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The Fallout of Edge and Vickie’s Fallout! Also, Finlay and Hornswoggle take on Morrison and Miz. Shelton Benjamin tries to climb up the United States Championship ranks. And we actually have a date set for the Diva’s Championship …

Recap of Edge’s bad week, ending in the break up of he and Vickie. A real tear jerker.

Edge starts us off. The crowd are quite happy to hear that the Wedding is off, and he’s had a whole week to reflect what happened and with that in mind, the wedding is still off. Edge says Vickie isn’t good enough for him, and he’s going to take the chance to prove his critics wrong. Edge says he’s apparently won more titles than anyone in this industry today (can someone check that for me?). Vickie interrupts with Hawkins, Ryder and her super heat from the crowd. To help “prepare” him for his match at Great American Bash, Edge will be taking part in a No Disqualification Match against … the world’s largest athlete, The Big Show! Edge says he’s not afraid of Show, and by the end of the night – Show will be just like Vickie, a loser. Vickie demands that Edge’s microphone be cut off and that how our opening segment ends. See, vengeful scorned lover boss vs. superstar is a fresh feud!


Video for Maria. I like Maria, she’s got potential to be a really good diva wrestler.

Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin
Lock up and Hardy puts Benjamin in the corner. Another lock up and Hardy gets a headlock on Benjamin, Benjamin escapes but comes off the ropes into an elbow by Hardy. Benjamin with a neck breaker for a early near fall. Benjamin slams Hardy onto the canvas a few times before picking him up and elbowing the back of his neck. Benjamin whips Hardy into the corner and nails a stinger splash, backs off and goes for another – Hardy avoids but Benjamin lands on the second turnbuckle. Benjamin jumps back but Hardy hits Benjamin. Benjamin prevents a Twist of Fate but suffers a clothesline bulldog combo moments later, giving Hardy a two count pinfall. Hardy goes up top but Benjamin jumps up with him, but not much comes of it as both fall down. Hardy tries for another Twist of Fate but Benjamin counters into the T-Bone Exploder for the two count!

Benjamin goes up top and jumps at Hardy, Hardy kicks Benjamin in the gut and goes for the Twist of Fate but Benjamin grabs the rope and blocks it. Benjamin nails a odd neck breaker / clothesline … for the three count?
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Really good match to kick off the show with, but the abrupt ending brought it down a little. Six out of Ten.

Zach Ryder and Curt Hawkins are telling Vickie about how much Edge has abused those three – and they support whatever revenge they take against him. Speaking of revenge, they want some against Jesse and Festus. Vickie gives them the match. Zach says that he and Curt will always be there for Vickie … aw, shucks!


Still to come: No DQ, Big Show vs. Edge!

Montel Vontavious Porter joins Mick Foley and JR at ringside.

Domino vs. Mr. Kennedy
The crowd LOVES Kennedy. Kennedy makes a slyly obvious reference in his promo, calling himself more important than Porter. Lock up and Domino gets a hip toss on Kennedy right away. Lock up again and Domino gets a hammerlock, Kennedy reverses it into one of his own before getting a drop toe hold on Domino. Kennedy with a clothesline to Domino in the corner, and Domino avoids the face wash boot. Back in the ring, Domino nails a scoop slam and follows with a leg drop for a one count. Domino ducks a kick from Kennedy but gets back up into a round house from Kennedy. Kennedy with elbows to Domino and a clothesline in the corner does set up the face wash boot. Kennedy goes for a splash but Domino gets his knees up. Domino tries to take advantage but walks right into the Mic Check, which gets Kennedy the three count.
Winner: Mr. Kennedy

Post match, Porter and Kennedy have a stare down – but Umaga attacks Kennedy from behind! Samoan Spike takes Kennedy out. I’m interested to see where this is going. Match wasn’t great, but both got a good amount of advantage and the fans were behind it. Four out of Ten.

Chavo, Bam Neely and Edge are backstage. Chavo is on Edge’s side over what happened. Chavo says he’ll straighten the whole situation out for Edge. Edge appreciates it and the scene fades to a commercial.


Vickie is backstage on her phone when Chavo storms in. Chavo says he needs to get off of his chest … he can’t believe what Edge did to her. Chavo berates Edge and calls him a liar. Chavo reminds her about they’re Family and Vickie tells him to cut the crap, and books him up against Triple H!

John Morrison and The Miz vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle
Finlay and Morrison start. Finlay with a headlock, sent into the ropes and back with a shoulder block. Finlay with a loud club to the back of Morrison. Miz sent into the ring and Finlay takes care of both men with clotheslines. Hornswoggle up top and gets thrown into Miz and Morrison. Hornswoggle with stunners all around but runs into a double dropkick from Morrison and Miz. Miz back in and slaps Hornswoggle around, but Finlay comes in and sends Miz outside. Foley takes issue by comparing Miz and school yard bullies, thinking it ruins the good name of yard bullies. Morrison back in and he gets on his knees (cough), but Hornswoggle with a enziguri! Finlay in and Finlay takes care of both Morrison and Miz. Finlay gets a Missile Dropkick to Morrison for a two count. Morrison suddenly turns around into the Celtic Cross and Miz breaks up the pinfall JUST before the three count. The referee is checking on Morrison as Miz tags in. Miz runs right into a Shillelagh shot, Tadpole Splash ends it!
Winner: Finlay and Hornswoggle

Hey, pretty fun and high energy match. When you take out the water guns and that sort of bull, Hornswoggle and Finlay can be a good pairing. Five out of Ten.


Video for the WWE Magazine, with Jeff Hardy on the cover. Mission Impossible references – go relevantness!

Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero w/ Bam Neely
Trips and Neely stare off before the match starts. Guerrero with a hammerlock followed by a headlock on Trips. Trips reverses it but Guerrero returns to the hammerlock, so Trips elbows him off. Trips punches Guerrero away and goes after the arm of Guerrero, Guerrero nearly escapes an arm lock but Trips punches him down beforehand. Guerrero with a knee to the gut of Trips before taking him into the corner for punches. Guerrero runs into a high boot from Trips, but Neely trips up Trips and that allows Guerrero get the advantage. Back drop suplex gets Guerrero a brief pinfall attempt. Guerrero with a high knee to Guerrero, with a knee face buster following moments later. Clothesline gets Trips a one count pinfall. Guerrero runs into a very high Arn Anderson Spinebuster. Trips punches Neely off the apron, Guerrero tries for the Three Amigos but Trips turns it into the Pedigree for the three count.
Winner: Triple H

Nice little match. These two work well together – with Guerrero being enough of a name for WWE to give him a semi chance against Trips, I’d like to see them go again sometime later. Can’t believe I just enjoyed a Chavo match, blugh! Five out of Ten.


Michelle McCool will go against Natalya at the Great American Bash. The red hair might really grow on me.

Natalya Neidhart and Maryse vs. Michelle McCool and Cherry
Mc and Maryse start. Mc gets a hammerlock quickly and takes Maryse down for a brief pinfall. Mc trips Maryse for another quick count. Mc with a uppercut. Maryse does a nice handstand but turns into a dropkick from Mc. Cherry in and she gets a nice arm drag. Maryse tags out to Natalya. Cherry with a snap mare and shoulder block to Natalya. Natalya catches Cherry and slams her down, legs landing on the ropes. Natalya pressures Cherry’s leg on the second rope. Cherry fights Natalya off and goes to drop a knee, but Natalya avoids. Natalya locks Cherry in the Sharpshooter for the very sudden ending.
Winners: Maryse and Natalya

Wow, talk about making Natalya look strong. Mc checks on Cherry afterwards, and Natalya attacks Mc from behind. Natalya takes Mc outside for a snap suplex on the mats. Hey, served it’s purpose I guess. One out of Ten.


Jesse and Festus vs. Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder
Yes, this match. Again. Festus actually gets restrained by Jesse this time, who starts the match with Hawkins. Jesse with a running elbow in the corner, Jesse follows up by beating Hawkins down in the corner until he is held back by the referee. Ryder in with a failed back body drop to Jesse, who turns it into a cross body. Festus in with thise big swings of his. Big time sidewalk slam to Ryder. Festus brings Ryder in to a clothesline … Hawkins and Ryder discuss the tag and drop to the outside while Festus remains in the ring, and the pair are counted out!
Winners: Jesse and Festus

Hawkins and Ryder attack shortly after the bell is rung. The pair double team Jesse and throw him outside before taking Festus down with a double team spear! The pair beat down on Festus, but Jesse rings the bell! Festus fights Hawkins and Ryder off, and Jesse comes in and the pair send Hawkins and Ryder packing! The match was too short to mean much, but the booking was nice. Two out of Ten. I’d really like to see Koslov vs. Festus.

Still to come: The Big Show vs. Edge, No DQ!


Video package for Triple H.

Stevie Richards vs. Vladimir Koslov w/ music and tron
Lock up and Koslov knees Richards before pushing him into the ropes. Richards with a headlock on Koslov, off the ropes into a shoulder blck from Koslov. Richards with kicks to Koslov and a dropkick takes Koslov down! Koslov takes Richards into the corner for a foot choke. Koslov with knees to the gut of Richards, Fireman’s Carry before Koslov with clubs to Richards. Koslov follows up with a body scissors to Richards. Richards with offence to Koslov, and Richards gets Koslov down a second time with an enziguri! Richards only gets a one count from the enziguri. Koslov head butts the back of Richard’s head for the all too sudden ending.
Winner: Vladimir Koslov

I have to admit, I really wasn’t into the way that they were building Koslov. But the more I see his opponents get offence and almost get an advantage, the more I get into his matches. I’m beginning to really enjoy Koslov. Two out of Ten.

The men of La Familia argue backstage. Edge calms them all down and asks them to come out with him against Show. Vickie wheels herself in, and says that if any of the La Familia men interfere in the match then they’ll be fired. If Edge doesn’t wrestle the match, he’ll be fired. Vickie tells Edge to take a beating like a man … if he is a man … Burn.


RAW Rebound: Batista becomes No. 1 Contender, Kane wonders if he’s alive of dead.

JR and Foley run down the Great American Bash card.

No Disqualifications: The Big Show vs. Edge
Vickie watches the match on from the entrance way. Edge runs right into a head butt to start. Show takes Edge into the corner a loud chop before tossing Edge halfway across the ring. Show with an elevated scoop slam. On the outside of the ring, Show sends Edge into the security rail before he begins to prepare the announcer’s table. Show chops Edge across the chest. Show tries to power slam Edge through the table but Edge falls behind and nails Show with a spear.


We’re back after a long break. Edge has a kendo stick and Vickie has made her way down to ringside. Edge tries for the Kendo Stick – it connects but Show no sells and tries to Gorilla Press Edge into the announcer’s table. Edge gets the Kendo Stick to the throat of Show and tries top escape through the audience, but Show won’t let him. Show whips Edge into the steel steps. Show with a chop to the chest of Edge. Edge sends Show throat first into the security rail and climbs up, nailing Show with a bulldog. Back in the ring, Show runs into a high pair of boots from Edge. Edge jumps on the back of Show and gets in a weak sleeper, but it gets Show down onto one knee! Show overcomes and takes Edge down with force. Show with a big head butt to Edge. Show with a running splash in the corner. Show goes for the Showstopper Chokeslam, but Edge turns it into a DDT! Edge covers for a two count. Edge gets a pair of steel chairs from ringside, Edge charges at Show but Show punches the steel chair into the face of Edge! Edge with a desperate low blow on Show! Edge with a steel chair shot to the back of Show, but he doesn’t cover – instead sets Show up for a conchairto! Edge goes for the Conchairto, but Show grabs Edge by the throat! Chokeslam! Show sets Edge up for the Conchairto, but Vickie yells for Show to stop – and demands that the referee stop the match!
Winner: No Contest

Nice match, but I was hoping for more. Six out of Ten. Vickie checks on Edge as Show storms off backstage. The crowd are NOT happy to see Vickie checking on Edge, and Edge looks completely overcome from what happened. Vickie tells Edge that she’s sorry and she loves him, and Edge loves her two and the pair are back together! They make out as SmackDown fades to black.

Shelton Benjamin defeats Matt Hardy: 6/10
Mr. Kennedy defeats Domino: 4/10
Finlay and Hornswoggle defeat John Morrison and The Miz: 5/10
Triple H defeats Chavo Guerrero: 5/10
Natalya and Maryse defeat Michelle McCool and Cherry: 1/10
Jesse and Festus defeat Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder: 2/10
Vladimir Koslov defeats Stevie Richards: 2/10
Edge and The Big Show go to a no contest: 6/10
SmackDown 11/07/08: 31/80

Another good episode this week. I’m not sure how I feel about them cutting short the potentially awesome Vickie and Edge feud, but it keeps the heat magnets together I guess. Nothing much storyline wise apart from the Edge / Vickie stuff and the beginning of what could be a nice ego v. ego storyline between Kennedy and Porter (not sure why they’ve put Umaga in there – I’d much prefer Umaga vs. Show). I must be in a good mood today, since I enjoyed pretty much all of it. That’s nice, for me at least. Until next week, have a good one!

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