Dynasty: Season 3, Part 1 – DVD Review

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Welcome back to the world of Dynasty. The high melodrama picks up right where it left off with Blake Carrington injured and lost up on a mountain, Cecil Colby fighting for his life in a hospital after a heart attack and of course, Fallon and Jeff’s son, Little Blake is still missing having been kidnapped.

Just in case you’re new to Dynasty, it follows the lives of the Carringtons, a rich family in the oil industry in Denver. It centers on all the double and triple crossing and backstabbing that goes on in the family and the rival oil family, The Colbys.

As if the twisted and treacherous Alexis Carrington (Joan Collins) wasn’t enough for Blake to deal with this season introduces two new characters to the show. First we get Adam Carrington (Gordon Thomson), the long lost Carrington son who was kidnapped as a little child and is returning now 25 years later. She sets up with Alexis and wants to help her bring Blake down. Then we are introduced to Joseph’s daughter, Kirby (Kathleen Bergere), who has a thing for Jeff (John James) who is married to Fallon (Pamela Sue Martin). And it turns out Adam has a thing for Kirby, whether she wants him to or not.

We also get the return of a couple familiar characters. Sammy Jo (Heather Locklear) shows up with Steve’s son and after being thought dead Steven himself also returns.

But that’s getting ahead of things. Because this isn’t the complete thirds season, just the first half. And there in lies the biggest flaw of this DVD release. Season Two was released in its entirety for $38.99 and now they’re releasing half of season three $35.99. Three dollars less for half as many shows. Yet as the only option fans of the show have no choice but to give in to Paramount’s price gouging. And with the collection ending on such a huge cliffhanger it was a great place for them to stop.

What’s really impressive about this show is how they manage to cram so much high melodrama into each episode. The Carringtons never have a moment to breathe. When one situation ends two more pop up to take it’s place. It gets to the point where you almost feel as if you’ve watched two episodes instead of one, which is really extraordinary writing.

The situations are ridiculous, the acting is over the top, and all of it is very addictive. Once you get sucked into the drama you want see what happens next.


Disc 1:

The Plea 9/29/1982

Blake is still injured up in the mountains. Krystle eventually finds him and rushes him to the hospital. Cecil Colby is also in the hospital recovering from his heart attack. He is near death but that doesn’t stop Alexis from wanting to rush along their wedding. Meanwhile, the search for Fallon’s son continues with Blake taking it to the press. It is also learned that 25 years earlier Alexis and Blake had their first child kidnapped and he was never returned. In Montana we meet Michael Torrance who learns from his dying grandmother that he is Adam Carrington, the missing son.

The Roof 10/6/1982

When Claudia goes missing everyone believes that she stole Fallon’s child. The chase leads to a rooftop stand off where Claudia’s true delusions are revealed and the child is still missing. Meanwhile, Michael arrives in Denver to learn about his past. Also, a recovering Cecil and Alexis make plans for their bedside wedding

The Wedding 10/06/1982

Little Blake is recovered from the real kidnapper. Blake gives Fallon and old hotel he owns for her to fix up and prove she can do something. At the hotel Fallon meets Michael, unaware that they are brother and sister he makes advances on her that are not turned away. Ew! Elsewhere Alexis and Cecil are wed only moments before he dies. Michael meets Blake who does not believe him to be his lost son Adam.

The Will 10/27/1982

At Cecil’s will reading it is learned that his fortune and Colbyco are left to Alexis and Jeff. In a video Cecil reveals that he has been trying to destroy Blake for years. Michael goes to Alexis and shows her a baby rattle his grandmother gave him with the initials A.A.C. engraved on it: Adam Alexander Carrington. Alexis believes that he is her long lost son.

Disc 2:

The Siblings 11/3/1982

Believing in Adam, Alexis gives him a job at Colbyco. After talking with Alexis Blake begins to believe that Adam may be his son after all. Adam and Fallon continue flirting with one another still not knowing the truth. They both finally find out and Fallon instantly hates Adam. In another attempt to destroy Krystal, Alexis tracks down her first husband Mark.

Mark 11/10/1982

Blake attempts to befriend Adam but is rejected. Alexis tells Mark that he is still married to Krystle. She tells him that Fallon is hiring a tennis pro for her new hotel. Jeff quits his job at Denver-Carrington feeling he can be more helpful keeping a more watchful eye on his mother and brother-in-law at Colbyco.

Kirby 11/17/1982

Joseph’s daughter, Kirby, comes to live at the Carringtons after breaking up with her fiancé in France. Blake tries to get help from congressman Neal McVane to keep his company a float. Adam gets hold of a toxic chemical to mix with paint to repaint Jeff’s office.

La Mirage 11/24/1982

Fallon gets a letter from her brother Steven and learns he’s working on an oil rig in the Java Sea. Fallon hired Kirby to be her new nanny. She also throws a huge 20’s themed party for the opening of her new hotel. Alexis sleeps with McVane in an attempt to stop him from helping Blake but fails. Mark tells Krystle that they are still married. Adam comes on strongly to Kirby until Jeff saves her.

Disc 3:

Acapulco 12/1/1982

Jeff starts getting dizzy spells from the poison paint in his office. Joseph tells Kirby to stay away from Jeff. Krystle goes to Acapulco to find out if she is divorced or not. Black follows after her to support her. They learn she’s not divorced but will take care of it as soon as they get home. Tragic news is delivered when it is learned that the oilrig Steven was working on has exploded.

The Locket 12/8/1982

As more news comes in about the explosion it looks more and more like Steven is dead but Blake refuses to believe it. He flies off to Indonesia to look for him. Alexis follows him. Sammy Jo’s father shows up looking for a share of Steven’s inheritance but Krystle throws him out. Jeff’s condition continues to deteriorate. Joseph goes to his office to tell him to stay away from Kirby. Jeff briefly attacks him. Mark agrees to the divorce and gives Krystle a locket that he had hawked years ago.

The Search 12/15/1982

Still determined to find Steven Blake hired a psychic. Everyone thinks he’s losing his mind. Adam rapes Kirby. Frank attacks Krystle outside La Mirage but Mark beats him up and bribes him to go away.

Samantha 12/29/1982

Blake and the psychic continue their search for Steven. Alexis has a memorial for Steven that Blake refuses to attend. Seeing how much she loves Blake, Fallon reconciles with Krystle. Alexis seduces Mark after he tells her she’s ruined his life. Sammy Jo, now wanting to be called Samantha, shows up out of nowhere with a child, it is Steven’s son.

The show is presented in a fullscreen format 4:3 and Dolby Digital Mono. There is some dirt on the screen but nothing too bad to distract from the show.


If you like the show then you like the show and odds are you’re going to buy it, but the fact that they are giving us half a season for only a few less dollars is just annoying. That and the complete lack of special features really hurt this DVD. It’s a pretty great show it’s just a shame the studio is trying to screw over the fans.


Paramount presents Dynasty: Season Three, Part One. Created by Esther and Richard Shapiro. Starring John Forsythe, Linda Evans and Joan Collins. Running time: 610 minutes. Not Rated. Released on DVD: June 17, 2008. Available at Amazon.com.

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