing abundantly clear to me: the more Nash is in the ring, the less interest there will be in his match with Joe. He can’t go in the slightest anymore. Letting his legend and mouth carry the feud is the way to go. The question about Sting will hopefully remove the thought of Nash barely being able to lift Roode from fans’ minds.

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