Ultimate Marvel Handbook # 237

Hello all and welcome to another edition of the Handbook. I‘m Jim Trabold. We have one large email to cover this week. We call it Cory mail. Next issue I get to any other emails I‘ve got saved and questions. Even add some of your comments and answer any questions there. Now let‘s get Daron in here and start up. Hey Daron what’s up?

So, where exactly is “in here” anyway? We’re on the net, and hell we don’t even live in the same state let along write in the same room? Is this question to esoteric for this column?

Not to much up here. I didn‘t want to cram too much in this issue so left it with Cory mail and held the rest. I know you would rather I do that anyway. I‘m ready to go so lets start.

I guess that answers my question…

Cory emails

Hey guys….Cory is here! Hope all is well J and D, now away we go:

Hey Cory. Good to see you again.

1- Iron Man is the bomb! That is Marvel’s equivalent to Batman Begins, if not better. The post-credits scene with Nick Fury was amazing! RDJ was the perfect choice for Tony, totally dispelling those old Tom Cruise rumors. This film did 3 amazing things also: 1- ended perfectly for a sequel. 2- Gave a greenlight for a spin-off with War Machine (“next time baby”). 3- Displayed the connection with all upcoming Marvel films and the “Avengers”. Yes!

I agree fully. I loved Iron Man. Was the best comic movie so far. That‘s right not just the best Marvel movie but in my opinion the best over all comic movie.

Well, while I agree that it’s probably one of the best Marvel Movies (I’m think X2 is probably still the best) it wasn’t better than Batman Begins, but whatever…it was a great movie.

I also enjoyed Incredible Hulk. It‘s not at Iron Man level all the way but would make my top 5 comic movies. Definitely up among the best Marvel movies. Everyone should see it.

2- Speaking of Avengers, how bout a casting call next column? But for now let’s pick which Avenger members should be in the Avengers film: I say Cap, IM, Thor, Wasp, Hawkeye, Ant-Man or Giant Man, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Hopefully they can all make the movie. Although I’d love to see those last 2 cameo in the Magneto prequel in some fashion.

Hmmm. I like this idea. A casting call would work. My cast idea though of the movie and who’s in will be here:

Captain America
Iron Man (Downey)
Hulk (Norton)

The originals have to go first.


Nick Fury (Jackson)
Black Widow
Scarlet Witch

They won’t join the team until like the end. Maybe even an extra scene after credits


Masters of Evil:

Baron Zemo
Loki or Enchantress
Leader or Abomination
Mandarin or an armored foe

Can have minor foes but make it a real Masters of Evil with big foes and it will work

3- Just a heads up. I have been doing this since DD, maybe earlier, but stay for those post-credits surprises. For the new upcoming Marvel movies these scenes will connect, so expect that RDJ cameo as Tony Stark at the end of the Hulk next month and; Thor at the end of Iron Man 2. Since the last Hulk sucked, especially the last 30 minutes, how do you guys think the new one will fare?

Well I went to Hulk and I enjoyed it. I wasn‘t expecting a lot going in but was pleasantly surprised by it. I really think this movie was one of the best Marvel movies. Iron Man scene could‘ve been after credits but wasn‘t when I saw it. I did stay in case but nothing, I agree everyone should stay from now on.

4- I can’t be the only one to pick up on this, but: The leader of the terrorist faction that kidnapped Tony Stark called his group the “10 rings”. Now coincedence, I think not. In the squel, some how he gets 10 actual rings and re-emerges as the Mandarin. Also not of Asian descent, but of Middle Eastern. Not only is he not dead, but he can easily come back with a hatred for America and also Iron Man. Almost sounds like real life?

Sounds exactly like what the plans are. He will be playing the Mandarin in the second movie and will be the main villain from everything I‘m hearing. Mandarin is the best villain for the sequel too.

5- Since Iron Man split the MU in many ways recently, has the popularity of his movie changed at all how you guys view him in the comics? For me, to a small degree. After what lead to Cap’s death, he has a long way up to climb.

I‘m not a big Iron Man hater. In fact I‘m still a fan of the character. No matter what he did. He had his reasons and we all know it. Now if people have problems with Tony still or had them before the movie it‘s free opinion. I don‘t mind it and won‘t argue.

For me, I was never really an Iron Man fan before CW. The character, like Hulk and Punisher just bored me. Now I did thoroughly enjoy the movie, but it hasn’t changed my stance on the character in comics. I give most of the credit to RDJ for that, just like I’ll be going to see Hulk ONLY because Ed Norton is an amazing actor and one of my faves. Otherwise, I’d probably steer clear just because the character does absolutely nothing for me…I never saw the punisher movie, and don’t ever plan on it, nor the upcoming sequel. But that’s just me.

6- Captain America’s movie: I heard rumors of Paul Walker, Jason Lewis, Matthew McConahey, and even Brad Pitt. Though the movie may need the star power, why not go unknown? Whoever he is he has to have the golden boy looks (blue eyes, blond hair) and the muscles. Will the success/hype of this movie bring Steven Grant Rogers back in the MU? FYI: In The Incredible Hulk, General Ross mentions there was a World War II program that created a super soldier formula to Emil Blonsky, who leaps at this chance to defeat the Hulk. Viewers see this as a nod to Captain America. Captain America’s shield can also be seen in Iron Man during the scene in which Pepper Potts discovers Tony Stark’s secret identity while he is attempting to remove his power suit. This is most likely because The First Avenger: Captain America will be set before Iron Man in World War II whereas The Avengers will be set after.

I actually agree that an unknown would be perfect with Cap. I know names do help but Cap is one of those characters an unknown would pull off and would be perfect for this part. Cap is just that type of character. Think of Hugh Jackman. No one knew him until Wolverine. Cap can do the same for someone here

The problem here is that as we’ve seen, the industry thinks they need a name to pull off the role. The only reason Logan was a relative unknown in the X1 was because he had the star power of Ian McKellan, Pat Stewart, and Halle Berry backing him. While I think an unknown would do great (look at Brandon Routh who pulled off an amazing Superman), I just don’t see them going that way. Though I hope they prove me wrong.

7- Thor’s movie: I heard rumors of Brad Pitt (again), HHH, and even Kevin McKidd. The plot is as follows: Screenwriter Mark Protosevich has been hired to write a script for a live-action Thor film. In December 2007, he described his plans for it “to be like a superhero origin story, but not one about a human gaining super powers, but of a god realizing his true potential. It’s the story of a [sic] Old Testament god who becomes a New Testament god. It will be mythic, but also bear the unmistakable qualities of a Marvel movie, an epic fantasy adventure”. So will we have just Thor the god or a Dr. Blake/Thor combo? Which is better?

I‘m betting on Thor for most of the movie by himself. I‘ve read rumors of Blake coming in later and even Eric Masterson coming into play as well. That Thor will be himself for most of it. A bit of an Ultimate Thor feel to it to with him knowing he‘s a God but no one believing him of course as well. I‘m hoping we see all the big Asgardians of course myself. I expect a ton of CGI just for this and Asgard.

8- I love both plotlines for Cap and Thor, because it keeps the movie totally to them PRIOR to the Avengers. But since Tony Stark revealed his identity at the end of Iron Man, for the sequel, what will be used to cover this action up from the public. He was drunk at the time? PTSD?, or him just being a gloryhound-like a**hole?

hehe. Well Tony‘s id is known in comics. Wasn’t known at first of course. I love the nod to the old comic too. “Bodyguard? There‘s no way anyone will believe that“ Since in Iron Man he was the bodyguard for quite some time. We have two characters who can help get his id back. Happy Hogan who was limo driver in Iron Man 1 and James Rhodes who wants the armor anyway. Plus SHIELD is in play which can help. So I think he‘ll be fine.

9- Has there ever been a hero in the MU that has went through a transformation similar to when Hal Jordan snapped and became Parallax? Or something of similar controversial fashion?

hmmm. Does Onslaught count? Because Onslaught is close as heck to the Parallax thing. Man heroes did the opposite of course. Going foe to hero. Let‘s see who else I can come up with. A top ten even

1. Onslaught/ Xavier
2. Maestro/Hulk (I know future self but as Maestro he kills all the heroes)
3. Scarlet Witch (She’s gone back and forth a few times even. Many think her madness with House of M would count as evil to.)
4. Quicksilver (this goes with Wanda in ways. Back and forth. He made Wanda cause HOM. He’s still a bit mad.)
5. Namor (on and off Namor has always been that way. He’s doing it for the oceans but he still can be seen as a foe.)
6. Colossus (He did join Magneto during the Fatal Attractions)
7. Gambit (After we found out Sinister hired him to unit the Marauders he’s been on and off villain)
8. Archangel (Apocalypse made him into Death. He was evil was he not? I’d say it counts)
9. Elektra (on and off again here. She fits this category I’d say)
10. Vision (How about when he tried to take over the world. I’d say it was evil)

10- How the heck, does Siryn get pregnant…by a clone of Madrox no less? Does Deadpool know?

heh. She gets well stupid enough to you know have sex with Madrox without protection. The clone/dupe being the father isn‘t too strange. Not like a dupe can‘t have sex. As for Wade. He don‘t know yet but when he finds out I doubt he will be happy.

11- I heard that Wolfsbane had an affair of some sort with a younger student. Now I know of her and Rictor recently, but just who was the student and was there any repercussions?

Rahne had a thing with Josh Foley. Rahne and Josh kissed and his healing powers worked on her returning her powers. She briefly went feral and nearly killed Josh. Josh survived, and Moonstar brought Rhane back from her savage state. Upon it being exposed to the school and faculty by some students, Rhane left the school before Cyclops and Emma Frost could decide on her future at the Institute.

12- Ok. I asked of Juggy vs. the Blob. Now how about Cannonball flying versus the Juggernaut running? FULL power for both.

hmmmm. Now this could prove interesting. Why? Cannonball defeated Gladiator. That‘s what makes this even more interesting. I think Cannonball could actually defeat Juggernaut with some luck like he had against Gladiator.

While I want to root for Sam here, haven’t we already seen this scenario? Way back in the X-force’s early days, didn’t they team up with Spidey to fight Juggernaut? If I recall there was a panel where Sam rammed Juggs at full tilt (who wasn’t even moving at the time) and he bounced off him, forcing Spidey to save him. I’d say this one’s already been decided…

13- Can we get an update on who has been revealed as Skrulls also? That’s it for now guys, more to come asap.

Sure. Here‘s the list:

Black Bolt: New Avengers Illuminati #5
Elektra: New Avengers #31
Revolutionary: Avengers Illuminati Annual #1
Irving Griffin (Daily Bugle Head of Features): Marvel Holiday Special 2007
Cobalt Man: Captain Marvel #3
Hank Pym: Secret Invasion #1
Edwin Jarvis: Secret Invasion #1
Dum Dum Dugan: Secret Invasion Prologue
Valentina Allegra de Fontaine: Secret Invasion Prologue
Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel #5
Cyclone: Captain Marvel #3
Invisible Woman: Secret Invasion #1
Spider-Woman: New Avengers # 40
Spider-Man from ship
Hawkeye from ship

Thanks a mil, see ya in 7, and Make Mine Marvel!

See you next time Cory

Brand New Day synopsis

Amazing Spider-Man #563: Spidey fights the villains until the bar keep stops the fight. We see a man’s leg heal. Spidey leaves to find Bookie only to find his father and learn he’s kidnapped by the Enforcers. Spidey takes the old man with him and fights the Enforcers before they give up and he learns the dad took a bet on the fight. Spidey deals with both him and Bookie.

Secret Invasion synopsis

Incredible Hercules #118: Herc and the God Pack talk over the mission and the members. God Pack meet with Nightmare. Nightmare makes Herc see a nightmare of his past. Nightmare then attacks the others as well. As Hercules breaks free and frees the others they fight nightmare creatures to escape. After Herc and Snowbird get it on as the wolf is shown with green eyes

Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #2: Johnny’s past girlfriends are shown as he fights Lyja. Franklin and Valeria come out of hiding. Thing finishes off the bugs. Lyja and Torch fight till the Negative Zone creatures attack. They team up. Franklin and Val find Ben. Torch and Lyja soon join them. Franklin suggest having a villain help them escape.

Divided We Stand synopsis

X-Factor #32: Madrox helps an old man before running into Val. Madrox sees Layla before going with Val to X-Factor. Val offers them a place with the ONE. Madrox learns the old man died. Layla and him talk. Madrox leaves Val with a message before blowing up the place. X-Factor move and get a new client. Val finds Madrox.

That‘s it for today. Another good week of stuff to cover. Next issue I may put my Hulk review into and even my Iron Man review. I‘m on a movie kick heh. I‘ve got a few emails to put in to. So good week to come to. What did you think Daron?

Not too bad for only having one email…

Sounds good. That‘s it from here all. See you all next issue and keep those emails coming. If anyone has anything on Secret Invasion or the Skrulls send it this way. I‘d still love to do an all Skrull issue.

1. Digital comics Comics you can read online

2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

3. Next issue is our Skrull issue. We have tons of information and reveals so far. So if you have any questions on Skrulls or opinions on Secret Invasion send them this way

That’s it from here. As always reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Make Mine Marvel.

And make mine on a beach somewhere…I need a vacation!

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