FIP July 19th Results

Credit: Project Satan of the board

Chasyn Rance defeated Chris Jones and Shawn Osbourne with a roll-up on Shawn. After this, the YRR cut a promo with Sal insulting Ryan, and King & Blade insulting AOTF. They also insulted Rain, which led to Rain/Leva/Milo Beasley coming out. This led to…

Mercedes Martinez defeated Rain. Mercedes was not involved with the YRR.

Dark City Fight Club came out and cut a promo on Black Market. This led to

Shawn Murphey defeating Jon Davis by DQ (I think) after Chavis got involved. This led to…

Joey Machete defeating Kory Chavis in a No DQ match via top rope backdrop. Black Market is getting a lot of boos now with a LOT of YAY/BOO fests (YAYs in Kory’s favor.) They announce a match for August with some form of weapons involved between two teams.

Kenny King & Jason Blade retained the FIP Tag Team Titles in a 2/3 Falls match over Age of the Fall. The first 2 falls went about 22 -25 minutes and were really good. When the third fall rolled around, it got Russofied and all of the YRR got involved. King won with a springboard blockbuster on Black. After the match, Tyler Black challenged Kenny King to a one-on-one match at the next show with no YRR involvement.

Sal Rinauro retained the FIP Florida Heritage title over Joey Ryan. Joey was a face and was WAY over with the FIP crowd. Note: Last night at GEAR (a promotion in Florida) these two teamed, and Sal turned on Ryan. These two wrestled a very fun match, early on working the typical heel tactics for some fun comedy, and went about 10 – 15 or so but Sal won with his Reverse 180 Springboard kick to the face. Joey Ryan got a massive “please come back” chant.

Go Shiozaki defeated Nigel McGuinness in a very good match. Nigel cut a promo putting over Go for the FIP crowd but told Go that the FIP crowd prefers wrestling with “no chops, punches, or moonsaults involved.” If this match was half of what their Ring of Honor match was, I do not see how it could be called disappointing at all. Another “please come back” chant.

Erick Stevens defeated Roderick Strong in a Dog Collar match to win the FIP title for the 2nd time. This was different from all of their encounters in my opinion. It was more slow, but more methodical and just as brutal. Just as good as the Madison/Stevens Dog Collar match from FIP last year in my book. Both men also kicked out of their main 3 move combos (Erick’s being the German into the Lariat into the Doctor Bomb, Roderick’s being the sick kick into the gutbuster into the Gibson Driver.) Another very good contest.

After the match, Phil Davis, Sean Davis, and Go Shiozaki hit the ring and Sean announced that he had struck a deal with Larry Sweeney for Go Shiozaki to be a part of Heartbreak Enterprises in FIP. Go Shiozaki will challenge Erick Stevens for the FIP World Heavyweight Title next month.


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