10 Thoughts On Raw – 07.14.2008

After a pretty crappy episodes of both Raw and Smackdown last week, I’m really hoping they get it back. On a more serious note… how bad is TNA?

1) Shane and Stephanie threaten to be in the arena if the Superstars don’t start behaving. Seriously, guys. Best behavior, please. And one of their problems is an unpromoted, unnannounced title change? Y’all might want to rethink the Money In The Bank match if this is a problem. Immediately, Kane comes out and apologizes for his shenanigans last week.

2) Is Kofi’s finisher called the Trouble in Paradise or the Thunderclap? I couldn’t tell the way Michael Cole was talking. He called Trouble in Paradise but then seemed to be calling either the finisher or the hand clap the Thunderclap. Is Kofi really nicknaming his taunt?

3) Kane: Where’s Punk
Santino: Did you try the Pepsi machine?

4) Ugh. A parking lot brawl? Really? I saw this match in WCW. It sucked. The best part of this match is the promo Cena delivered about it. Guaranteed this promo is 10x better than the match itself.

5) Rock and Roll Dreams Come True by Meat Loaf. I finally know what Beth Phoenix’s music reminds me of. At least half of it.

6) Thank GOD someone finally realized that Kelly Kelly needed to do something with her hair. Yes, I know this is gay. No I don’t care. Speaking of gay, do they have to dress Rhodes and Dibiase identically?

7) If Batista’s dismissal with a head-pat of C.M. Punk wasn’t an indication of Punk’s impending victory on Sunday, I’m not sure what is. I mean, they have to give him a win at some point, right? He still hasn’t really beaten anyone on his own. Even tonight vs. Kane was a count out win followed by a crazy beatdown that he was only rescued from because Batista saved him. If he doesn’t win this weekend, wtf was the point?

8) Does Snitzky and Jamie Noble (boy) qualify as “chaos on Raw” even though that was something that would happen on a normal Raw?

9) I don’t usually dig six-man tag matches but I liked the one that closed Raw. It was the tag champs vs. one of the few tag teams on Raw. The pairing of good guys and bad guys made sense. It was also actually the first time I’ve seen Teddy Jr. wrestle.

10) Just when I was ready to compliment them… Er… WTF? Since when in the history of tag team wrestling has a member of tag team breaking up a pinfall or a submission been grounds for a DQ? That’s on the level of Test being disqualified for a closed fist. And THAT sets up JBL’s either murder or attempted murder of John Cena… on video. And where was he hiding? They panned around the parking lot and he wasn’t there, nor was there a car or a truck or anything to hide behind. Was he creeping behind the camera man? God I hate that. Weak, weak finish.


Decent Raw. Bad, bad finish. Attempted murder is what we’re going with for a set-up? That’s silly.

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