10 Thoughts on ECW – 07.01.2008

Kofi and Shelton won’t be giving their all on ECW anymore. But who needs Kofi and Shelton when we can watch Mark Henry brag about being the ECW Savior? Join me as I give 10 Thoughts on the July 1st Edition of ECW.

1. ECW opened up with a recap of the Kane/Show/Henry match at Night of Champions. The recap video closed with Henry holding the ECW Title, looking like a monster. What they didn’t show was Henry jumping around the ring with the title like a little girl.

2. Okay, so the show opens up with a recap on Henry winning the title. The opening video rolls, closing with a shot of Mark Henry. THEN, the ring announcer introduces us to our new ECW Champion, Mark Henry. It hasn’t even been five minutes and I’m already sick of the guy.

3. Mark Henry’s face looks like a loaf of bread. How can I take this guy seriously?

4. Dreamer and Delaney interrupt Henry’s promo in the ring. I can’t wait until Delaney feels like he’s getting too big for Tommy Dreamer and ditches him. A Delaney heel turn would be amazing.

5. Mark Henry couldn’t work the microphone if his life depended on it.

6. Matt Hardy looked really good against The Miz and John Morrison. I wouldn’t mind a Miz/Hardy feud for the ECW United States Title.

7. Miz slapped Hardy in a sleeper hold and yelled “TAP OUT HARDY!!! TAP OUT!!!”. Screw you DiBiase, that was priceless.

8. I’m sorry, but Atlas Ortiz needs to lose that afro. It is THE worst looking afro I’ve ever seen in my life. It flops around everywhere and distracts me from the actual match.

9. The Colin Delaney/Mark Henry match really wasn’t that bad. Delaney kept me on the edge of my seat, leading me to believe that he actually had a chance at beating Henry. But then again, losing is Delaney’s gimmick.

10. Honestly, this episode wasn’t bad at all. The six man tag between Miz/Morrison/Guererro and Hornswaggle/Finlay/Hardy wasn’t bad at all. The Ortiz/Estrada match was quick and painless, and the main event was a fun watch.

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