Hitting Shelves This Week…

Whew, not much happening this week in the world of DVDs, but maybe that’s because so much is going on in theatres. The Dark Knight people, nuff said! But for those that don’t wish to venture outside their homes other then going to their local DVD retailer; there’s at least a few new titles ready for your collection. New seasons of Saving Grace, B.L. Stryker, Reno 911!, and Dallas are on their way for all your television fixes. If you’re in the mood for action, comedy, or horror then pick up The Bank Job, College Road Trip, or the remake of the Japanese film Shutter. Not much else going on, but surely there’s something you can find to watch. And I’ll stop calling you Shirley, sorry.

July 15, 2008

B.L.Stryker: The Complete Second Season

B.L. Stryker lives on his docked boat down in Florida and lives his life the only way he knows how, in complete relaxation. But when crime strikes, he uses his own methods or justice to track down the suspects and make the Sunshine State a safer place. (NOTE: This released has been cancelled. Expect the Complete Series on DVD this fall.)

DVD Features: All 7 episodes from the second season

Birds of Prey: The Complete Series

Batman has vanished from Gotham’s vaulting skyline, and criminals are having a field day in the streets. That is, until the Birds of Prey swoop down. This feisty group of female crime-fighters includes the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Helena; the telepathic newbie, Dinah; and the resident computer-genius, Oracle, formerly Batgirl, confined to a wheelchair after a showdown with the Joker. Within the shadow-strewn metropolis, the super group finds itself in plenty of acrobatic battles against criminal masterminds, crazed villains, and malicious meta-humans.

DVD Features: All 13 episodes from the entire series

College Road Trip

Melanie Porter has done nothing but overachieve her entire life and she wants to make sure which college is right for her so off on a cross-country road trip she goes. It seems like fun and games until her overprotective police officer father decides to tag along.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, bloopers, deleted scenes, music videos, interactive features, featurettes

Dallas – The Complete Ninth Season

Dallas oil magnate J.R. Ewing is back on the Southfork Ranch and are ready for all the drama that comes with being famous millionaires. Children, business partners, and business rivals are just a few of the crazy and mysterious things that they have to deal with in one of the biggest cities in Texas.

DVD Features: All 31 episodes from the ninth season

Eureka – Season Two

Find out what happens when some of the most brilliant minds in the United States are gathered in one place. Together they create futuristic inventions for the benefit of the government.

DVD Features: All 13 episodes from the second season

Reno 911 – The Complete Fifth Season

The roughshod group of officers from Reno, Nevada are back again and looking to solve some crimes. Ride along with them as a camera crew follows around the craziest and worst group of Reno’s finest to ever don a badge.

DVD Features: All 16 episodes from the fifth season

Saving Grace: Season 1

For a functioning alcoholic, detective Grace Hanadarko is an unusually effective asset to the Oklahoma City police department. Spending her time off the job sleeping around with married men, flashing her elderly neighbor, and binge-drinking herself into oblivion, the brilliant and loving Grace has a completely different passion and set of ethics when it’s time for work, investigating major crimes with the kind of gusto usually reserved for someone who remembers what she did last night. As this first season opens, a drunken Grace finds herself confronted with the scruffy, divinely winged Earl after accidentally killing a pedestrian with her car and crying out for God’s help.

DVD Features: All 13 episodes from the first season, audio commentaries, behind the scenes, interviews, and more

Shutter (Unrated Edition)

In this remake of the Japanese horror smash hit, Benjamin and Jane Shaw are a newly married couple that begins discovering ghostly images in all the photographs they develop after a horrible accident. Wanting to know what is going on, they begin to investigate and realize they should have left well enough alone.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, alternate/deleted scenes, trailers, numerous featurettes

Step Up 2: The Streets

When you know how to dance, all the things that could possibly separate you are thrown out the window. Two dance students at the Maryland School Of Arts see sparks fly between them even though they are from two totally different backgrounds.

DVD Features: Music videos, deleted scenes, “Outlaws Of Hip Hop” featurette, making of

The Bank Job (Two-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy)

Terry Leather is a common criminal that always manages to stay out of trouble by sticking to the easy and simple jobs. But when he is offered the heist of a lifetime and assured he will get away with, he cannot refuse. Once in it though, Terry realizes that this easy heist has caused him a lifetime of trouble now that he knows decades of historical secrets.

DVD Features: Single disc version also available, audio commentary, making of, behind the scenes, trailers, featurettes

TNA Sacrifice 2008

The superstars of TNA wrestling step inside the six-sided ring to put it all on the line and give up everything to get what they want.

DVD Features: Interviews, making of the Terrordome, backstage vignettes


You’ve heard the story before I’m sure, but now listen to it with a modern twist. A young aristocratic heiress was born under a horrid curse, and the spell can only be broken when she finds her one true love.

DVD Features: Making of, Twilight sneak peek