10 Thoughts on TNA Impact – 07.17.2008

1. Booker and Joe go again at Hard Justice, but Joe destroyed Booker last time, so why would they wrestle again? Joe killed him last time. All the “you can’t beat me” stuff Booker spews is nonsense to anyone who watched.

2. Kaz vs. Petey is a good, fast paced little match, but there’s too much springboarding all over the place. Remember when those were cool and rare?

3. Can a match just end? To we have to go TO THE BACK after everything?

4. Matt Morgan crushing guys is pretty good, particularly killing Lance Hoyt Rock. Rock is a big guy and taking a beat down from Morgan is at least visually impressive.

5. Traci Brooks is, frighteningly, beginning to resemble Chyna.

6. How dare Roode and Storm attack fans! That’s Awesome Kong’s angle! Beer Money attacks everyone with straps and top it off by strapping Hector Guerrero… again. It didn’t sell the PPV last month, what’s it going to do now?

7. If AJ Styles, Christian Cage, and Rhino are together, then AJ Styles has no business getting a mic over Christian. Of course, then Christian does get a mic and blows everyone out of the water. Damn, he’s gotten good. 5 table elimination match next week.

8. Sonjay vs. Eric Young vs. Devine was terrible. I know these guys can put on a better spotfest than this, but really, wow. So Cal Val is finally actively defending Sonjay. Gee, where could this possible be going. Val is apparently retarded. There’s no way Jay had time to get a chair and set up an attack on Sonjay in the two seconds she was turned around.

9. At the heel faction’s backstage segment, Tomko gets to sit around and make gestures. Not a bad way to “earn” a paycheck. Just a reminder, Tomko was the most over guy in the company a month ago.

10. The main event being a gimmick match makes no sense whatsoever. Creed has no issue with Booker to warrant a stretcher match. All this does it make it obvious that Joe will be waiting in the ambulance… and sure enough, that’s what we get. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. The match isn’t even good. It’s a simple underdog match. TNA pulled this off with Kaz vs. Angle, Kaz vs. Joe, Lethal vs. Angle and Lethal vs. Jarrett. Argh!

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