10 Thoughts on ECW – 07.08.2008

Welcome to the number one rated wrestling show with Tony Atlas on it! Join me as I give 10 Thoughts on this week’s ECW on Sci-Fi.

1. Miz and Morrison kick things off and claim they have beaten all the tag teams that are on the ECW roster. Just when you think someone awesome, new and cool is about to come out, Hornswaggle’s music hits and FINLAY comes out. This feud is already outdone! When you have these two teams go up against each other three times in one week and have an internet show of Miz and Morrison bashing Finlay and Hornswaggle, you gotta give it a break. Please, WWE, stop this feud.

2. The first segment ended with Miz and Morrison crawling up the ramp, moving backstage. The next segment started with a Miz and Finlay match already underway. It’s been seven minutes and my mind has been fried by confusion.

3. Chris Harris (in a plain black singlet) made a successful debut against Armando Estrada under the name of Braden Walker. Harris never looked worse. He won with a broken top rope body block.

4. This whole name changing thing is making me crazy. I was shocked when they had Matt Sydal debut under his original ring name. The very next week, Matt Sydal somehow transformed into Evan Bourne. And just last week, Atlas Ortiz made his debut against Estrada. Now it’s Ricky Ortiz? Next week Braden Walker will be Braden Maven. BANK ON IT.

5. This whole Henry/Atlas backstage segment made me mark out. It was exactly one week ago when I bashed Henry for being horrible on the microphone. This week, he looked like a true heel walking away from Atlas’ extended hand, leaving him hanging.

6. Tommy Dreamer is a different story. It sounded like he was reading from a script during his altercation with Mr. Atlas.

7. Evan Bourne’s Shooting Star Press never ceases to amaze me.

8. I almost fell asleep during the Mark Henry/Tommy Dreamer match.

9. Tony Atlas pulled a swerve and threw Colin Olsen into the table. Why?

10. Henry and Tommy Dreamer went to a double countout. However, Atlas announced Mark Henry the winner. This week’s episode of ECW made my brain fall out of my ears.

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