Leave Your Spandex At the Door #128


This is Leave Your Spandex @t the Door number 128, smoke-free but still full of ****s, voyerism, gays, nudity, violence and gore!

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• Watchmen Trailer
• **** Me Amadeus
• What the ****
•Your Kick-Ass Gay Friend
• Killer Alien Lizard Nursery
• Marvel Heroes Say: Smoking’s Bad For You – –
•–Killing’s Still Ok
• Sprechen Sie Bub?
• Giant Girl In Wonderland

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This week in comics…

Vote for Panel of the Week

Hulk’s Kung-Fu was Strongest One there is indeed last week, making it out over the competition by a narrow margin in a slow voting week. Don’t forget to forward a copy of the column to your friends this week!

It was hard to keep to a handful of panels this week, lots of favourites from both Marvel and DC:

Panel A
Robots Wet Dream – Justice League of America #22 (DC Comics)

Panel B
Greek Lover – She-Hulk #30 (Marvel Comics)

Panel C
Bat-Calibre – DC/Wildstorm: Dream War #3 (Wildstorm Comics)

Panel D
Johnny Storm, French Maid – Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #30 (Marvel Comics)

Panel E
Hulk No Like Peeping Toms – Hulk #4 (Marvel Comics)

Panel F
Hulk No Like Smurfs Either – Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #30 (Marvel Comics)

Watchmen Trailer

No, the Dark Knight hasn’t opened in the UK yet, so I don’t have a comment on it.

We did get an early peek a thte Watchmen traielr, now available in stunning H-D for download.

and how can you not love it? My one question of course is, since the director is so respectful to the original material, why did he choose to sully the aesthetics of the movie with those ghastly Schumacher-tribute costumes on Veidt and Nite-Owl with the cast nipples?

Killer Alien Lizard Nursery

Cute, yet disturbing.

Source: Power Pack Day One #3 (Marvel Comics)

Sprechen Sie Bub?

No, seriously, how do you translate ‘bub’ in German?

Source: Wolverine First Class #3 (Marvel Comics)

Giant-Girl In Wonderland

Showcasing the beautiful Takeshi Miyazawa redesigns for C.B. Cebulski’s Avengers Fairy Tales series, adapting Alice in Wonderland

Giant Girl/Stature Cassie Lang stars as Alice, and casting her friends and family as the characters of Wonderland.

Her deceased dad, Scott Lang/Ant-Man is the Caterpillar:

Tigra as the Cheshire Cat:
From Left to Right:

Speed as the White Rabbit
Wiccan as the Hare
Hulkling as the Mad Hatter
Iron Lad as Dormouse
Kate/Hawkeye as the Queen
Eli/Patriot as the King

and a cast of Ultrons, Jocastas and Vision as the adorable deck of cards army 🙂

Source: Avengers Fairy Tales #3 (Marvel Comics)

**** Me Amadeus

Oh naughty naughty writing team, teasingly playing up the oh-so-very-forbidden parallels between Hercules’s current relationship with sidekick Amadeus Cho and his famous actual relationship/love affair with his young companion, the boy Hylas, during the Argonauts’ journey.

In this issue, Hercules compares his current companions in the ‘God Pack’ to the original Argonauts’ line-up, stopping short at making the parallel between Hylas and Amadeus. Later on in the story, he does confess to the similarities between the two boys, even recounting Hylas’ tragic fate (-ahem- being wooed away from Hercules by a woman/nymph essentially… the nerve on some kids!) – but still leaving out the details of Hercules’ severe reaction to this loss…

Source: Incredible Hercules #118 (Marvel Comics)

What the ****?

Count the **** in the Room to Win Big Prizes!

Source: X-Force – Ain’t No Dog (Marvel Comics)

Storm Smash

The day that the Hulk swapped minds with Storm (and Wolverine with Ant-Man):

Source: Marvel Adventures Avengers #25 (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Heroes Say: Smoking’s Bad For You…

Much publicity was given to the lifting of the smoking ban for a recent Amazing Spider-man storyline. Joe Quesada had famously banned smoking from the pages of any Marvel Comic a few years ago, after his father passed away from lung cancer. He only hinted that there was a special reason behind this particular character smoking in the comic. Let’s take a closer look:

What? This is all too subtle for you? Take a closer look:

Source: Amazing Spider-Man #562-563 (Marvel Comics)

…Killing’s OK…

Thank goodness Wolverine (he of the ultimate healing factor that could -say- negate the deadly cancerous effects of smoking) has kicked the habit! At last he still has those bloody berserker rages to keep him from relapsing.

So, the question is, was this the writer (Charlie Huston)’s idea, or an edict from high above? Why did this come out the same week as the amazingly blunt spider-man anti-smoking issue?

Source: X-Force – Ain’t No Dog
(Marvel Comics)

Your Kick-Ass Gay Friend

Mark Millar’s KICK-ASS #3, read to the rhythms of Robbie Williams and ‘Your Gay Friend’


Hey hey here comes noone
Another friend to have a go on
And she asks me do i miss her when shes gone
And i reply as much as i miss anyone

Oh! woohoo
And I’ll be your gay friend
Cus your marriage never ends
Till we fuck and fight again
Theres a space between us
So jump into my bed
Pretend the world is dead
Always in my head is a space between us

Hey lord forgive us if we’re wrong
Make sure that he never hears this song
And she says that im the opposite of a hallmark card
She asked me how im feeling
When i dont want to think that hard

Oh! woohoo!
And I’ll be your gay friend
Cus your marriage never ends
Till we fuck and fight again
Theres a space between us
Jump into my bed
Pretend the world is dead
Always in my head is a space between us

It’s the late show now
When does the late show end
When god is in the details
Forget to show my friend
I have a friend again
You my friend again
My gay friend

Oh! woohoo! erhh
So jump into my bed
Pretend the world is dead
Always in my head is a space between us
And i’ll be your gay friend
As your marriage never ends
Till we fuck and fight again
Theres a space between us
Oh! woohoo!

Despina Vandi – Ela

I’ve been reminiscing about my home island of Milos today after stumbling upon half a dozen facebook groups dedicated to it, and discovering as many old friends online!

This videoclip was famously shot on the summer of 2002, across the many beautiful beaches of the island.

Artist: Despina Vandi

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Manolis Vamvounis

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