Make Movement: It Was All Good…Until

Last week was utterly forgettable, as this week was exactly the way WWE needs to keep producing RAW with the exception of one closing angle. Why does the WWE must try to do the impossible, the movie, over the top stunts, completely neglecting realism in the business? If you don’t know what I’m referring to, the closing moments of John Cena trying to get Emmy (Slammy) Award for his long pauses in the parking lot, before JBL jumps him and rams a car “into him” between another car. Really, is that really necessary? WWE needs to stop proving that they can always do movie making moments in a live TV show.

To start off the show, Shane and Stephanie McMahon get all serious and what feels like a Saturday Night Live sketch, urge the WWE superstars to care about the company and have a great show. As that breaks, we immediately get cut to a brawl from Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels, which really adds to the unpredictability that WWE can pull off, when it wants to.

Immediately after, Kane comes out and starts apologizing with a small bag. This lead to many humorous guesses at my household to what would be funny to see in Kane’s bag. Here were some suggestions:
– gummy bears
– gum drops
– marbles
– a can of Pepsi
– a rat
– marshmallows
– a teddy bear

The first match was Mickie James versus Katie Lea (with Burchhill) had great energy, and Kofi running in to start another “impromptu” match with Burchhill, continued the fun. Kofi and James are starting to get a nice push and lucky Burchhill at least has something to do.

Cena cut what felt like a five minute serious promo that works for Cena, instead of trying to go for the toilet humor. I felt Dusty was behind this promo. I’m looking forward to seeing his match with JBL, despite the stupid car angle at the end.

Santino got to work Beth Phoenix, and I suppose she’s Chyna 2008 now, except better. Fast forward to the ‘attempting to get heat’ promo with DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes with Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Why not use Flair in this instead of Duggan? Can you imagine the heat? Maybe that’s coming.

I’m hoping WWE proves me wrong and allows CM Punk to defeat Batista this Sunday instead of letting him be a less than one month champion. I’d like to see if they can build something, but right now, the fans are clearly behind Batista.

Jericho had a match with misused Paul London, but it lead to another great promo between Shawn and Jericho, after Jericho urged London to ‘take the right path to greatness’. That match is going to be off the charts.

A overall solid RAW, and more like two weeks ago, minus the stupid ending with vehicular homicide after a okay six man tag match with Cena and Cryme Time versus DiBiase/Cody Rhodes/JBL. Thanks for reading, for all your support and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at


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